Mountain Climbing


Disclaimer: We didn’t actually climb this mountain as the title implies. I think my 5 year old twins would complain just a little too much for my liking and patience. Instead, we had a little {fun} help climbing this mountain!

banff sulphur moutain gondola

On our family trip to Banff National Park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, we did what we always do when in the town of Banff – take the Banff Gondola up Sulphur Mountain! No matter how many times we have done this over the years, it’s one attraction that never gets old. 

banff sulphur mountain gondola myorganizedchaos

The exhilaration as you climb higher and higher. The amazing views of mountains, trees, lakes, rivers … it’s all very overwhelming. One of the most popular things to do in Banff, the Banff Gondola attracts visitors from all over the world. 

Adults aside, it’s the expressions and reactions from the kids that I always enjoy most. We took the twins up the Gondola when they were babies, to toddler and now as Kindergarteners. At this age, it’s like a whole new experience each time. A little lit of ‘OMG!’ looks and a whole lot of “Weeeee”, the smiles it brings is totally worth it. Families must climb when traveling to Banff. 

On the way up the Gondola you can see famed Banff Springs Hotel, the town of Banff and beyond. Each time I take this ride, I notice something new in the distance. It’s simply beautiful.

fairmont banff springs hotel sulphur mountain myorganizedchaos


banff town sulphur mountain gondola tour

Once you are at the top and you get a 360° view of the entire area. It’s astounding!

sulphur mountain gondola banff

The last time we stood atop Sulphur Mountain, it was very cold and windy {early May}, yet we really lucked in with the weather on this trip. One of the hottest days of the year, there was no wind and it was incredibly warm. So, while we did wear our lightest jackets preparing for some chill, they were not needed at all. It was a clear and sunny day, no obstruction with the view beyond. Incredible! 

family travel banff sulphur mountain

We walked all around, studying every angle and taking in the beauty. It’s something that will take your breath away and make you really appreciate life. Plus, so peaceful and serene, you feel the stress of life slip away. A much needed slow of life.

family travel banff alberta

The girls made a little friend, to which they aptly named ‘Brittany’ after one of the Chipettes. It came right up to them, probably used to tourists feeding them often. 

wildlife banff sulphur mountain gondola

Little fun fact: what animal found in the Canadian Rocky Mountains causes the most trips to the hospital emergency room annually? Squirrels, people! Don’t feed them, they bite! So, little Brittany was sad to find that we had no food. Yet the girls liked to see her{?} up close on the top of a mountain!

canadian rockies banff wildlife

Once again proving to be an incredible family trip ‘mountain climbing’. Until next time, Sulphur Mountain, take care!

** For pricing and more information on the Banff Gondola, please visit the Explore Rockies website. It’s THE site for all the great attractions and activities for this tour and for other family-friendly things to do in the Banff area. 

My family received complimentary Gondola passes to facilitate this travel article. All opinions are 100% our own.



  1. I’d be alittle scared on that. your girls are so cute and your oldest really is a mini you.

  2. I have been to that exact spot and it is STUNNING! It can be a little scary getting up there – but so worth it!

    Glad to hear you and the fam have had a great trip! 😀

  3. Gorgeous scenery! I was in Banff about 10 years ago and it was beautiful. I’m scared of heights, but I think a ride like that would be worth it for the views.

  4. I laughed out loud at your disclaimer, but I would have been surprised and impressed indeed to read that you ladies managed the climb without the help! They got so close to the squirrel!

  5. I love Banff! We’ve been there (driven through and had lunch) a few times; we really need to take the Gondola trip next time!

  6. We’ve been to Banff and the gondola up Sulphur mountain is out favorite thing to do, so beautiful!

  7. Wow! Gorgeous veiw AND gorgeous kids!! 🙂 That’s somthing I haven’t done yet….and I am from BC! Think I shall add it to my bucket list now! Ty <3

  8. I’ve been on one of those gondolas before and it is very scary being up so high. Not a fan of heights.

  9. What great pictures you got. That looks like a pretty cool gondola too! I like that it is enclosed like it is. Looks like a great experience with some good memories!

  10. I love going up there the view is so incredible, Banff and Jasper are my favorite places in the world (from where I have been)

  11. What stunning photos! I’ve always wanted to go to Banff. I’ve never been to Alberta and never been into the Rockies. Not too sure about the Gondola ride – looks fantastic but I am afraid of heights. I’m sure my hubby and my boys would love it though.

    1. I think you might be fine if you look to the distance, just don’t look up or down! lol

  12. Our family trip to the Canadian Rockies was one of my favorite. We loved Banff. And even though I was petrified on the Gondola, I loved being all the way on top. I remember how cold it was up there even though it was summer and we all got hot chocolate. What a great place.

    1. Totally worth it right? So you know what I mean when I say that it was oddly warm up there! Usually it’s very cold!

  13. What gorgeous views! I’ve never been to Canada yet but plan on taking the family there soon.

  14. I love banff and going up sulphur mountain! I am determined to take my kids this year as i think they will love it!

  15. I so miss the rockies, these pictures make me want to go back home (grew up in Edmonton)
    Enjoy every minute of it.

  16. Absolutely beautiful! God’s creation is simply stunning! My girls would have loved Brittany too!

  17. I don’t think I could do that, I am so scared of hights. You are very brave.
    Very beautiful pics, and your girls are so cute. My girls are 18 and 16, time just flies by, so enjoy every minute with your girls, even the hard ones, I miss my girls being little, thank you:)

    1. Thank You Jaime! You might be able to, I have a slight fear of heights and I was alright!

  18. I love those kind of tram rides. Recently, I was able to ride the one in Albuquerque–it goes up over 10,000 feet; so you get some spectacular views up there. Kinda like the ones you have from your trip. I love doing things like that!

  19. That looks amazing !! I love being adventurous and would love to experience something like that !

  20. I have taken my daughter up the gondola and she loved it .. we got some awesome pictures and it was awesome seeing her eyes get soo big as she looked out to see how high we were 🙂

    1. Isn’t that the best?! Seeing their eyes light up over a new experience like this? My kids ADORE doing this when in Banff!

  21. I live on the other side of the Rockies in BC, The mountains are home, and there is no place like home. love the pics of your prncessess

  22. Absolutely gorgeous photos!! I would love to go to Banff. Sounds like you all had a great time 🙂

  23. stunning scenery but I think i would faint on the gondola. I’m usually not scared of heights but for this, I don’t think I’d make it! lol

  24. Beautiful photos! Two years ago was my first time at the Sulphur Mountain Gondola. The view was spectacular but oh my was going up and coming down SCARY! LMAO! I would love to go again though just for the experience 🙂

  25. We did the same trip a few years ago and too the Gondola up Sulphur Mountain. I was a bit afraid because I don’t like heights but Hubs and the kids just loved the whole experience. Never have I seen such views, absolutely stunning and you’re right the expressions on the kids’ faces was so worth the trip.

  26. Okay, so, that looks breathtakingly beautiful but you could not have gotten me in that thing even with a narcotic involved LOL. I would have been on the floor in the middle crying and saying “is it over yet?”

    Wish I wasn’t such a baby, looks awesome!!!

  27. I was just as excited if not more when I saw my first squirrel.Didn’t know they were so vicious so thanks for the heads up!!

  28. When I was young, my brothers both lived in Calgary. Mom and I went to visit them when I was about ten years old and it’s a trip I’ve never forgotten. I’d love to take my family to Banff! It looks like I walked the same path that you have and even have some of the same photos. Ah, maybe we’ll make it there one day soon.

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