Should you Get a Flu Shot?

Every year around this time, conversations turn to the discussion of ‘Should you Get a Flu Shot’?

As well, articles start emerging about the pros and cons of vaccination. Perhaps the stir arises due to it being a yearly vaccine, or because people have gotten the flu before, and survived, thus bringing on the thought that it’s just not necessary. Either way, it’s a choice that requires sifting through the noise and finding facts so you can make that educated decision for yourself. 

Should you Get a Flu Shot? Let’s dive deeper. 

If you think the flu isn’t a ‘serious virus’, know that {according to the Public Health Agency of Canada} the flu results in approximately 12,200 hospitalizations and, on average, 3,500 deaths in Canada each year. That’s right – the flu can kill a person!

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This years vaccine is expected to offer 30 – 50% protection, which may not seem like a shocking statistic yet if you could reduce your risk of getting a highly contagious virus {which could kill you} by up to half, wouldn’t you? 

If you do fall victim to the flu, you could be sick for 7-10 days {with cough and weakness lasting an addition 1-2 weeks}. This means that you’d miss out on all your regular routines until better. It’s not a vacation, someone with the flu is very ill {reminder, the flu can kill you}. Think of all you do in a weeks time, and what you could potentially miss out on. I can’t even fathom being out of commission for a week, this home needs this Mom! 


Who Should Be Immunized?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends a flu vaccine for everyone 6 months of age and older. Yet it’s especially important for those who are at greater risk of developing health problems from the flu, including:

  • all kids 6 months through 4 years old {babies younger than 6 months are also considered high risk, but they cannot receive the flu vaccine}
  • anyone 65 years and older
  • all women who are pregnant, are considering pregnancy, have recently given birth, or are breastfeeding during flu season
  • anyone whose immune system is weakened from medications or illnesses
  • residents of long-term care facilities, such as nursing homes
  • anyone {adults, teens, and kids} with a chronic medical condition, such as asthma
  • kids or teens who take aspirin regularly and are at risk for developing Reye syndrome if they get the flu
  • caregivers or household contacts of anyone in a high-risk group (like children younger than 5 years old, especially those younger than 6 months, and those with high-risk conditions)

You personally might not fall into these groups, but by protecting yourself, you’re also protecting absolutely everyone around you, including those you love.

This year’s vaccine is expected to be significantly more effective as compared to last years, as it covers four strains of the influenza virus. No vaccine is 100% effective, but some protection is better than no protection at all, especially when it’s a highly contagious virus that can be life threatening. 

Should you Get a Flu Shot

Given all this, the flu vaccine is your best protection against the flu. In fact, 70 to 90% of flu cases can be averted through vaccination!

Getting your annual flu shot is easy – Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacies offer flu immunizations administered by an injection-certified pharmacist, without an appointment! Simply check the hours of operation for any Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada {except Quebec}, and stop by at your leisure. 


Disclosure: I am compensated for my part in the #SDMFluFighters program, all opinions are my own.




  1. We always get flu shots since we all have health concerns. I also get antibacterial soap, take multivitamins and extra vitamin c when I can feel a cold coming on. Also changing hand towels often helps.

  2. flu shots and if someone is sick they stay home and we carry hand wash this time of year

  3. To prevent cold & flu I wash my hands a LOT, try to get plenty of sleep and stay hydrated!

  4. I get a flu shot, wash my hands frequently, eat well, and try to get lots of sleep (but realistically that is not always possible). I also try to avoid germs, for example not sharing drinks, bites of food etc.

  5. Handwashing, using hand sanitizers, eating healthy, exercise and getting lots of quality sleep (well… trying to anyways!)

  6. I get the flu shot and wash my hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and then follow up with frequent washing with hand sanitizer. I also try to avoid people who are sick and especially if the are coughing.

  7. First think I do is get a flu shot as soon as possible. I also wash my hands a lot and try not to be around infected people as much as possible. I also take Vitamin C too.

  8. The whole family takes vitamins, drink lots of water, bundle up when we go outside and try to get a reasonable amount of sleep

  9. I got the flu shot and do a lot of hand washing. I also carry wipes to clean the handles of the shopping carts.

  10. How we try to prevent cold and flu,wash hands often,plenty of rest and eat healthy

  11. To prevent the cold and flu I take Vitamin C daily as well as a multi-vitamin to boost my immune system.

  12. we wash our hands more often and I keep a sanitizer in my purse for when we are on the go

  13. With young kids there’s only so much you can do:) I just try to stay healthy — eat well, sleep enough, get fresh air, exercise, take vitamin C and zinc, and drink lots of water.

