{sort of} Wordless Wednesday ~ Ouch!

Tis the season for all sorts of tears around my house. The girls have been tripping, falling and injuring themselves everyday {and that includes me, queen klutz!}.

On Sunday my daughter was running across the room and decided to go sledding on the carpet – with her face {ouch!}. Then, the very next day she was reaching for natural wooden puzzles on a shelf….yep, they all came crashing down onto her,
cutting the area even more.
Eco and kid-friendly…right!! Ha!

But, she’s still smiling. That’s the magic of kids!

Now where’s that bubble-wrap….?




    1. That was one of my first thoughts!! Ha!
      I’m soooo glad the Christmas photos were a couple weeks ago!!

  1. Oh man! And usually, things like this always happen before visiting family or some sort of event where lots of pictures are bound to be taken… hopefully no scarring! πŸ™‚

    1. I have been pampering her nose since then – awful place to have sores. Can’t keep a bandage on. I’m thanking liquid bandaid right now!

  2. Yikes! Rug burn/road rash are the worst. That is my luck… my kiddos seem to get hurt right before the holidays. The rest of the year they are fine. I am sure the family thinks the kids always are black & blue.

  3. Ouch! I hope it heals up soon. Our doc said to use Mederma when Mica did this to his face a few years ago. http://www.mederma.com/products/kids

    Mica scraped the whole center of his face on the concrete when he was 2. Daddy took him to the doctor just to see if he’d need stitches through all the blood. No stitches, but it took forever to heal. He had an ouchy under his nose, got a cold and he looked like he had a Hitler mustache for awhile.

    1. Alissa, I tried some of that once. But then a friends REALLY needed it, so I ended up giving her mine. thanks for reminding me about this!!!

  4. ouch – happens to all kids I guess; liquid bandaid rocks – now she just needs Christmas stories about heroic red-nose reindeer.

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