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School starts, Fall starts showing it’s colours {literally} and the cold and flu season hits like clockwork. It never fails!

According to Health Canada, in a typical year, up to an estimated 25 per cent or about 8.6 million Canadians come down with the seasonal flu. I believe it! I spent a good portion of the last month with the cold and flu, as did my oldest. Luckily the twins were safe this time, yet I know it’ll make it’s rounds again before Christmas is here.

I have my disinfectant handy, we all hand wash often yet sometimes there’s no avoiding the germs that comes with back to school and all the activities that start this time of year.

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I’ve learned to prep for the cold & flu season by stocking up on the essentials, at about the same time as I buy school supplies. I make sure we have items such as vitamins, tissues and fever medicine. With Autumn also comes dryer air outside made worse by the furnace running inside. That alone takes a toll, so humidifiers are a must for us! 

Shoppers Drug Mart is a great go-to store to get everything from soups and tissues to thermometers and lozenges. If you are one that does get the annual flu shot, you can do so there as well. They take walk-ins or you can also book an appointment online at While we have opted out of the flu shot these last number of years, I do recall that we used to get ours in a crowded gym with hundreds of other people. Bleh! I would have much rather gone to our local Shoppers instead, so I like this option!

Make sure to check out the information on getting ready for cold & flu season on their website! You know it’s coming guys, let’s prepare ourselves now!

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  1. Try to avoid crowded places when flu is peaking up. Wash my hand often. and always be full of Advil…In case 😉

  2. I take vitamin C as soon as I start to feel any symptoms. So far it has helped keep my immune system up.

  3. Eat healthy, wash hands often, and sleep with a cool mist humidifier in your room (drastically helps with nightime coughing)

  4. I work with kids. I love them but they are little germ factories! I swear by constant handwashing, hand sanitizing, flu shots and a bottle of cold FX.

  5. Could use this for my three kiddos that have already brought home the flu a couple times from school this fall…

  6. Slow exposure. The more your are exposed to, slowly, the stronger your immune system will be. You can’t develop anti-bodies without some germs.

  7. Wash your hands, take your vitamins, try and avoid the kids licking and touching known germ infested areas 🙂

  8. I take vitamin D everyday. After a few months I stopped getting sick! Trying to get hubby to do the same though is like pulling teeth. I also have a 6 month old and would love the humidifier for his room!

  9. I make sure I have lots of Cold FX in the house. I was skeptical, but it does help a bit

  10. Wash your hands, increase vitamin C intake and try to stay away from people when they are sick

  11. Stay away from big groups of people with my kids, not share/exchange things like toys, and lots of honey and lemon and ginger drinks!

  12. I have a flu shot every year, nd it seems to work great for me. I also use anything besides the pads of my fingers to press elevator buttons…

  13. Washing your hands after touching anything while out in public, and before touching food.

  14. right now I feel like I have none as I am sick lol but usually the old wash your hands is my best advice

  15. I don’t really have any secrets for fighting a cold or flu but I remember my Mum used to put Mentholatum in a vaporizer and I remember how comforting the scent was.

  16. My best advice to avoid the cold and flu, is to keep your hands away from your face. The germs cannot enter thru your hands alone, they need a portal.

  17. I carry around my sanitizer in my purse and use it a lot when I am out. I stress the importance of hand washing with my kids. I take a lot of vitamin c ester as well, which is said to act as a preventative to cold and flu

  18. I have no tricks or anything. Sometimes you can’t avoid getting sick when you have kids, but I try to eat healthy, drink lot’s of water, and take a multivitamin.

  19. October 14-The best defense is to wash your hands often and get a regular flu shot.

  20. Plenty of rest and lots of hand washing! I try to use my side arm instead of my hand if I’m pushing a door open, and avoid putting my hands near my face.

  21. I take vitamin C every day and I wash my hands before I touch anywhere on my face or my kids

  22. Frequent handwashing and not touching my face is my tip. Another this is to wash your hands as soon as you get home from being out.

  23. I found that the thing that works the best for me is to simply tell myself that I dont have time to get sick. If I feel symptoms coming on usually I can convince myself they will go away and they do.

  24. Wash your hands every time you come home from somewhere – it gets to be a habit to wash your hands when you come into the house.

  25. The two things I do to minimize cold and flu are wash my hands as often as possible and increase my vitamin C intake once cold and flu season starts.

  26. washing my hands all the time and keeping gloves on when in most public places, plus rest and vitamin C and eating fruits.

