One Easy Click to Help Silk Canada Donate Trees

When you’re shopping at a grocery store and grab that carton of milk, do you think about how its made? carbon footprint? If that brand gives back?

I have to admit, it’s something I hadn’t thought about until recently. That is, until I learned about what Silk Canada was doing to make a difference by being responsibly delicious. They use only non-genetically engineered ingredients, and even use wind power for production.

Buying a carton {1.89L} of Silk instead of milk helps to reduce carbon footprint as it generates 49% fewer greenhouse gas emissions and uses 76% less water than dairy milk. Each one! Now think of what a combined difference that makes!

Now, Silk Canada is doing even more to help the environment…

They have partnered with Tree Canada to help plant more trees in our country, and you can help with one easy ‘click’.

Simply check out the Carbon Calculator on Facebook and pledge to reduce your carbon footprint by choosing 1 of 7 options, such as avoid buying bottled water or taking alternative transportation. You’ll see how these pledges transform into big changes as it calculates the environmental impact from making these ‘simple’ changes.

Yet for every pledge, Silk will also donate an additional dollar {Up to a maximum of $25k} to Tree Canada to plant more trees! I know I’d like our country to stay green, clean and beautiful. More trees is never a bad thing, so while most of us may not physically go out and plant trees, this is a way to do it from home. I mean, we all spend time each day browsing Facebook anyway, why not make one easy and quick pledge. Let’s reach that maximum!

I know I’ve made my pledge, have you?



Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, yet all opinions are my own.




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