Summer Prep for Back to School

We’re mid-way through our summer break, which means the kids schedule looks something like this:

Wake up, breakfast, ask for devices, ask for snack, whine they are bored, have lunch, ask for a snack, complain of boredom again, ask for a snack, beg for devices, request a snack, eat dinner, say they’re bored to death, demand a snack, bedtime but not before they ask for a snack again.

Never mind that our summer has been filled with beach days, pool time, events, travel, camping – it’s always bored, snack, bored, snack. At least they are predictable, right? Happy summer everyone!

While we still have many fun summer days ahead of us, I have to admit that I crave the scheduled school months, and I’ve found myself thinking a lot about school supply lists and must-have items while soaking in the sun on a lounge chair. Truth is, there are some things you should be doing through the summer months, to prepare for the back-to-school season – because now is the perfect time.

Summer prep for back to school


Summer Prep for Back to School


Create your calendar

Through the year my schedule is up month by month yet during the summer I jot notes for the next few months. If I don’t do this, summer brain sets in and I’m rushing like mad trying to get things done in the last week of summer. To ease stress and financial strain, mark a different week with a different to-do like with shopping and prep tasks. Some examples include getting school supplies, ordering labels, stocking the pantry, arranging transportation etc.

Ease into the school year schedule

Speaking of calendars, pull August’s out right now and set a reminder two weeks before the start of school, to ease back into routine and sleep schedules. During the last two weeks of summer, re-introduce a school year bedtime. Don’t forget to adjust mealtimes and errands to suit routine as well!

Organize your workspace

Every summer I give my office an overhaul, because it’s one room that seems to get so cluttered during the summer months. Not only does it give a blank canvas and generate motivation, I actually always find leftover school supplies that can be used for the upcoming school year. Organize your workspace and office storage before you make those supplies list, because I’m sure you have some items you don’t need to purchase.

Shop for back to school supplies

Some of you might have been on-the-ball and pre-ordered your school supplies a month ago – yet I always opt to get mine the old fashioned way. Yes, I am one that loves back to school shopping, scouring the deals and hand-picking the items needed for my kids. Back to school sections are already in stores, and I already see the sales popping up, so to avoid the financial strain right before school {because you might also have to load up on clothing, footwear and groceries}, get them now! I fully admit to buying the kids new backpacks the other day, they were only $5 each and my kids love them. Plus it’s so nice to cross items off the to-do list early!


One specific item you need for back-to-school, and before you send those supplies with the kids on that first day – is labels!

Personally I use labels all year long {distinguishing our water bottles from the countless others at the public pool, or marking our luggage as ours for our travels near and far}, yet the use really does kick in at the start of school because we label supplies, shoes, clothing and all those items we don’t want to be lost in the abyss of the school lost and found. Really, how does one lose one winter boot? Lone weird items like this reinstate the need to label all the things!

Right now is a great time to order your labels for school and save $5 off an order, as there are Mabel’s Labels coupons inside specially marked boxes of Dare Bear Paws across Canada.

Ideal through the entire year, Dare Bear Paws are a convenient on the go snack perfect for summer day trips to packing in school lunches. They are peanut-free and a healthier choice than some other snacks {6 grams of sugar, whole grains, and no artificial flavours or colours}.

Mabel's Labels Coupon Save Bear Paws

Your Summer and Fall snacks prepare you for back to school!

We’ve used Mabel’s Labels for years, because I love that they are laundry-safe, dishwasher-safe, uv-safe, and microwave-safe. Also they have free shipping and excellent label packages with a wonderful selection of colours and icons.

Each year I get a set of school labels from Mabel’s Labels as they have the small ones that are perfect for pencils and all those small items like erasers. Yet this summer I’ve been using the Mabel’s Labels travel label pack which:

  • Helps to identify luggage at the airport
  • Keeps the kids from fighting over electronics, toiletries, etc. while travelling
  • Stick on, and stay on (waterproof, laundry-safe, microwave-save, uv-resistant)
  • Are stylish, fun and personalized

Mabel's Labels Coupon Save Bear Paws

I love the partnership between Bear Paws and Mabel’s Labels because they go so well together. We’ve taken many trips this summer from camping to the fair – and a stay in Vancouver. Each activity we took in required both snacks and labels. Mabel’s Labels has new Canada icons, and I love the ones to celebrate Canada150.

Mabel's Labels Coupon Save Bear Paws


Mabel's Labels Coupon Save Bear Paws

When shopping for your summer and back to school snacks, look for specially marked packages on Bear Paws, and save on your Mabel’s Labels order – it’s a great way to prep for back to school, and save!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, yet as always all opinions are my own.


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