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As soon as the temperature increases, this Mom gets really happy. It’s time to open the doors and windows and let the kids play outside! It really has been a very long winter of being cooped up inside to play. Hearing the laughter and *occasional* argument while Isabelle plays with her friends outside from the backyard (instead of right beside you) sounds so much better, doesn’t it?!? Hey, I’m honest.
But, being the first summer that I have little ones again, is a bit of an adjustment. Being 4, all of Isabelle’s outdoor toys are big and not at all intended for babies (all those bubble machines). Some of them would be sharp (they always find that one little piece, don’t they?!) and most of them should not be but into the mouth. Which I absolutely know the babies would do.

Sprig is a brand of eco-friendly toys, which I think is probably the best thing about them. They are made with only earth-friendly materials and contain no harmful ingredients = safe to chew on! The toys feature a simple yet creative design. No bells and whistles or batteries to worry about. Just a quality toy that enables kids to imagine and play.
I received the Sprig Hollow playset, which includes 2 farm vehicles (A farm truck and sand truck), a barn and a heliscoopter. Also included was little men/animals; a bee, a butterfly and a dune bug. The animals are quite cute, you can interchange the faces and wings with each other, which Isabelle like to do a lot (dress up with bugs, Wow!) They of course, are made to fit into the vehicles.

Sprig toys are good for playing in sand, water or digging in Mommy’s flower garden (!). They have really sparked the outdoor imagination in Isabelle again after these long months indoors. She has spent many hours exploring the yard with these toys. I like that the Sprig toys are able to be left outside, safely withstanding the elements. They are recommended for ages 3 and up, yet the pieces are big enough that the babies are able to play with them too. The response toward the Sprig Hollow playset has been very positive from Isabelle’s friends and their Mommies too. Sprig offers very original toys that are safe, great on the environment and most importantly – lots of fun!


**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 



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