See Kai Run

I always get excited at near the end of February, because Spring is just around the corner!! (I am not a Winter person, at all) Well, after seeing See Kai Run‘s new Spring and Summer shoe collection, a new season could not come soon enough! They have added 35 fabulous styles to both their Smaller collection for cruisers and crawlers; and to See Kai Run, for walkers.

Each and every shoe features the company’s’ signature design and chic and trendy styles. Equally important is that they are made with care, to protect and move with growing feet. See Kai Run’s spring line features sandals, trainers and shoes – and though I don’t have little men in the house, even the boys’ styles are irresistible to me! Can’t you just picture a handsome little guy in these paired with khakis and a button down shirt?

This is my third time featuring this great company on My Organized Chaos. The first being the adorable Nancy trainer from the Smaller Collection, and the Alexi shoe for older kids from Eleven. I didn’t think that I could love a shoe more than those, until Celeste came knocking on our door! The colors on this shoe are even more vibrant in person -sunshine yellow, green like new leaves and pink like flowers. This shoe screams Spring without saying a word! I can just picture one of my twins wearing her Celeste, paired with a pastel Easter dress! (Awe!!)

Celeste’s rubber sole is very flexible, to move and shake with an energetic baby. The Velcro strap allows the shoe to fit any width of foot. The butter-soft sheepskin leather is just that, smooth to touch. If anyone ever wondered why I have such a huge baby shoe fetish, you need only look at the darling shoes made by See Kai Run.


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