This Makes my Blood Boil


Something that makes my blood boil? Hubby flew home from work this weekend, and our 4 days were spent doing fun things with the kids. Sad, but it may be the last nice weekend of the year! Hubby and I also got to spend a few hours alone this weekend…and, out of the house and away from the kids too!!! {Ya-Hoo!} It happens once every 3-4 months, I’m sure!

We had a wonderful dinner in a new restaurant in town, and then seen a movie. We went to Final Destination 3 – have you seen it yet? I was so amazed, it was my first 3D movie! I know, very sad – but true.
The movie itself was pretty good, but gory. Not crazy-gory, but some pretty graphic things happen to people as they die. All of them are very hideous ways to die! It was a great adult-movie to see when you are reeling in the fact that your not forced to watch Max & Ruby! {kind of like parent-rebellion}

Where am I going with this??
Well, the movie is: Rated R – for strong horror violence/gore, language and some nudity.

I notice in the front row a woman is rocking a baby throughout the movie. The stroller is beside her, and I’m nosey – so I squint and lean – and see that the baby is probably about
6-7 months old. And, they are in the front row – do you know how loud horror movies are?? Plus the fact that the baby must have been a little crossed eyed looking at the huge flashing lights – 5 feet in front of them! So, I’m a little peeved at this point. And, I noticed that she left 3 times in the movie because the baby is fussing/crying {no doubt}.

Then, as the movie ends, I see her get up with the baby and beside her is her other 2 children. Most likely, 2 and 4 years old!


Now, I never claim to be a perfect Mom {in any means} but, ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!??!?

My mouth is open, and I am fuming! I look around and see no one else shocked that toddlers have just watched a horror movie….in 3D.

I flash back to scenes of the movie – dozens of people have just died in horrific ways…heck, I could very well have nightmares, I’m pretty sure a 2 and 4 year old would!
Livid…I am livid!

The lady took off right away, but outside of the theater is the manager….and, of course I have a little chat with him.

So, rated R means that anyone can see the movie, as long as they are accompanied by an adult. He was really disgusted by her choices too, but there is nothing that he could have done.

It would have been ‘illegal’ to deny her into the theater – as she had every right to take her kids in there. I’m so appalled.

Sickened that those kids were allowed to see it, and sickened by that ‘mother’, who subjected her children to that violence…I feel terrible for them, I really do.
I really wish I could have seen these kids’ reactions as they left the theater… Were they white and scared? Or, is this usual to them, and they left smiling at such a good movie?

Either way, after seeing Final Destination 3, my stomach churned – but not in the way I thought it would!




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