  14. Just got my flu shot, wash my hands often, increase the vitamins and try to stay away from sick people.

  15. Always get a flu shot and wash my hands many times a day, especially when I’ve been out in store

  16. Make sure I don’t get too stressed or tired, so getting to bed at a decent hour most nights 🙂

  17. Id say I take vitamins and wash my hands lots! I also heard that you can reduce the amount of germs by a LOT if you make sure you dont touch your face..

  18. We wash our hands as soon as we enter the house and I bring disinfectant wipes, in case we snack on the go. We take vitamins C&D daily and we get 8 hours of sleep.

  19. I drink lots of tea, try to eat vitamin packed foods, and wash my hands after sneezing/coughing/handling money or using sanitizer when not able to wash my hands!

  20. I like to take vitamins and wash my hands, drink plenty of water, and the biggest one is to try to stay away from sick people!!

  21. I usually get the flu shot plus I try to eat lots of citrus, eat as healthy as I can and drink lots of fluids

  22. The family gets flu shots and if we get a chance take naps. Sleep is our body’s healing time.

  23. I always get a flu shot and take care of my family and I when any of us feel something coming on.

  24. I do lots of hand washing and make sure to sanitize the light switches and door knobs daily

  25. To prevent cold and flu I wash my hands regularly, eat healthy and drink plenty of fluids.

  26. I get the flu shot and take extra Vit. D to help stay healthy in the winter plus lots of hand washing.

  27. I take vitamin C & D when I feel a cold coming on. I drink plenty of fluids, stay away from huge crowds of people and I never ever have had a flu shot and can’t remember the last time i had a cold or flu, its been years

  28. I wash my hands and clean the door knobs, phones and clickers with disinfectant wipes/spray.

  29. got my flu shot, and lots of hand washing. If I do get sick I stay home so I dont infect others

  30. Get a flu shot, stay away from sick people, wash your hands often and drink lots of fluid

  31. I make sure that everyone washes their hands as soon as we get home from being out and about.

  32. Wash hands frequently, eat healthy food, drink plenty of liquids and I get a yearly flu shot.

  33. I try to get myself and mu kids outside, stay hydrated and well rested, and eat healthy!

  34. We increase Vitamin C Intake, Plenty of hand washing, Bump fists instead of Hand shakes.

  35. To prevent flu and cold, my family and I practice proper and frequent handwashing techniques. No one likes to be sick and miss out on activities.

  36. I wash my hands frequently. I also take vitamins to help with snd help avoid the cold and flu

  37. My husband & I are going to China in January, we don’t usually get a flu shot but we did this year since we’re going to be stuck on an airplane breathing canned air for 30 hours in the height of flu season. We usually manage to avoid the flu by eating properly & diligent hand washing.

  38. I take multi vitamins, I take a cold fx, I use a lot of Lysol wipes, wash my hands all the time and use hand sanitizer a lot when out in public especially when touching carts

  39. I wash my hands often and keep them away from my face. And I get my flu shot every year.

  40. I wash my hands entra when there are sick people around and use lots of disinfectant wipes.

  41. We wash our hands regularly, try to get proper sleep, eat well and take vitamins, and I get my flu shot 🙂

  42. I always make chicken soup as well as ginger tea if anyone in the house doen’t feel good!

  43. We use sanitizer alot and regularly wash our hands, and drink orange juice and our vitamins

  44. My family takes their flu shot every year for me its important as anyone who is in 20 feet close to me will give me their cold. My son has only recently started taking his flu shot as he has Epilepsy his neurologist said since his seizures are under control it would be good for him to start taking his flu shot. This year the pediatrician gave his flu shot in the nose.

  45. I get the flu shot every year as early as I can! I also wash my hands a lot and use hand sanitizer when I can’t wash. I try to avoid sick people too. I obviously don’t have kids! Lol!

  46. i get lots of sleep, and use alot of vicks to be able to breath as well as a humidifier which helps with congestion and colds

  47. I try to get a good night’s rest, wash my hands often, and avoid getting too close to people.

  48. I drink orange juice when I feel a cold coming on and that seems to do the trick, but we have also started getting our annual flu shot a couple of years ago.

