Sisters – It’s a tradition each Christmas for Isabelle to go with her Grandparents, to the Garden Center. They have a lovely display of ice sculptures, trees and other holiday decor for purchase. And, each year my daughter gets to choose her favorite ornament to take home.

This year she came home with this one, to share with her twin sisters. I really don’t think she could have chosen a more perfect ornament! My perfect Christmas tree, is filled with so much love!




  1. love this story. Another one that makes my heart smile…without be prompted to pick that one she picked it…sisters are special =)

    1. Ha, thanks Jodi – I still get carded!!
      Thanks tas well for google+’ing – Muuaahhhh!

  2. So thoughtful of her to choose one that includes her sisters! So sweet!

    Each year we pick out an ornament for each of our daughters. This year we chose to do the Swarovski ornament from the Eaton Centre in TO – We actually purchased the ornament and had a playdate with friends that also purchased the ornament to make them!

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