1. Well, she is certainly dressed for the occasion! lol My grandkids love to dress up for all celebrations (snacks etc.) She is beautiful!

    1. I have a pants rule for school, but the instant they walk through that door, dresses are on. All.the.time. People always ask if they are going to a party etc, nope, just them. But then why save your good dresses for a special occasion, that should come each and every day right?

  2. awww cute! She’s got the right idea, love fruit, has fiber and satisfies the sweet tooth

    1. Why save the dresses and costumes for special occasions? My kids wear them each and every day! lol

  3. Oh my goodness! What a cutie! My little girl can always be found sporting a tiara and flashy shades as well! Adorable photo of an adorable girl!!

  4. She’s much more proper than my boys who put the peels in their mouths like smiles… 5, 19, and 25…they all feel the need to still do such things. 😉

    Loving her cute outfit. 🙂

  5. Lovely picture Tammi. Your girls have such fun personalities that show through every picture that you take.

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