Facebook Charging for Status Updates


Recall my post two weeks ago about Facebook Charging for Status Updates? Well, it seems that these new changes have taken affect, and I’m not too happy about it.

See this on my Fanpage?

What’s that Facebook? … {who is busy twirling his moustache with an evil grin}
Let’s look closer:

Oh I see, so Facebook has hidden my updates to most of my fans. Yet, for a price of up to $30, I can FORCE that particular status into my fans’ newsfeeds and thus freeing them from hostage. Shame on you, Facebook!

We all know each Facebook change comes with much criticism but this has to be the lowest. And it’s also funny that I’m not offered to buy for ALL my fans to see either, just a percentage.

In the world of blogging, business, marketing and social media advertising – where does this lead? Will some in my line of work start charging companies they work with, a ‘Facebook Promoting Fee‘ to have certain status updates promoted? Meh, I’m sure it’ll happen, but in my opinion it’s word of mouth and not I’m-paying-to-shove-this-in-your-face.

I guess we’ll start to notice when you see an update constantly at the top of your home page. Don’t worry my hard-earned and wonderful fans, I won’t be stooping so low as to push some cash under the door so that you choke on my updates. That would be rude!

As my Facebook Fan {or anyone else’s for that matter}, how do you feel about having your news and updates hidden not by your choice, then auctioned off at a set price?

Likewise, If you have a fanpage I’d love to know your opinion on what this means for your page.

To hopefully allow you to keep seeing my Facebook Fanpage updates, make sure to ‘Like’ my posts from time to time and even click that little ‘FB like button’ you see below this post. For the time being anyway, it just might work to free you from Facebook-Hostage. Well, that is until FB charges users for the network altogether … it has to come sometime!

Other ways to connect with My Organized Chaos: Twitter and Google+ and even get your updates by email or RSS.

Tsk, Tsk, Tsk…..



  1. Not surprising. Look at the timing. Also, consider the stock is starting to tank after only a week or so. Stupid to offer stock on something which isn’t tangible – there is nothing “real” about FB. They have to make money for the shareholders.

    1. Well said, Chris. If this doesn’t get the results they are hoping for – what’s next?

      1. Probably a phasing out of FB for something “shinier and brighter” – and hopefully not followed up with silly stock options with nothing to back them.

  2. That is ridiculous and highly annoying. I’m off to check my page now. I have really focused on FB for following purposes and if FB is hiding my posts, I see it was for nothing. I may have to start putting more energy towards G+. Crap.

    1. That’s just scary. I refuse to pay for my readers to see my updates. Isn’t hard work and quality content enough?

  3. Hmm, my first reaction was very negative. I thought, what happened to “Facebook is free and always will be”? And yeah, the whole thing seemed kind of sleezy.

    FB claims this change won’t affect the current behaviour/exposure of unpromoted posts, but it inherently will if promoted posts are constantly being pushed ahead.

    Then I thought, if FB handled it like Kijiji, clearly separating/labelling sponsored posts, this wouldn’t be too bad. Given many business have their main (or only) presence on FB now, I see how this could have appeal. But if it all comes at the expense of smothering out posts which are not promoted, I’m not a “fan”.

    1. I think it has to do with letting your existing fans see your updates. “Get more people who like your Page to see this post” It seems they don’t let all of your Likees see it.
      Kind of rude, eh?

      1. Yes, I think that’s what’s going on. It says that a % of my fans see it, and if you want more to – here’s the cost. Just terrible….

  4. It is frustrating for website owners like us that spent time building their readers on Facebook. But this company is looking at alternative revenue models – can’t just charge for ads.

    1. That’s right Steve. They have ads and always have. If we wanted that promotion, we would have. This is one way to almost force ads.

  5. It’s sad. But so many of us have been reeping the rewards of free Facebook for a long time, so I saw this coming.
    I certainly will not pay, but I know people will.
    And I still saw this facebook post hit my wall, so even if you didn’t pay to “shove it down my throat” I still got it. That makes me happy 🙂

    1. Yay for seeing it in your feed, Tricia. Glad you did!
      And it’s true, some will pay – just like some pay or use bots to gain their Fans. Such a shame for those that have played fair from the beginning.

  6. As someone who has a few accounts on FB, both personal and business…I certainly will NOT pay for updates to be seen. FB has gotten too big for their britches (big-boy panties) and while I understand all businesses need to make money….FB is already making more than they will ever need in that department.

    Regarding the person who mentioned Google+…absolutely hate Google+ and I try not to use it.

    I am hoping some other kind of social media networking site will hit the scene in the next few months and we can all kiss FB goodbye

    1. @Shelly
      Britches actually = pants. It stems from “Breeches” .
      It doesn’t refer to undergarments or “big boy panties”.

      Thank you.

