Simple Tips and Tools to Live a More Balanced Lifestyle

This blog was created as my way of controlling {and documenting} the chaos that is life, and I love that it helps others in their efforts as well. Whether it be finding that great quick meal to get on the table in time, tips on shopping, to a light hearted read at the end of the day – it’s about finding that balance to help with everyday life.

Fact is, each of our lives look different in the way of work, education, family dynamics and interests – yet we each walk that tightrope in getting it all done. Life is very much a balancing act and our goal is to not fall off completely. We move forward with purpose, and work toward our goals in all aspects.

Simple Tips and Tools to Live a More Balanced Lifestyle

Ultimately, it’s for our health, peace of mind, and well-being – a life well lived. Yet it’s not always easy, and if we are unable to balance, there could be physical and/or emotional health consequences. Right now there’s much talk about resolutions, but let’s face it, we don’t need to make and break yet another resolution this year. Instead, let’s focus on the fundamentals of life balance and make those small and attainable steps with simple tools – to make that positive life change.

Simple Tips and Tools to Live a More Balanced Lifestyle

Mindfulness – Assess your life as it is now and look at areas to restructure. For instance, do you feel physically exhausted and ‘not quite right’, or are your relationships causing you unneeded stress? If you answer yes to questions such as these, your life is probably out of balance. We are beings that need upkeep, so continually evaluate all aspects of your life, roles and duties – and make a list of changes that you require to succeed. Mindfulness means being aware of yourself and your surroundings, so you can alter as needed. Even if it’s as simple as realizing that this time of year you feel not quite right and kind of blue, so taking Vitamin D might be in order. Analyze the weekly to-do list to ensure you are organized, well-prepared and not overloaded can make a huge difference. Balance does not entail cramming in every duty, obligation and activity possible. So, examine your values and decide what’s important to you; then set your boundaries.

  • Tools Needed – Your own self-reflection


Minimize Toxins – Anything that negatively affects your life is a toxin, and it’s essential to minimize these harmful aspects when we are able. Whether it’s toxic people, bad habits, or maybe your own attitude – aim to surround yourself with positive and supportive people and influences whenever possible. We need that lifting up, and yes, that includes lifting up yourself.

  • Tools Needed – Your own self-love and self-priority


Stress Relief – One way to achieve life balance is to simply turn it off once in a while. For your physical and mental health, recognize the importance of stress-relieving exercises and taking moments during the day to simply do nothing. Taking the time to exercise and take mental rests improve function of the heart, circulation, improved sleep and greater ability to cope with stress. Give your body what it needs in order to perform to the fullest.

  • Tools Needed – This one is up to you, find a physical and mental outlet you love – and make time to do it.


In with the Good – The classic saying is true, you are what you eat. Proper nutrition and lots of water is key, yet don’t get stressed over making huge changes. Even simple swaps and keeping this in check more often than you do, will benefit you in the long run.

  • Tools Needed – Recognition that taking in more good than not is important, and deciding it needs focus


Fill in the Gaps with Goodness – It’s a reality that most won’t get ample sleep and proper nutrition each and every single day – and I’m all about being realistic. To ensure that myself and my children are as healthy as can be, I fill in the gaps just in case. Which brings me to the next tool required …

  • Tools Needed – Vitafusion™ gummy vitamins


Vitafusion is encouraging Canadians to arm themselves with the simple tools needed to live more balanced lifestyles. I’ve shared some simple tips and tools to help you lead a more balanced life – yet we all need that extra helping hand to fill in the gaps.

Vitafusion life balance

For instance, each and every day I take Vitafusion™ Women’s Multivitamin, as they provide a complete multivitamin formula specially formulated to support the specific health needs of women. I try and eat right, yet I know there’s vitamins and minerals lacking in my diet from time to time. I keep my bases covered with this fusion of essential vitamins and minerals that top up my health. With natural fruit flavours, the great-tasting and easy-to-take chewable gummy format provides a convenient alternative to hard-to-swallow pills.

Vitafusion Women's Multivitamin

I love the sun and soak up that Vitamin D as much as possible because it helps with the mental stressors of life, yet – winter happens. The winter months with less daylight hours and cloudy days affect me greatly, so I arm myself with Vitafusion™ Vitamin D3 Adult Gummy Vitamins. They support the immune system and aid in the absorption of calcium, which helps to build strong bones and teeth. Taken once per day, they are made with naturally sourced peach, blackberry and raspberry flavours and help ensure I’m getting enough Vitamin D.

