Simple Ways to Enjoy End of Summer in Nature

It’s so disheartening to know that due to our technology era, time spent outdoors is way too infrequent. If nothing is done in this shift, the direction only gets worse as time passes. I spent less time outdoors than my parents, my kids less than myself – what about my Grandchildren? This is an alarming trend that needs a shift.

Nature is a source of joy. It’s all around us, no matter where we are or who we are. All we have to do is embrace it.

I truly love this tagline on the website. Each time I read this, I feel inspiration and hope – fresh air brings that fresh mind. To not only love and embrace the beauty and benefits of the great outdoors, but in those words – a shift toward more nature moments.

Because, it matters.

My girls and I found the 100 days of summer with 100 nature moments checklist to be most helpful these past few months, as we took in every ounce of the summer break. This checklist contains so many great suggestions on easy ways to get outdoors and enjoy everything that surrounds you.

Yet, right now we are experiencing a shift with the end of summer and back to school. While the change in season might mean a different daily life routine than just before – that doesn’t mean the activity checklist withers like the leaves. I know this time of year we have that urge to stay indoors and bundle up against the chilly mornings and evenings, yet we really must resist. After all, the best defence against the colder weather blahs is activity and a change in scenery to exercise the mood and mind.

Psst, there’s still so many ‘100 Days of Summer’ activities you can do right as summer ends and right through fall – some you just need to adapt to fit your own surroundings and weather!

The following is a list of some of the outdoor activities the kids and I plan to do during these last days of summer, yet why not use our bucket-list as inspiration for others? After all, change happens due to inspiration!

My top #naturemoments to enjoy during the fall season:

1. Grab a friend and go searching for a four leaf clover together.
2. Discover a park you’ve never been to before. Check out the Park Finder on to
find one near you. According to the survey findings, 83% of Canadians live near a park!
3. Go berry or apple picking with your family and make a delicious dessert with the berries you bring home.
4. Plant fall perennial flowers so as soon as Spring hits next year, you’ll see beautiful new growth
5. Play a game of catch and enjoy wearing only a light jacket, for now.
6. Pack a simple picnic basket and eat outside with your family.
7. Go for a nature walk and look for a walking stick.
8. Go down to your closest stream, lake or pond and skip stones.
9. Bundle up and enjoy an outdoor movie
10. If you have a family dog, walk the trails together.
11. Build a campfire and roast marshmallows on sticks for s’mores.
12. Make a bird feeder using a pinecone, smooth peanut butter, and seeds. Hang it outside and watch the birds it attracts.
13. Walk or bike to a local store and count how many colourful trees you see on the way.
14. We might only have a few higher-temp days left – take this opportunity to go to the lake or another ‘summer-like’ activity.

The fall season might be here, but it’s a beautiful season that only requires you going out to see and appreciate it. With such beautiful colours out there, it would be a shame not to experience it, before it’s changed again. If you don’t like the structure of planning activities, just put on those shoes and see where your feet take you. Nature is only a step out that door. So look at the stars on the deck and not out the window, even just a few minutes here and there does a world of good.

I urge you to take part in outdoor activities this time of year, you might just need a light jacket and you’re all set.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, yet as always all opinions are my own.


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