  7. That’s terrible. But it explains a lot. I run a Mom to Mom Sale and we have a fan page that we use to help promote the sale. For our recent spring sale, it seemed like nothing we did on Facebook reached our fans. Now I know why!

    1. Oh no Nancy!!
      That’s just terrible. You know, people become fans to get the updates, and now not even that works. Just sad for those that work so hard setting up their pages

  8. I’m with SassyModernMom on this one, my fledgling FB page will die a quick death at this rate.

  9. This is so frustrating, there is no way I will pay to reach more of my fans. Not only is this upsetting for my fan page for my blog, but also for my readers who may or may not see stuff because I choose to not “shove it down their throats”. I agree, people become fans of pages to see info about the business, blog etc.

    I will not be joining this bandwagon but sadly some well, and Facebook will likely leave it as is for now unless it becomes a complete failure. Who knows where the future of Facebook is going????

  10. I have a fan page and I agree with you, it’s disgusting. They offer us something for free and then slap a price tag on it. Typical “all about the money” attitude. I blog because I enjoy it and I enjoy the brands I do work with and occasionally promote. I can tweet for free and I have way more followers than Facebook fans so no, I also won’t e paying to shove it in my readers faces. Sorry Facebook.

  11. I am not a blogger or business owner, so my perspective is from a fans point of view. I like or fan pages on face book for a reason, because the content is of interest to me. When I do so, I am requesting and expecting to have all of the news from these pages on my feed. If I am not receiving all of the updates from all of the pages I have liked/fanned, it is a breach on face book’s part. I certainly do not want to see only the updates from pages that pay to have a portion of their fan base see their posts. It will not make sense for us to like/fan pages if we may or may not get the news. Perhaps the updates that are paid for could be in a different section, designated and marked as such.

    1. That’s right Kathleen. We ‘like’ pages in order to keep reading them. What’s the point then if it doesn’t come through the newsfeed?

  12. I think it’s ridiculous. I hope it doesn’t go well for them or else we may see it on other social media sites all too soon. 🙁

    1. Any bets that there’s a developer out there who is making a ‘new’ facebook, like the old version without all the new greed?

  13. I am sure that this will have a negative impact on Facebook. I guess, it is time to move on. Google + anyone?

    1. Maybe I’m too Facebook-brainwashed, but I couldn’t get the hang of Google+. I bet now people are trying now though!

    1. that IS a steep price!
      And mine went up by 20% today too, lol
      That’s right, I wouldn’t pay the price, so they think if I raise it – I willl …?!

  14. Estimated reach is not the same as hiding your statuses from fans. Estimated reach is a measurement of how many people are actually reading and clicking through to see your posts. For example, if you make a post, some of your fans will miss it simply because their wall has lots of posts. These people don’t count towards your estimated reach. If one of your fans reposts your status or story, and all of their friend (who aren’t your fans) see it, they count. Facebook just wants money to ‘force’ your fans to see your post, by making it a highlighted story or some such device. They aren’t actively hiding your posts. They are basically offering you advertising or top billing for any post you care to force your fans to read.

    1. Exactly, Maureen. So many bloggers have assumed this will reduce how many fans see their posts. It’s simply not true. Facebook already limits how many of your posts reach your fans’ general feed because people were complaining that their feed had more page posts than posts from their friends – it’s was like that before they introduced paid promotion. If fans comment your post or like it – then FB shows it more often – similar to Stumble Upon. This new option doesn’t change that.

  15. Totally not paying…..it’d be one thing if they had a *business facebook page membership fee* – which would annoy me on another level but make way more sense than this….

    Because I’m going to just drop $30 for EACH status I write so people see it….I’m with you – totally won’t be shoving into anyone’s newsfeed. Ridiculous

    I also do not like Google+ at all but truth is, things like this sure make me reconsider my efforts. lol

    1. That is a ton of money, Hailey… who in their right minds would pay that? Let’s say you post twice/day = $60/day, seriously?

      1. Seriously – at that rate – we’d be on a holiday in no time! lol….can you imagine spending $1800/month on facebook status updates??? And that’s if you ONLY do TWO updates a day….some days I’m up to 4 or more. Even for largeI companies – they can get some pretty decent advertising elsewhere for that kind of money {and not have to pay someone to do status updates every day lol}.

        I still can’t wrap my head around this one…

  16. I’ve read about fb’s post charging but didn’t think they’d push through with it. Terrible! They’ve become too greedy. Unlike!!! Thanks for this post. Truly informative! 🙂

  17. How greedy of Facebook, what….don’t they have enough money yet. Isn’t FB worth like billions of dollars? Wow..and really its not like everyone is on the net for free, we all pay our internet providers.

