Stella Blu Clothing

Rebellious tots everywhere can stop hiding behind their bows and baby animals clothing. Let the true colors show with Stella Blu Clothing, a hip and happin’ apparel company. The true rocker and pop culture kiddo is exposed while wearing Stella Blu Clothing.

Celebrities have taken notice as well. Jodie Sweetin to Joey Lawrence have scooped up their Stella Blu! In fact, Tori Spelling’s daughter (named Stella) was dressed in Stella Blu Clothing for her 1st Birthday!
To make my daughter happy (because it’s pink) and to please Hubby – I chose the ‘Daddy’s Girl’ Tee for Isabelle. (The same that Tori chose!) Indeed, Isabelle and Hubby were both happy when they saw the shirt. This 100% Cotton Tee is a great fit for Isabelle.

The diamond rhinestones that make up the pretty lettering on the tee, are on there good! Really, I picked and pulled at a few, and they are not coming off anytime soon. A little bling on the Tee makes my princess feel both sassy and sweet.

** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own




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