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LogoLast week, my friend, myself and our kids sat around the table looking at all the Robert Munsch books that my daughter owns. Wow, did we Mom’s laugh, reminiscing about the same stories we loved as kids – and how great it was that our kids adore the very same stories. To us, Robert Munsch opened up a fun and exciting world of reading. His stories stood out for being the funniest stories that we could remember. And, who doesn’t know the story, ‘LOVE YOU FOREVER‘ – an ultimate classic when it comes to books for babies. It was this very same friend who gave Isabelle her copy of LOVE YOU FOREVER by Robert Munsch, when she was born almost 6 years ago. I havWhiteboarde fond memories of reading this book to Isabelle when she was a baby, and bawling over the story of a Mother’s deepest love. Did you know this book was originally intentnded to be a song? And, it was written as a memorial for two stillborn babies? There is a ton of great information about Robert Munsch and his books, on his website. Even writing this now, I tear up at the thought of the book…definitely my favorite childrens’ book.

DiagramOne of Canada’s best-selling Authors, Robert Munsch has published 52 books, the latest being, PUT ME IN A BOOK. My daughter got a copy of this new book for review, and like the other’s – she just loves it. It’s no surprise to me, of course, since Isabelle has a tendency to always choose a Robert Munsch book to read at bedtime. PUT ME IN A BOOK is a hilarious story about a girl who is literally put into a book by an author. The kids in her class try to find ways to take her out of the book, and while they are good suggestions – does she ever get out? I’ll leave the ending for you to discover – but, it’s quite clever!

Isabelle giggles the entire way through the book, and that is exactly why I lA man standing in front of it, with Robert Munschike stories by Robert Munsch. His sense of humor is astounding, really appealing to kids and adults alike. If you have ever seen him reading any of his books on TV, you’ll know that he is very lively and animated. He really brings stories to life! On the Robert Munsch website, you can also listen to him reading his books!

Robert Munsch is currently doing a series of Storytelling Shows across Canada. And, Isabelle and I are excited that we’ll soon be taking in one of these shows. We are really looking forward to that day – I know my cheeks will hurt from laughing! And Isabelle, she is beyond thrilled to see her favorite Author in person, and have him read his beloved and world-renouned stories. It shall be a fantastic time!

Do you want to come with my daughter and I,
to see Robert Munsch?

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  1. Class Clown has to one on my favorites. I so see my that character in my children. Good luck to their teachers.

  2. My fave is The Paper Bag Princess and Mud Puddle! (okay i know its two but its really hard to pick one fave Munsch book!)

  3. My kids love Davids Father, we read it all the time. Love you forever will always be my favourite!!!!!!

  4. Oh this is perfect for my son and i!

    I loved The Paper Bag Prinecess when growing up! I’m going to have to buy Just One Goal for my two year old, he is a hockey fan and loves to read.


  5. I follow your on Twitter and i Tweeted – littlebeanshoes

  6. My favourite Robert Munsch book is “Mortimer”. I remember reading that a lot when I was a child and have now been reading the same copy to my 2 1/2 year old son. In fact, “Mor-ti-mer” was his first three syllable word! 😀

  7. Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

  8. My favorite is the Paper Bag Princess! I had never read it until I took a Women’s Studies course in college. Now it’s one of my daughter’s favorite princess stories. If I could only get her to love it more than Snow White!

  9. I remember Mortimer. Use to read it to my sister when we were younger.

  10. Love You, Forever…I remember watching Rosie O’Donnell talk about this book on her talk show so much, when I was pregnant with my first son. Having not read it yet, my mother-in-law gave it to me the day my son was born. 12 years later, I’m still crying everytime I read it to my 2nd son, now 3 yrs old. Love, love, love Robert Munsch!! (Alligator Baby’s pretty good, too!)

  11. my favorite book of his..”Love you Forever” i can read it 100 times and still cry every time! I got it for my daughter just after she was born and i wrote a lttle something special to her! i LOVE LOVE LOVE that book!

  12. My favorite book was Thomas’ Snowsuit. My son and I laughed till we cried when we read it. It was so funny because the teacher looked just like his teacher at the time.

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