  18. I can assure you this won’t last very long because they’ll lose quite a bit of traffic over it. There is a way around it however since there’s really no point in posting on facebook for people to check their newsfeed settings because the ones you want to reach already can’t see your updates. To reach ALL of your facebook fans you need to create a ‘facebook event’ with instructions on how to ensure that they have the checkmark ticked inside the body of the event. Call it “Important News About My Chaos on Facebook’ or something that will grab their attention and then invite ALL your fans to it so they get a clear notification. I created an event before called “You Are Invisible” that reached tens of millions of people all over the world so they could adjust their settings but I got so much spam after that I’m not even going to bother doing that again (plus facebook put me on their ‘we hate this girl’ list and started messing with my account… grrr!

    Each page should do it themselves just for their fans (not public) or the junk messages will come by the hundreds, trust me! Don’t take a hit for other pages, just pass on the info to your fellow bloggers and sponsors through a post or something.

    This is just another attempt by facebook to lighten their network load by eliminating traffic in the newsfeed (how ironic since that’s how they made their bulk profits in the first place). Somebody should tell Mark that going back on his word to never charge on facebook will eventually lead to his demise. I bet his competitors are coding as I type 😉

    1. Good information, thanks!
      Happy you found a way to reach the masses and BOO to FB for putting you on the naughty list. Makes me giggle though, I have my pom-pom’s out for ya! 🙂
      I’ll look into this more though!!

  19. So brands now want to reach to thousands and millions of fans, generate that much additional revenue through sales or advertising, and they want it all for free! Wow!

    What a bunch of idiots. You have to spend money to make money. Quit whining, if you don’t want to pay, don’t use the service. Even FB needs to make money, and being the billion dollar listed company that is it, it needs to make that much more!

  20. about a year ago i warned people that the creators of facebook had a nasty plan in mind for all and i think we are starting to see the start of it, when i told my family that they were going to try and control the flow of the internet and funnel everything through them, essentially controling the internet people thought i was being overdramatic, but i dont think i was

  21. I am so disappointed to hear this! My FB page is only a couple of weeks old, and I was looking forward to using it to grow my (barely monetized) blog. There’s no way I will be paying, which means no fans will see my updates. What are those 17 people going to do today? 🙂

  22. Personally, I’m pretty fed up with Facebook and have been using it less and less…this is just another reason to leave them behind.

  23. I did not read all the comments. But that is JUST Stupid! We LIKE your page because we want to see what you have to say. I would not think twice about quitting FB and joining something else, if that’s necessary and everyone does it. I only use FB for all the blogs like yours. And I want to see ALL your content ALL the time. (ALL – for all the blogs and likes)

  24. I can’t afford to be doing what they’re asking. I’ve hated FB changes as well, but this one the most! Of course, there are too many big name companies on FB now who will pay to have this done. It’ll put money in Zuckerberg’s pocket, which he might end up needing with stocks falling so fast. I’d love to say I’ll never pay to broadcast on FB, but who knows where things will be 6-12 mos from now. Everything is about money, isn’t it? =(

  25. Aren’t they already selling our info when we like an app? I won’y pay them a dime to use the service.
    Zuckerberg already cashed in some of his stock when FB share was $38. Now down $10, maybe he is trying to make shareholder happy or just plain greedy.
    Maybe big name company will catch on soon enough to leave all their promotions back on their websites without FB.

  26. I wish they’d just leave it to make money off of the ads that are posted. They could charge for stupid quizzes people write as well. That’s it! Stupid Facebook!

  27. I’m not a blogger, and I don’t have this problem. So please take that into consideration. But what about this. It’s a service. You pay for your domain name. You pay for advertising spots. This is advertising of sorts. Maybe you have to pay for it.
    Facebook as a company is hurting. They need money but, I don’t think this will last.
    If enough people don’t pay then they’ll ditch it. Because if people aren’t using facebook then they won’t see those adds to click on; making facebook money.
    It’s like speeding tickets. If enough people didn’t pay them. The police would have to give up, eventually. Mass conformity makes society run more smoothly, and in this case, more expensively.

  28. That is just ridiculous! Whatever next? Now we have to pay to ‘force’ statuses on people who are connecting with us on facebook, – but really I never expected better from fb. The only reason why I used to be there before was to connect with my family and I found that fb is good for nothing except for stalking people. Everything on fb is monetarized, they want to make a profit out of everything you do there. I think I might just end up quitting on fb and deleting my accounts, there is only so much I am willing to handle, especially from facebook.

  29. That is really crappy! I’m your facebook fan and I am because I enjoy reading your posts. Why is it not up to me, the fan, to choose whose posts I want to see? I don’t agree with it one bit.
    Don’t pay! You shouldn’t have to. It’s ridiculous.

    1. Thanks for the support Josie, it makes me sad that some fans who like my page won’t see anything unless they go TO my page… so frustrating!

  30. This is the first I’ve heard of this lowdown, dirty, rotton trick. Facebook has definitely stooped to a new low. I, for one, will not be paying for anyone to see my posts or updates.

