I like attention to small details, it’s what first attracts me to a product (I’m honest). A nice design, or even a cute tag. And ShooShoos is no exception, this Mom adores the little smiley faces on the bottom of their shoes. Whether the Twins are crawling or sitting, the bottoms of the shoes are always seen (so why shouldn’t they be paid some extra attention?!). Then, when they walk, little smile prints will be left as they go. Adorable.

I received a pair of ShooShoos, the Pink/White Dots/Ballet Smiley (#S5 Pink) from the Smiley Light Flexi Rubber Soles collection. They came in a clear bag, ideal for gifting. These are adorable soft leather baby shoes, with a Velcro closure and also an elasticized ankle. I like this, because my girls have ‘generous’ feet and ankles…ok, they are chubby. Which means that I usually have to go up a size to fit their width. Yet when I go up a size, they are usually so big that the girls can easily take them off. Shooshoos baby shoes allow the Twins to wear them without being too loose or constricting. They are also lightweight, which means they won’t be irritants for the little movers. And when I say that ShooShoos are flexible, I mean it. I could probably tri-fold them, even lengthwise. Yet they have a rubber sole to protect their feet. So, it’s nice that they seem to have the best advantages of both the soft soled baby shoe and the soled shoes. (kinda like the in-between shoe)

ShooShoos are pediatrician and chiropractor endorsed, a great choice for growing feet. I have more than 2 little feet to style, so I like their reasonable price. (but really, who doesn’t like a great deal!) Each pair of the Smiley Sole is under $25 (and the soft sole shoes are under $20). Make sure to catch their Spring Promotion, and you can shop the Sale and Clearance items! (And you won’t want to miss these) The sizing goes up to US 8, so that means that Shooshoos provides toddler shoes as well. There’s definitely more to Shooshoos than a smiling face!


**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 



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