Spring Car Cleaning Tips

Albertans simply can’t complain about the weather right now. Despite the fact that it’s January, and this month is notorious for freezing temps, we’ve had some unbelievably mild temperatures. Record breaking highs in fact – hooray!

Yet, melting snow means that we drive and walk through slush and filthy sand-water which is leftover from the winter months.

Each year when this happens, our cars are at their dirtiest. Not only the outside, but the inside as well, from footwear bringing in that sandy water. ‘Tis the season of a car-full of pebbles!

This weekend we spent some time doing some spring cleaning to our vehicles. You’ll know that the inside of your car needs some TLC when you wash the outside, and then get in and am hit with a musty, stale, and dirty scent.

Spring Car Cleaning Tips

When tackling the inside of your car after a long winter – there are important things that need to get done. These things are not only for comfort and looks, but help keep your car at it’s best and also retain the value.

  • Carpets get dirty, it’s a fact. Throw kids into the mix and they get even worse. In the fall we purchased some custom floor mats for our vehicles, made so that they cover the entire carpet and up the sides a little, to really protect those carpets. Any floor mats are a must, yet I’d suggest investing in some high quality customs, not only for protection but then you’ll see that the mats need cleaning and perhaps a little vacuuming of the carpet – but chances are your carpets will remain stain-free. So my top tip is to clean those mats and give the carpet a vacuum.
  • When vacuuming, don’t just focus on the visible areas. Make sure to remove the mats, and fold down or lift up the seats if possible. For example, the Cadillac Coupe features a standard 60/40 split-folding rear seat, so make sure to fold down and get inside the crevices. You’ll be so surprised what you’ll find in these hidden areas. Again – kids!
  • Don’t forget to clean the cupholders and cubbys! These areas usually are overlooked on a quick clean, so now is the perfect time to pay special attention to these areas that collect dust, garbage and spills. To help yourself for future cleans, get some removable plastic mats {box stores have all-purpose ones or contact your dealer for ones specific to your vehicle} for the main cubby and cupholders.
  • There are some great smelling leather and vinyl cleaners on the market and they not only great at cleaning, but also removing unpleasant odour and replacing it was a nice scent. Dust collects fast, yet these work wonders on removing the dust and keeping it off for longer.
  • During the winter months many vehicles insides don’t get much fresh air. It’s too cold to roll down those windows and we quickly hide in the comforts of a garage. You’ll notice a big difference when you wash the inside of the windows with a fresh smelling cleanser. If you have fabric seats, give them a boost with a fabric freshener spray – and accessorize with an air freshener. Goodbye musty and stale smell when you open that door the next time! 
  • Now is the time for maintenance. While these things should be done regularly, and to your vehicles schedule – make sure to check the oil level, it’s handy to have that reminder sticker on your windshield for the next service date. Also, don’t forget to top up the windshield washer fluid and have an extra bottle on hand. This time of year we go through washer fluid very quickly and you don’t want to be stuck without. This is also a great time to check your tire pressure and filters and get your tires balanced & rotated.


  1. Ahh, I wish it was spring. We are in the middle of the snowpocalypse here. These are awesome tips – for when I can find my car.

  2. We are getting the mother of all blizzards tomorrow..I will hold off on cleaning out my car. Plus, my kids make huge messes and always destroy my efforts.

  3. Spring cleaning the vehicle is especially important in the type of environment I live in. The Chicago area has horribly messy winters.

  4. With two young children, I find it hard to keep our car clean! I usually throw everything into a basket before I clean!

  5. Great tips! As a mother of three, I have learned where the mess hides! And there is always a mess!

  6. Love these great tips! We try to keep our cars as clean as possible but with two young sons it can be a challenge.

  7. Thanks for the tips! I always dread cleaning my car and right now it could really really use it!

  8. Great tips. It’s important to use the right cleaners on your car for sure. I need to instill a no food rule to help minimize the crumbs!

  9. I’m pretty good about keeping my car clean. The mats are what I tend to neglect! I’m not looking forward to cleaning them.

  10. You must have read my mind because washing my car has been on my mind but I have been putting it off. I will probably end up taking to a detailer and have them vacuum the inside. I would love to have the carpets and mats shampooed because they are rather dirty from driving in the rain.

  11. My car needs a good cleaning. Winter can be hard on the interior of my car. These are great tips.

  12. These are great tips! It’s so important to take care of your car but it’s so easy to forget about it.

  13. Our car is a mess right now and needs a good cleaning. I always forget to lift the mats when I vacuum.

  14. I don’t think winter’s over for Albertans just yet. I’m afraid that February will be a whole lot colder than Dec and Jan and of course bring lots of snow too. It’d be unheard of not to get dumped on! Love the tips but will await Spring – probably in May/June. 😉

  15. My hubby religiously cleans the car. Before winter he even puts a couple of coats of wax to protect the exterior.

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