Step2 My Clubhouse

Step2 My ClubhouseThese days my girls spend a lot of time playing ‘house’. Usually this involves tearing off all the cushions and pillows downstairs, in order to make their fort. We recently welcomed a new outdoor toy, the Step2 My Clubhouse. Alas, I could put my living room back in order, send them outside and play in a real fort. Hooray!

Building it was pretty simple, I did it myself with some help from my 3 littles. Luckily, it is a one-person job to build, with the kids occasionally puhing on a piece while I put in some screws.

Once set up, the girls were in full-on play mode, discovering all the features.

The size of the Step2 My Clubhouse is just right for the twins at age 3. My oldest was even able to get in there and play, yet she has to duck a little as she hits the canopy roof.

The picnic table is great for playing ‘coffee shop’, where I overheard one of the twins asking for a ‘double double’. Hmmm, they’ve paid attention on my *few*  trips to Timmies! Ha!

One side has a chalkboard, which is great for my girls since there’s no where for them to write with chalks in the backyard. Taking the ‘My Clubhouse’ term to heart, my daughter immediately claimed it as theirs, their own little space. Other ideas to write on the chalkboard? Listing the bugs they find and keeping track of points when they play games outside. This chalkboard comes in handy for so many things!

There’s also a secret compartment to store treasures, or dirt, or bugs. At least that’s what I always find in there. Better than finding them stashed in the house or buried in my flowerbeds!

My clubhouse features a weather resistant fabric roof, which does need to be tended to after a rain, but makes for great shade when the days are sunny and hot. The entire thing is very sturdy and colorful, and is as fun as it looks.

With 2 entrances/doors to My Clubhouse, there’s always a kid seen going in and out, without fighting over ‘who closes the door’. They do that, yes, really!

The Step2 My Clubhouse is available for purchase at Toys R Us and retails for $249.99 here in Canada. We have a larger Step2 house, which I do think is the best bang for the buck, especially when you have 3 kids. Yet, for a lower price and still great features like the chalkboard, picnic table and ‘clubhouse’ feel – this is a great buy as a summer outdoor toy.



Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. I would love so many …we have bought many little Tikes while my kids were growing and they lasted wonderfully, we passed them off to friends and family and now I am buying for the grand kids.

    I would love one of the pools or the swing sets

  2. My son would LOVE the Step2 Master Chef Kitchen. He loves watching his Daddy cook 🙂

  3. I would love to have this clubhouse for my girl, she wants so badly to have a little place to play outside.

  4. The boys need a picnic table outside. I love the Naturally Playful Picnic Table with Umbrella

  5. The fort slide-away was what catch my eye. Kids love to slide and hide…so why not mix the two 😉

  6. I would love the clubhouse! With two kids just starting to walk, this would be super fun!!

  7. I am in the market for a playhouse and would LOVE the Naturally Playful Welcome Home Playhouse. Out of our budget, but a dream! Love it!

  8. We already have the Neat & Tidy Cottage™ & the WaterWheel Play Table for my grandson. We would love to have the Picnic Play Table for his outdoor entertainment!
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  9. I like the “my own laundry”. This is different from the kitchens etc and we don’t have anything like it. I think my girls would get a kick out of it.

  10. Oh my! I love all the outdoor options, I would really lke the deluxe play and shade patio set, it is sooo hot in Miami, a spot for the kids to eat at would be great!

  11. I have had a picnic table on our wish list for a while. I like the both versions of the picnic table they offer. I wouldn’t mind one of them as well.

  12. I would love the Naturally Playful Picnic Table! I have wanted a picnic table to go under our tree out back! The girls would LOVE eating lunch out there every day!

  13. My kids would LOVE this club house.. it would add some fun in our backyard for sure 🙂

  14. I think my granddaughters would love the Naturally Playful Welcome Home Playhouse & Sandbox Combo

  15. This would be a great addition to our church playground along with Naturally Playful® Adventure Lodge Play Center with Glider. If I win, this will be donated to the church.

  16. I would totally want the Real Projects Workshop or the Sports-tastic Activity Center. We have two girls, but are always looking into things that their Daddy can enjoy using with them too 🙂

  17. The back yard basics combo or the dockside sandbox and climber, I can’t decide which would be better lol.

  18. Naturally-Playful-Playhouse-Climber-Swing-Extension, we need new toys to keep us busy…

    1. You can delete my last entry, I didn’t follow the rule! We would love the big clubhouse climber, I mean if we are wishing big!

  19. Have 1 grandson (who is proabably too big for this house, but would try to fit in) and 3 little grandaughters who are just the right size; with one on the way. It would gets lots of loving play at my house.

  20. I would love this for my little guy, he doesnt have anything to play with for outside, I also want to get him a picnic bench

  21. Wow love this so much. perfect for my kids this summer for the 2 of them to party it up

  22. I would love to buy our granddaughter the Clubhouse Climber since she is too young to go to the park, and this could fit in our backyard just for her and her little friends when she comes to grandma and grandpa’s house.

  23. i would like to have Naturally playfull picnic table with the umbrella
    we have a bigger table but the kids really scare me sometimes

  24. The Whisper Ride Buggy is NEAT!! Great for parents, Grandparents when they have the kids, & as i do daycare would be neat to have

  25. The Art Master Activity Desk looks wonderful! I like that it would keep a child entertained and creative 🙂

  26. The play up teeter totter would make a great addition in my yard. You never find teeter totters on playgrounds anymore and they were always my favorite.

  27. If money were no object I would love to get the Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge Play Center with Glider

  28. I’d like the Big Folding Slide. It’s bigger and fits my kids better then our smaller one. We hook it up to their slip n’ slide for additional slip fun!

  29. My kids are climbers and would LOVE the Skyward Summit. I would also like for my kids to get some practice in, so we can start going to play mini-golf…that’s why I’d also like the Par 3 Mini Golf Course.

  30. I’ve had my eye on the Clubhouse Climber for years! I think that would be a huge hit in our house! What a great give away!

  31. I really like the Naturally Playful® Playhouse Climber & Swing Extension. My daughter would love it too 🙂

  32. I am opening a home daycare and would love to have several items for this site. The one that I would love to have for my empty backyard is Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge Play Center

  33. I’d love to have the Pound & Play Fun Drum. My one-year old nephew loves to pound on things so he would love this toy.

  34. I love the extreme coaster, but notice that about 5 people said it, so I will also say the All Around Wagon and the Pedal Farm tractor
    thank you

  35. I love all the musical instruments they have on the site, especially the basic rhythms piano… maybe it will keep my daughter off of my piano 🙂

  36. I think the Build-a-Town puzzle would be good for rainy summer days when the kids cannot get outside.

  37. Besides this great product! I’d love to see water toys or things so that they can play outside if they don’t have a pool like those sprinkler balls things 🙂 Thank u for the giveaways & teh chance to get great products! *keeping fingers crossed* this would b great for my nieces and my baby boy!

  38. My girls would love the Extreme Coaster – they’d love this playhouse too though!! 🙂

  39. I like the Double Play™ Basketball & Football Set™

  40. It is so hard to choose but both of my kids would love the Extreme Coaster.
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  41. I would love the Art Master Activity Desk for my daughter. Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  42. I’d love the Adventure Lodge Play Center, the Clubhouse , the Naturally Playful Welcome Home Playhouse… what wouldn’t I love???

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