  27. The thing I’ve found most effective is covering my hands with long sleeves, or even wearing gloves, while out shopping or doing errands. Not touching germy door handles or shopping cart handles cuts down the chance of getting sick from a stranger. And of course, lots of hand washing!

  28. My secret is taking vitamin C every single day and washing my hands a billion times a day.

  29. Not really a secret but I try to stay active and eat right. Since I started eating better and exercising 2 years ago I haven’t been sick.

  30. I am entering your giveaway.
    It would be great to win a Cold and Flu Defense Kit from Shoppers Drug Mart.
    In response to your requirement to Tell you my secret for the best cold and flu defence!
    Dress warm when you know it’s cold outside, use hand sanitizer and wash your hands regularly.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Echinacea – I swear by it! I load up when I start to feel a cold coming on, and often I never get one! I’m big on hand washing too! Thanks for the great giveaway 🙂

  32. Prevention is better than the cure so taking care of yourself is the first defense to avoid getting sick.

  33. i get sinus pain really bad .. i take antihistamines when it is chilly out and it lessens the hurt !

  34. the best cold and flu defense is getting enough sleep and more sleep when you are experiencing a lot of stress

  35. Cook with extra garlic, wash hands OFTEN & try my best to keep my hands away from my eyes & face!

  36. Hey, hand washing is our best defence, and of course teaching those around us to cough and sneeze in their arms. But, if the flu or cold bugs have made their way through, I take out the trusty cool air mist humidifier out, along with hot lemon and honey drinks and I’m all about the nasal spray to relieve the sinus pressure! Lots of rest and liquids!

  37. Washing hands, over and over and over again………….everytime we come in the kids get to rewash………lol, not that they enjoy it

  38. lots of hand washing and vitamin D. extra vitamins in those months where we get less sun!

  39. Drink plenty of water and wash hands plenty. Trying to stay away from anyone who is really sick if possible. Taking vitamin C.

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  40. Good hand washing, lots of vitamin C, lots of clear fluids, no sharing drinks, snacks etc….

  41. I;ve been trying hard to break the habit of touching my face in hopes of avoiding the germs.

  42. Hand washing and always have hand sanitizer around. Also ensure that I get the flu shot early in the season

  43. I find Oil of Oregano works well to help ward off illness. 5 drops under the tongue a few times a day when you feel something coming on. It tastes nasty but helps a lot!

  44. Wash hand constantly, drink lots of fluids and get as much rest and sleep as you can

  45. My secret for the best cold and flu defense is to not touch your face & to always wash hands.

  46. Purell and take vitamins, especially vitamins. The minute you feel sick, take some medication to nip it in the bud.

  47. Make sure to get enough sleep, ensure that you are always washing your hands and have a healthy diet

  48. Eating lots of fresh, raw fruit and veggies and take extra Vitamin C in the winter.

  49. My favorite defense for getting sick is a daily dose of oil of oregano. You can find it at any health food store and it works for more than just a cold. When I use OTC stuff, it usually just makes me groggy. I also wash and sanitize my hands often and try not to touch my face too much to prevent the spread of germs.

  50. Staying away for those who are sick, getting the flu shot and drinking warm tea and honey

  51. The thing I try to remember is to wash my hands frequently when I’ve been around people. I live alone, but also try to remember to wash my hands after I go downstairs to get the post. I catch nearly everything going, so being mindful of my surroundings, trying to avoid those who are actually sick, and not shaking hands during cold and flu season help somewhat.

  52. I usually just stay in bed and have hubby bring me chicken noodle soup. He loves to take all those cold & flu medications where I usually just ride it out!

  53. drink lots of tea, orange juice, get plenty of rest, don’t go outside if you can avoid it, and take apple cidar vinegar it really does work

  54. stay away from malls during busy hours and keep hand sanitizer in your pocket use it often

  55. My best defense secret for the best cold and flu prevention is practicing good hygiene. Eating and drinking lots of vitamin C rich foods is also very important! 🙂

  56. For people that take public transit or school buses, get into the habit of applying hand sanitizer the second you a free! I tend to ride gloves off, for this reason alone.

  57. If I feel a cold coming on I take Cold FX, drink lots of fluids and pile the covers on my bed. It seems to lessen the severity or I am able to avoid it completely.

  58. I believe in the power of vitamin C and Oil of Oregano…also washing hand often and keeping them away from your face.

  59. Wash your hands often, and try to avoid high traffic, congested places like shopping malls.

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