Simple Ways to Find Happiness + a Canadian Family Adventure Contest

Each summer we make it a priority to make the most of the two-month break from school, and take as many short or extended road trips as possible. In fact, just in the last couple of months we’ve taken in quite a few events and road trips already, and I’ve got many more special plans for the kids and I over the summer break from school.

Yet, amongst it all, I also have the main mission to slow down the summer, really take it all in, and enjoy the simple moments of happiness that comes our way. The most valuable moments are the easily attainable and natural ones that create such lasting memories – you needn’t plan a huge extensive trip to have a special moment of happiness in everyday life.

Simple Ways to Find Happiness in Life


Simple Ways to Find Happiness


Devices Down – This phrase is repeated a lot in this era, yet disconnecting to reconnect is so important. Choosing appropriate device time means that attention is more likely to catch those simple moments that could otherwise easily go unnoticed, and this one is for adults and kids alike.

Be Present – ‘First seek to understand before being understood’ comes to mind. When you really listen and give all senses, it’s amazing what little pieces of happiness you can detect.

Think Small –  It’s easy to fall into the ‘if only’ abyss when planning your days, and thinking on large scale things like lavish vacations. Instead think small more often and find pleasure in a walk around your neighbourhood. While it makes me happy to daydream about palm trees, my own seasonal flowers sure are beautiful too!

Nourish the Mind – This is where you have the right mindset to be in that happy place. Be positive, gracious, kind and feel love. To pour out love to others, that cup of yours needs to be full for yourself as well.

Nourish the Body – Only good things come of feeding the body with good things. Focus on healthy food and beverage choices, but also relish in snack and meal times – because these are great moments to connect with others and be happy.


We especially like The Laughing Cow whether at home or on the road, you just can’t beat that creaminess in the iconic wedge packaging. The Laughing Cow is the most consumed melted cheese in the world, and has been bringing people a wedge of joy for 96 years! Did you know that 240 The Laughing Cow portions are enjoyed each second! Amazing!

the laughing cow canada

The Laughing Cow is a great representation of how families can enjoy a wedge of happiness together.

the laughing cow road trip snack

So make sure to quiet down the chaos of life this summer and set aside quiet time to nourish the mind with a book, or the soul over a good laugh with a friend. Even a trip to the local park in the next town breaks the mundane and re-connects us in tremendous ways.

When planning the simple and special moments in your life this summer, remember that Canada has so much to offer in each and every province. Plus. there’s so many extra special events and festivities happening across the country this year for it’s 150th birthday. It’s the perfect time to break out of routine and find new sources of happiness.

laughing cow contest Canada win trip hint word clue Alberta blogger

For those thinking of heading to Alberta this year, our province has so much happening even over the summer months, I couldn’t possibly list them all. For many going to the the most popular cities which are our capital, Edmonton or Calgary and the Rocky Mountain areas –  Red Deer is our hometown and situated right between them all – so it’s a perfect pit-stop for many visiting the province.

 laughing cow contest Canada win trip hint word clue

For instance, The Laughing Cow visited us recently on a cross-Canada tour, to explore this fabulous part of Alberta. We made sure to show her a great time in our hometown city, simple happy moments indeed!

laughing cow contest Canada win trip hint word clue red deer alberta canada blogger

Wait. Why is The Laughing Cow travelling across Canada? Well, to spread {pun intended} the news about a contest celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday!


Win your Canadian family adventure with The Laughing Cow Contest.


Enter at and start your journey across Canada, with codes on specially marked packages and word hint found on social media such as The Laughing Cow Canada on Facebook. Reach Vancouver for your chance to win the Grand Prize, yet each entry code gets you an instant prize!

When The Laughing Cow visited us, we were given a hint to share with our readers to help them put on some kilometers and as an extra entry into the contest. It’s: Alberta {*wink*}

laughing cow contest Canada win trip hint word clue

On your wedges! Get set! Go!

Which Canadian destination would you choose, if you won The Laughing Cow contest?


the laughing cow Canadian trip adventure contest


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, yet as always all opinions are my own.



  1. Why can’t I buy “spicy pepper jack” in Canada??? It’s my absolute favorite but I can only get it in the U.S……why???

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