Shaking Hands with the Season

I’ve been known to make ‘that snarly face’ when people say they love the Autumn season. I can’t help it if everything around us right now just reminds me that dreaded winter and ungodly temperatures are coming. To me, the season is accompanied by one long loop of creepy ambient horror film music.

Yet, I am making an honest effort this year to try and see the beauty and not the illness that is Fall … no really, what’s my opinion on the subject? Told ya I snarl.

{knock on wood} we’ve had some absolutely beautiful days of warm sun, so the kids and I have been outside quite a bit, taking in local activities.

These photos are from a nearby farm and corn maze. So while I can’t say I’m totally embracing the season, I’m instead shaking hands. A polite smile through pursed lips.

I totally have to sign this post: Love, Stubborn. 






What do you like about the Autumn season?

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  1. It really doesn’t get that cold in the winter in the Seattle area (lucky I suppose)…fall is definitely my favourite season, ohhh the colours are just wonderful!! Happy WW.

  2. I’ve always enjoyed the change in seasons, especially to cooler temperatures. Fortunately our winters are not as bad as what sounds like yours are. Embrace and enjoy this portion of the year while you can. Thanks for hosting have a great day!!

  3. Great pictures and great post! I love Autumn, but sometimes it DOES feel like a long, slow walk on the plank.

  4. Living in SoCal, we don’t get much autumn, I used to LOVE the color changing (of the leafs) in Rhode Island- It looks like you are getting your fall feet wet, just fine!

  5. I know fall is the season before winter, but I try not to hold it guilty by association. There’s so much beauty and activities associated with fall, that I just push all thoughts of winter to the far, far, farthest reaches of my mind and enjoy the season.

  6. You said it perfectly “I can’t help it if everything around us right now just reminds me that dreaded winter and ungodly temperatures”

  7. Hari OM
    Okay. I get that the cold is about to blast (or already has, here); …..but I still love Autumn!!! Why? The colours, the pumpkin, fresh mornings and hints of lingering summer… the airing off of winter clothes in readiness for the cold which DOES turn up! YAM xx

  8. Well, being that I am all the way down in Miami, FL, the closest I get to a fall season is a slight change in temperature with some nice winds. I can only imagine what it’s like to live among ice and snow for months at a time. Brrr….

  9. Seriously it wasn’t until last year that I finally started to see beauty in Autumn. I used to hate it because it meant the freezing winter was on our doorstep but I’m finally starting to see the beauty in it. And those pictures capture almost everything I’ve grown to love about Autumn. I just love the colors.

  10. My favorite part of Fall is all the beautiful colors. I enjoy the cooler weather but hate all the rain.

  11. Beautiful photos! I was never a big fan of autumn growing up, as it always meant returning to school after summer break. Now that I’m all grown up I actually look forward to the beauty of the fall season.

  12. I can relate a bit with you because as much as I really do LOVE the fall colors and festivities, I can not stand to be chilled to the bone. And while the leaves falling are so beautiful, I feel a little panic about the harsh winter that is coming! Your pics are beautiful.

  13. I love everything about Autumn… I used to live on the East Coast where Fall was amazing… Here in Texas it is a bit drab

  14. I think you picture above sums up what I do love about Fall. I love the leaves, pumpkins, and good food.

  15. I am a winter person!
    Imagine how I feel as Greek! xoxo!
    Sun is good! Sun is beautiful!
    But nothing compares with cold, rainy days!

  16. I agree with you. People can’t believe that fall is my least favourite season – and I really hate the cold, grey winter that drags on forever here. Your pictures are beautiful, but there is something wrong with the light of fall.

  17. I LOVE all the smells! The yummy baking, the crisp air, all of it! We don’t get super cold in Vegas so I don’t face to freeze horror anymore. Growing up in Chicago I felt like that… now it’s just nice letting the smells bring me back the warm fuzzies that come with good memories!

  18. We don’t have the brutal cold here in FL but my favorite things about Autumn is the food! There’s such an anticipation for me about the flavors of fall that pull me through the humid summer!

  19. I actually dislike fall – with a passion. Feels like everything is ending and I know the nights will come faster and that drives me insane. It brings on snow which I actively dislike… I love spring and can’t wait from the winter equinox to happen when the days become longer again.


  20. Well I live on the wet coast so winter only brings more rain, not the cold. I love fall because I’m usually done with the warmer weather and I love it being cooler, cozier, prettier.

  21. I absolutely love fall. I start looking forward to fall on the first day of summer. My house is decorated with mums and fall colors and wood is stacked in the fire pit with apple cider in the crockpot. Excitement is in the cool crisp air and the boys are loving it. We love the weekends when we can get outside and rake the leaves all day, and cook weiners over the firepit in the evenings. We can also watch our favorite scary movies – the original black and white movies like The Wolf Man and Dracula and also The Mummy. We can have a fire in the fireplace with a big bowl of popcorn and blankets and pillows everywhere. Next comes the pumpkin carving and a Halloween party for the whole family; cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles – with a big pot of chili beans. The kids run around the house in their costumes and the adults kick back and rejoice in the season.

  22. I always feel so all alone when stating that I am not a fan of autumn. I want my warmth and brilliant sunshine 11 1/2 months of the year.

  23. In Texas our Autumn is the perfect time of the year but it only lasts for 3 weeks until we go to winter. The air is perfect, the sky sets picture perfect and you can always bet someone is making something pumpkin!

  24. I love Autumn, I like the chill in the air, and all the excuses to make fresh apple fritters.

  25. I’m with you on this one. I do love the autumn season when it has warm sunny days but dread the thought of what is coming after that(I won’t mention the words I think they might curse me or something…lol).

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