  49. It would be great to win this Flu Fighters Prize Pack.
    In response to your question of What do you do to prevent cold and flu?
    I wash my hands regularly, i take vitamin c tablets
    and i try to stay away from people who have colds and flu.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  50. We get the flu shot, I take vitamin D, I wash door handles regularly and we wash our hands lots.

  51. hand-washing often, using cream/lotion to prevent dry skin that cracks and carries more bugs, staying away from people when we’re sick. thanks

  52. I cough into my sleeve or a tissue if I have one handy, and I wash my hands frequently.

  53. I make sure to wash my hands more often, eat properly and disinfect handles and surfaces more often.

  54. Wash hands constantly, hand sanitizer when out and about, flu shot, take vitamins….and drink lots of water!

  55. Well, I have been trying to keep my fluid intake to a reasonable level, but sadly enough, i have a pretty wicked cold and it’s been 6 days so far! hope it goes away soon 🙁 I would LOVE to feel better.

  56. Haha, apparently nothing. Last year I seemed to catch everything. This year I’m hoping to be a bit healthier with some more vitamins and hand washing.

  57. I try to avoid people who are ill. Also, lots of hand washing, extra Vitamin C.

  58. Frequent hand washing, take vitamins and I always have hand sanitizer on me for times when traditional hand washing is not possible.

  59. Handwashing, hand sanitizer, taking vitamins & wiping surfaces with antibacterial wipes is what we do to try to prevent the flu.

  60. Best can do is get kids to wash hands often especially when in public and before eating. Eating well helps too.

  61. While I am out shopping I use my right hand to touch things and my left hand to touch my face so I do not spread virus from things others have touched to my face/nose.

  62. I take amino acids regularly, which helps with everything from the cold to shingles. I use white pine, and eucalyptus oil in steam pots, a menthol salve for the back (like homeade vicks rubs) and chest. I make a lung tea from Mullein, coltsfoot, marshmallow root, echinacea, icelandic moss, and chamomile. I cup of black coffee to sip on, and oregano oil under the tounge to help fight the bacteria in the throat. Ginger tea is slightly narcotic, so dont OD! Other than that just homeade soup, and a dairy/gluten free diet……. The flu never lasts in our home!

  63. To prevent cold and flu I get the flu shot and also make sure to wash my hands with soap and water after being around the public.

  64. Rest – lots of rest. When I feel that tickle/cough/sneezy/achy feeling I take some time for me. I load up on tea, hot soup and rest. We just don’t take the time to feel better. Bodies need sleep and rest – it’s the best thing you can do!

  65. We bulk up on Vitamin C rich foods, Keep Hydrated, Lots of Hand washing and Fist Bumps instead of Handshakes.

  66. I take vitamins B, C, E &D and I do NeilMed Rinses when I feel stuffed up or ‘something’ coming on.

  67. I have discovered how easy it was to get my flu shot at Shoppers Drugs Very professional & courteous:-) Very efficient!

  68. I always get a flu shot. Dont forget to cover a cough or sneeze and sanitize your hands.
    warm water and soap to wash your hands after using washroom, blowing your nose etc.
    Don’t touch your face before you wash.

  69. To prevent colds and the flu, I eat as healthy as possible, and take extra vitamins in the winter, and use hand sanitizers more often. I also use air purifiers with uv to kill germs in the home. So far, I have not caught a cold or flu this season. Also, if someone I know has symptoms of a cold or flu, I don’t go around them, just like those times I have a cold or flu, I don’t go around other people to avoid possibly making them sick as well.

  70. I try to prevent colds and the flu by washing my hands frequently, taking vitamin C and getting the flu shot.

  71. I wash my hands all the time. I wash toys and handles. Thanks for the great giveaway!

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  73. I just do my best to stay away from sick people and use a lot of hand sanitizer.

  74. I believe in assisting the body build immunity via taking care of oneself. Aside from the practical ways of healthy eating, exercise, hygiene habits, rest and sleeping, a positive attitude or mental health is also important to be healthy. No amount of prevention can stop a virus once it has hit you, but by being intentional in your daily living, the duration can be lessened even without immunization as I’m living proof.

  75. vitamin c, lots of water and try to wash my hands when I have been touching public places like banisters and hand rails

  76. Get my yearly flu shot, wash my hands alot and stay away from sick ppl when possible

  77. I am constantly washing my hands and using hand sanitizer. I stay away from people who are sick and try to get plenty of rest.

  78. I wash my hands and keep a small bottle of sanitizer on me and I try to avoid ones that are really sick, plus I get my flu shot every year too

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