Summer Memories Captured

Summer Memories Captured.

I know, I know. Summer isn’t even half-way over so why reflect already? We still have lots of summer left! … again, I need to convince myself of this as it’s passing far too quickly.

We are truly making the most of our summer 2015. We’ve already done many day trips and activities – even a cross Canada family vacation. We’ve only just started on our summer plans too! Whether it’s astounding trips afar, or play right here in our backyard, I’ve been keeping up on the photo capturing. For this, I’m happy. After all, when all is said and done, it’s the photos that we’ll reflect on when the snow is again piled high. *shudder*.

For instance, this past month we’ve spend quite a bit of time camping. I’ve talked about our summer creek property before, one that is fairly close to our home so that spontaneous overnight trips are possible. ‘The creek’ is serene, quiet, and our refuge from the city. It’s a place where the kids can roam free, wander, explore and take in the beauty of nature.

One of the things we like to do while camping is go to the river, and walk along the banks. It’s been really hot here in Alberta this past month, so it’s the perfect setting to wander at sunset when the air cools. I snapped a photo on one of these walks, and loved the result.

summer memories captured

So obviously it’s one that I just had to commemorate in a Posterjack gallery frame. It’s going to be a feature photo on a new gallery wall I’m putting together very soon. I love the classic black frames from Posterjack, and the quality of the entire piece is amazing. Photos and your memories deserve that.

posterjack gallery frame

This photo is untouched, straight out of the camera, and I love the colours though it’s hard to illustrate that in a photo of the photo. Especially where it’s hung right now with such a busy wall in front of it. This particular capture emits the feeling of why we love our summer creek property, and is a tender and unposed moment of my kids and our dog Charlie.

I know months from now when we’ve closed our creek property for the winter, I can look back at the times spent while also looking forward to the next summer.

While it’s only a fraction of the memories we’re making this summer, it’s an important one.

Are you capturing your summer memories?

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  1. We always take lots of picture of the kids and the whole family whether we’re doing a special activity or just getting together for a barbecue. They’re only this age once. It’s easy to got caught up in our day to day lives and it’s nice to be able to sit back now and then and look at what we’ve done.

  2. omg what a beautiful photo! i love it. great reminder for me to pull out my camera more and snap a lot of candid shots

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