Springfree Trampoline Backyard Giveaway


JUMPstart your summer 2019 with this Springfree Trampoline Backyard Giveaway!

Recently I was watering my deck flowers, and my gaze went to the outdoor storage chest full of various backyard toys such a hoola hoops, balls, and other odds and ends. I realized that I hadn’t seen the contents outside of that deck box for a couple of summers now, and I’d know because I would’ve had to tell the girls to put them all away every single time.

Just then the girls came running out the backdoor and directly onto their Springfree Trampoline, which is a daily occurrence. I laughed to myself thinking if it weren’t for this backyard gem, they might not play in the yard at all anymore. I guess you could say that I owe my summer sanity to this brand. Kidding 

There’s a great article called 50 Ways to Use your Springfree Trampoline. I’ve never personally had to suggest ideas off this list to break any boredom busters, yet it’s their own imagination which has crossed many off this list.

For instance, just that day I spotted them simply sitting on the trampoline playing some clapping game together. I saw it as a super sweet sisterly moment that I needed to capture, but to them it was ordinary. The game ended in a fit of giggles and rolling around on the mat. 


Th trampoline has been the spot of many outdoor summer movies, with a plethora of blankets and sometimes snacks. Sometimes the dog joins in too. 

springfree trampoline

This trampoline has been witness to so much when I think of it. Birthday parties, competitions between friends, and chalk drawings. It’s most likely even heard secrets that I’m not even aware of.

And of course countless jumps and so much exercise.


The girls have big plans to camp on their trampoline one night this summer with friends. They have it all planned out and have requested to have the trampoline covered for their event. So if someone knows where to get an extra big sheet, make sure to let me know! 

In reality, our backyard and the girls’ summer experiences would not be the same without our Springfree Trampoline. I’m certain those with one of their own would agree and also be grateful for its benefits. 

And for those reading this while thinking that a Springfree would be a great addition to their yard and their lives – well, here’s your chance to make that a reality. 


Springfree Trampoline Backyard Giveaway

Those in the Calgary area – don’t miss your chance to enter to win a medium oval trampoline and free delivery and installation {Value up to $2,098}.

This is an AMAZING GIVEAWAY, so make sure to share with friends and family. All you have to do is fill out the form at the link above. Good luck!



Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. As always, all opinions are my own.


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