Social Media and the {Frugal} Shopper

Being in social media and a frugal shopper and a lover of a great deal, I get ‘giddy’ when the sales fliers hit my mailbox. Yet, a new study shows that there is a definite change in frugal shopping habits. An annual IBM global survey of 30,000 consumers in 13 countries {including more than 2,000 Canadians} reveals shoppers are using mobile technologies to shop. This increased by a whopping 65% year-to-year.

Who’s to thank? Social media, wider access of bandwidth at lower rates and increased number of wireless service providers. This includes websites, mobile devices and in-store kiosks. It seems that shoppers are embracing the use of technology, to save time and enhance the experience.

Other findings of the IBM study include:

  • Shoppers are leveraging social media from Facebook to Twitter, to blogs, YouTube and reviews, more than ever before to discuss retailers, products and brands with friends, family members and strangers.
  • Consumers are checking prices in store, where 70 per cent of final product selection happens, using smart phones and UPC tags to check competitive offerings.
  • Consumers want a personalized shopping experience and will spend more and be more loyal to retailers who offer them quality, service and promotions on items they regularly buy and remember things such as their preferred payment methods.
  • Consumers want to shop seamlessly across channels, check product prices wherever they are, get promotions based on the items they scan, and use a personal mobile device to avoid the checkout lane.

What about you?
Do you think your shopping habits changed because of technology
and social media?



  1. oh absolutely! My shopping habits have changed completely since I got involved with social media. I always looks for blogger reviews and discount codes etc before buying things now. I also find all sorts of great products via other blogs that I never would have known about or considered pre-social media! love it!

    I think social media has given the consumer more of a voice. Brilliant.

  2. I have been known to stand in a store checking competitors prices on my phone. The technology is there so of course I am going to use it.

  3. I agree, I have found out about so many stores, products and deals because of social media.
    I even love that you can check out a product and the details on line before making a decision.

  4. awesome idea Nolie! i like the coupons I can use from my phone, I can grab a good deal at any moment, I don’t have to wait for the flyers to show up on Friday. 🙂

  5. I regularly compare prices from my phone. It really does save the driving around to find the same price somewhere else, or the buildup of newpaper flyers in my house!!

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