Steamboy Steam Floor Mop

The Steamboy Steam Floor Mop is made by from Reliable Corporation and it uses no chemicals at all – just water {A replaceable demineralizing crystal water filter, which is inside the water canister, helps ensure the longevity of the Steamboy}.

As you move across the floor, the water comes out and cleans the floor. The shape of the cleaning head makes getting into corners pretty easy. And, the 180˚ swivel head and 11-inch cleaning path make it simple to zip your way around the floor. And, for those extra pesky spots, hold the button down for 2-3 seconds and steam is released through the pads, thus steam cleaning the floor! This is wonderful too, as the steam sanitizes the floor. So, if you have wee crawling ones {or just like a good clean}, you’ll like that it sanitizes!

The Steamboy Steam Mop is suitable for the following floors: tile, hardwood, ceramic and carpet. And, the cord length is generous enough to do m

y entire kitchen and dining area.
That’s right – this mop cleans carpets too! Bye bye drops of dried milk from the sippy cups that ruin my

day! And, I have used it a about 8-10 times now and haven’t had to put more water in. So I am indeed happy that I don’t need to refill the water canister with every wash {anything to save time!}. I do wash my floors more often than before, just because I can easily see now just how dirty they get {*hanging head in shame*}. Yet, even though I wash my floors more often, it’s still a lot simpler than my previous method!

At CSN Stores, you can get a few different models of this brand of mop. I chose the Steamboy Steam Mop that comes with 6 microfiber cleaning pads. It was cost effective and will save on buying them in the future. As well, it comes with the carpet glide attachment that allows you to clean and deodorize carpets. The company suggest replacing the water filter every 6 months, and when it’s time – you will see the filter change color.

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this review post, opinions are my own.

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