Vitafusion Vitamin D3 and Power C

Working with the Vitafusion Vitamin D3 Adult Gummy Vitamins is Vitafusion™ Power C™ Adult Gummy Vitamins, as they both work to support the immune system. In fact, each dose of the Power C contains more vitamin C than 10 tangerines, and you can tell in the great taste! Recently my daughter had an intense and prolonged cold, and you better believe I kept my vitamins on the counter for the duration so I wouldn’t miss a day.

Vitafusion Power C Adult Gummy Vitamins

Let’s not forget about the kids because we know how off-balance their daily life, nutrition, rest and mindfulness can get! Picky eaters, anyone? With a yummy gummy bear shape that makes them easy to take, L’il Critters™ Gummy Vites are a complete multivitamin containing essential vitamins and nutrients that any kid will love. Containing six naturally sourced flavours and in fun bear shapes, these gummy vitamins will help your child get a boost in their diet to help maintain their good health.

L'il Critters Gummy Vites

You might notice in my photos that my Vitafusion bottles aren’t full so they aren’t the typical product shots – that’s because we take our vitamins! For life balance and optimal health and well-being, they are our daily staple. Vitafusion helps you stay on top of your health, so you can stay at the top of your game.

The balancing act that is life is tricky, some days we have it more together than others – yet just in case we start to teeter off that rope – it’s a simple tool and a top defense.

Also, all Vitafusion gummy vitamin varieties taste incredible by the way, so another life balance tip coming at you – treat yourself with delicious and not a pill that’ll make you frown a little. Life balance doesn’t need another frown after all.

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  1. getting enough sleep helps me balance I also take vitamin’s ever day I believe that helps too.

  2. Drinking plenty of water and taking vitamins. I need to work on getting more sleep for even better balance.

  3. when my daughters go to bed and i have some time to sit and breath in silence…and getting lots of rest

  4. I keep a to-do list so that I can keep track of everything, and a dayplanner so that i can schedule in some me-time!

  5. Drinking lots of water, yoga or walking once a day and reading before bed keeps me balanced.

  6. Getting enough sleep, Aquafit and walking! Help me balance. I really think I should add daily vitamins. I take D, calcium, magnesium and B complex.

  7. at this point I’m not doing so well with balancing my life. It’s a busy time of year where I’m working full time, kids have activities and christmas parties and concerts. But I do find that making a to do list helps keep me on track and not forget important tasks

  8. I think it’s key to get enough rest, hydration, time to oneself, exercise and to eat properly, to have balance in ones life. Pretty tall order most days!

  9. what helps me balance is taking my vitamins daily, getting plenty of sleep and eating right.

  10. For me it is making sure I get enough sleep, without proper rest I just don’t function well.

  11. I try to balance myself out by getting enough sleep, regular time off devices and eating properly.

  12. Having time to myself at least once every day or two helps me balance – a half hour alone at Starbucks with a latte can work wonders!

  13. Getting adequate sleep, eating properly and getting regular exercise keeps me in balance.

  14. I really have to work on this. I try to get a massage once a week to keep stress down and i’m trying to exercise more. Drinking water and getting enough sleep and we take our vitamins too.

  15. Walking for an hour a day, and taking a hot bath before going to bed helps me balance.

  16. Just getting on and doing what needs to be done, I’m a pretty laid back kind of person normally so fairly well balanced really.

  17. Music helps me balance. It can totally change my mood, it relieves my stress and I find it helps me connect with other people.

  18. My family is now grown so my time is my own. I love to unwind in the kitchen, baking is my solace. I can also immerse myself in a terrific novel. I find reading a wonderful way to balance my life. And I try to get as much sleep as i can.

  19. Taking care of myself, journaling, meditation, hot baths, yoga, lots of fluids, good rest.

  20. What helps me balance is taking some time for myself at the end of the day. I like to relax with a cup of herbal tea.

  21. i’M H AVING trouble this year staying centered …I have a lot of stress right now, being cus at work, my hubby not working since mid oct, my son now being laid off in another province and wanting to move home. The fear of losing our house at my age. I’m stressed out like crazy, am depressed, having all of a sudden crying jaunts and just feel like everythings out of control. I keep telling myself its all temporary but its hard at this time of year, trying to stress a half pay chq to pay for just basic needs. I’m not centered, I am way off balance and I feel like everything is out of my control, esp when it comes to my work place and how they’ve been cutting my hours so severly

  22. What helps me balance is taking time out for me and just having some quiet time alone.

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