  31. This is without a doubt dirty! I suppose we should have known that when Facebook went public it would become all about the almighty dollar. What a nasty thing to do now that so many people are on Facebook and have worked hard to amass followers. For huge companies these fees wouldn’t even make them flinch. However, for bloggers and/or small business type pages, they simply can not afford to do this! I don’t know who the twit was that decided to have all fan pages be charged. Talk about ridiculous! It would make more sense to leave those alone that don’t make huge amounts of money but that would make sense and Facebook is no longer about making sense but about making money! If enough people refuse perhaps they will rethink their stupid plan…not to mention, I heard yesterday that the Facebook shares had fallen quite a bit. I don’t know much about it but I do hope that is because of negative press for the nonsense they are pulling! I will still find a way to follow you either way because I like your blog and FB page etc. & it should be the followers choice. I totally agree with you that this is just evil and WRONG!

  32. Well, wow I certainly don’t agree with the way they have done it, I can see both sides where ALL companies have to pay for advertising, so these companies have been getting off easy, they don’t pay to advertise, send the blogger their product and sometimes the person who enters and does a ton of advertising tweeting, sharing on FB, stumble, now even the new pinterest has been thrown into the giveaways and promoting and does not receive their prize! Maybe companies should have a fee to pay bloggers for advertising? But a post in advance and a start date would be the right thing to do, and if they run it as a business they should have contracts for what is to be paid. I for one will not pay to use facebook, they get enough money from the games I play and have to buy FB cards!! Does everyone have to pay? If I post your giveaway on FB do I have to pay now? I have not seen anything on this part of it have you? Where will it end? I don’t know this whole thing was suppose to be free for people but I think most companies are really taking advantage of it so the dollar signs light up, hey we can make big money on this and wella, that’s it!!

  33. I haven’t read through all the comments, and I apologize if I’m repeating what someone else already said. As a social media manager, I do my best to keep my thumb on the pulse of what’s going on in social media, especially with Facebook. I don’t think the new change is as negative as we think it could be.‎

    Tammi, and everyone else – Facebook is NOT requiring you to pay for your posts to show. Our numbers are showing that good posts with good engagement (like Tammi and other awesome bloggers usually create) are still showing well in the newsfeed. I wish I could have a big session to educate everyone on what Facebook really is or isn’t doing.

    But we have to think about it like we do our own blog space – we pay for our own hosting, and we have advertisers paying for publication space on our blogs, including individual blog posts AND banner or button advertising. Why do we get upset when Facebook turns the tables back the other way? They require infrastructure to keep up with their growing user base, and we get to use Facebook for FREE, even for business (i.e., BLOG) purposes.

    I still stand by the idea that GOOD content will create good engagement and Edgerank still likes engagement – if people are liking and commenting on your posts, FB will STILL show them in the newsfeed even if they aren’t ‘promoted’ posts…. People are going to be paying to promote their page’s crappy content, and then the newsfeed will be more cluttered with things people won’t care to see anyway….. And hopefully the buzz about having to pay to promote posts will fizzle.

    ~ Raylene

    1. @ Raylene Thank you for your attempt to put this into perspective and show the truth about what’s happening! Many people obviously get caught up by what they think is happening and getting a hate on for Facebook. Funny how even after your post we’re still reading the “Ain’t Facebook terrible” posts.

  34. Wow! Though I was just an ordinary user, I’m glad I decided to say good buy to FB a couple of years ago. It’s getting really stinky…

  35. I think this means more people will move over to G+ and Facebooks days are numbered. I read an article that said in 5 year it would be a graveyard and no longer relevant. I am starting to believe it.

  36. I completely agree! I’m not going to pay to shove my posts in anyone’s face! And yea, just for a small percentage? Forget it! We should all share this post, so everyone sees what is going on! Thank you!

  37. I’m not surprised at all…. zuckerberg”s attempt at going public failed miserably and he seems to be a cheapskate…seems he didn’t tip a waiter. he wants every penny he can squeeze out of people..no matter that hes a billionaire while many of live week to week and are barely doing that!

  38. Have you had any response from FB. Is there a way to get this out into the media and make it go viral so that they feel some pressure?

  39. This sucks! If I have taken the time to “like” someone on Facebook it is because I wanted updates from them in my newsfeed. They shouldn’t have to pay for it!

  40. That’s just plain silliness. You post it on your page, those who took the time to like it should be able to view the feed. What can you do 🙁 At least we have other options to find out whats happening here.

  41. Woah, I totally didnt know that the promo thing was actually for the fans that ALREADY like my blog’s fan page. Thats a bucket load of crap and I will NOT be paying. If I wanted to pay for advertising Id just pay for advertising. Why the hell would I pay to advertise to people who have already chosen to like my page. Ugh this is another reason why I’m thisclose to washing my hands of Facebook completely.

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