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My husband plays this ‘game’ on a daily basis, one that he calls ‘random smiles’. What he does, is just gives his biggest and best smile to strangers as he passes by them.

At first I told him that he was freaking people out, but then I noticed that doing this was having startling results. More often than not, the person’s neutral or sometimes sad demeanour immediately turns into a massive smile right back at him. You can literally see happiness form.

You see, this is his purpose in ‘random smiles’ – he simply wants to made someones day a little brighter.

Watching this makes me grin from ear to ear and also chuckle. I’ll be driving down the road and he’ll cheer from the passenger seat, ‘YES, random smiles success!’.

It’s kind of amazing what a simple smile can do.


Smile Cookies are back at Tim Hortons restaurants all across Canada!

From now until September 21, buy a $1 smile cookie and all proceeds will be donated to a local charity near you. In my city, all proceeds are going to our public schools.

It’s a simple way to give back, and make a difference in someones life. Plus, the cookies are pretty delicious so it’s a win/win if you ask me.

So, share a cookie and share a smile – I suggest doing both. It’s truly amazing what a smile can do.





  1. I try to smile at people wherever I go. Sometimes I think people just need to see a friendly face 🙂

  2. Your husband sounds like quite the character, I love his random smile campaign! LOL! I love cookies, I am all for any restaurant that serves them!

  3. I love that the donations go to a local charity! Not only do the cookies look like a great value, but it’s awesome they continue to make people smile long after they’re gone!

  4. This is a wonderful idea! The cookies from Tim Horton’s and sharing smiles along the way!

  5. How fun and YUMMY! Any opportunity I give my kids to play with their food, and they are in.

  6. Interesting game. With a great intention. Not sure if I’d smile back though to a total stranger. Although, just yesterday when on a bicycle tour around town, a puppy barked, I smiled at it, its owner waved smilingly at me and I waved back, then I was gone. Does that count? 🙂 Happy Sunday!

  7. I like the idea of random smiles. I don’t do that, per say, but I do make an effort to do small things like hold doors, say thank you, be pleasant with cashiers etc…, I may just throw this in there too (so long as it doesn’t feel too forced).

    And ya Timmy’s cookies!

  8. I love smiling at people on the street – although it always surprises me how many people avoid eye contact in the first place. Looking forward to a smile cookie soon 🙂

  9. I am also a smiler.
    I smile at everyone as I’m walking. Once, a new gentleman who lives alone moved into our neighborhood. I pass his house every day with my dogs and always smiled. He stopped me one day to formally introduce himself, and told me he was grateful for my smiles as I was the only person in the entire neighborhood that gave them to him.
    That melted my heart and gave me the reason to continue.
    Kudos to your hubby. He has the right idea, where others seem to have forgotten.

  10. We bought cookies the other day and they tasted delicious, but best of all the smiles that went with then was worth every penny..

  11. I love that! I really want to try your hubby’s trick and just smile at people more often…. it sounds like an easy way to put a little cheer into someones day

  12. What a great idea and so simple to do. Even smiling yourself will make your day better.

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