Sephora by OPI

Anyone that has ever went for a mani and/or pedi will know that OPI is a brand most used by professionals. In fact, my own bestie is a nail technician, so I’m familiar with the brand and exactly why those that want the right look, quality and durability – choose OPI. The brand has such a wide rangle of colors and shades, sold individually or in collections that compliment and go together so well. And, with hundreds and hundreds of shades, we are most thankful for the suggestions when choosing that color to show off this summer.

Another coveted name out the – Sephora – has partnered with OPI, providing an exclusive collection of nail colors, hand treatments and nail care products which are only available at Sephora stores in the US. And, I was lucky enough to get some Sephora by OPI nail colors to wear for myself. And, I have been for quite some time, even wearing some shades for a second and third time {myself and my girls alike}. Yep, in a house with 4 girls – we loved getting Sephora by OPI for review. It makes for great bonding dates with my girls, and everyone notices when we all have matching fingers and toes!

Here are some that we tried:

Sephora by OPI

Left to Right: Purple Delight Trio, Break A Leg Warmer, Mashed-Up,
Slushied, Traffic-Stopper Copper

My Thoughts?

Purple Delight Trio – Smaller bottles, these would be great for traveling. Yet, I do prefer the regular sized polish bottles. This trio would suffice those that would like a few ‘purple’ colors, as many shades are represented well {as shown above, the names are: Girls Want Tenderness, Amethyst Stiletto, Full Moon Party. Perfect size and price for gifting too!

Break A Leg Warmer – Gotta love OPI names! This color is one of six from the Sephora by OPI Urban Ballerina collection. The hue is a dark grey, yet on my toes, it looks to have a destinct blue tint to it {almost a dark denim}. Not my favorite color in the bunch as I like some uniqueness and stay away from these types of shades. Yet, add a top crackle or glitter and this could change the entire look!

Mashed Up – Looking like a shimmery grey-green-purple mixture, I didn’t think this color would become a favorite. Yet, in certain lights, the color changes. I found myself continually checking out my nails, admiring the purple shimmer one minute, then noticing that it looks green the next. It’s a subtle color, yet one that almost changes with skin tone, light and color of clothing. For this difference, I have really taken a liking to this color!

Slushied – an opaque blue from the Glee Collection. This one is as sweet as Easter candy yet marvelous for the summer months. This was my first choice for my toes, and lasted for weeks. I provided a photo,which really doesn’t do the color justice. Is there a better way to photograph less than perfect toes? Oh well, I tried!

Traffic-Stopper Copper – Remember when you were little and loved glitter nail polishes, only to find that they never lasted? They always chipped and if you got ones with large glitter, they fell off within minutes it seemed. Embarrassingly, the traffic-stopper copper is my first experience with an OPI glitter. LOVE! This glitter stays put, maybe even longer than the polish underneath {if you so choose to use some}. This particular shade has multi-sized copper dots, adding that sparkle and flair to the nails {yet I think I would have preferred a silver glitter}. Alone or paired with a base color, the choice is yours. Just like my childhood, I have completely fallen for glitter polish again, and will be checking out the other glitter nail polishes from OPI.


What is your favorite OPI hue? Ever tried Sephora by OPI?


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. I love Sephora by OPI. And I am madly crushing on the Mashed Up nail colour you posted above. I’ve been looking for a cool neutral for a long time now and can’t believe I didn’t see this shade sooner. I haven’t tried Slushied yet, but it looks great on your toes.

    Great review! Thanks for all the NOTDs.

    1. Yes, I think the mashed-up is now my all time fave – which surprises me, in the bottle I didn’t think it would have so much variance.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thanks Lena!
    I don’t have the world’s perfect nails, but I tried!
    You gotta liven them up somehow, right? Even when under the demands of kids all day!

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