ShooShoos Flexi Rubber Sole | Shoe Review

Personally, I loathe Fall for representing the impending doom that will soon follow, AKA Winter. Maybe it’s me, but the -40oC we have here in Western Canada just isn’t my cup of steaming tea. Yet, there is one thing I love about Fall, and that’s the rich and comfortable hues that come out in clothing and footwear. I grumble packing away the light jackets for the bulky snowsuits, yet I never complain about having to bring out some crisp and fresh Fall attire and shoes. ShooShoos can equip your kids this Fall, they have some new styles for the new season. Kids’ feet need to keep warm and be protected after all!

Points for adorable and for being a sturdy and warm shoe for Fall are the White/Pink Smiley Runners that my girls received for review. Super soft and flexible, they are protective yet still bendable to move with speedy feet. They look like they have laces but really an elastic opens wide to get wiggly toes in and out. They grip the floor well and never slip, yet there isn’t that ‘clunk, clunk’ sound when my girls run in them. They really do allow for ease of movement and flexibility.

Stay tuned for a ShooShoos giveaway – you won’t want to miss it!!

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.


  1. Those shoos shoos really do bend don’t they? I bet they are perfect for getting little feet in and out of with the elastic. I think that’s a great feature.

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