See The Big Picture This Holiday Season

Shopping, decorating, baking, entertaining, wrapping, and shopping some more.

We can get very easily get so overwhelmed with all the tasks and duties of the holiday season. Our lives are busy ones to say the least but this time of the year kicks all that chaos into overdrive.

My latest? Our elf just arrived back at the house for another stint of sneaky tricks and messy antics. He was a little late in his arrival this year, due to the fact that it was just another holiday chore for me – a dreaded task which I put off as long as I could. Why did I start this madness anyway?

Then one morning I observed a moment between my daughter and Elfie the elf, that made me pause in my tracks. With a beaming smile and love literally pouring from her eyes, she was telling Elfie all about her day. With exaggerated arms and lively theatrical movements, my daughter re-inacted the days events.

This moment was entertaining, but also a lengthy and deep conversation usually reserved between close friends. Then, my daughter then placed a homemade card beside Elfie with hearts all over it, told him she loved him, and skipped out of the room.

All thoughts of ‘I wish I hasn’t started this‘ and ‘I’m too busy for this’ ceased to exist. There should always be enough time for entertainment, silliness and make-believe!

We tend to multitask and take on so much that some important aspects of life, including people, are often taken for granted and put to the wayside. When was the last time you set aside the phone, to-do list and chores – and went to see a great movie?

‘See the big picture’ is the topic of a very heartwarming video from Cineplex, which illustrates that Canadians wear their busy schedules like badges of honour and that the need for entertainment and enjoyment is important now more than ever before.

Grab your tissues, as this video is a good one.

Lily and the Snowman is Cineplex’s new animated short film. It’s about a girl named Lily and a friendly snowman, yet as time moves on, the business of life gets in the way of Lily enjoying the entertainment she once loved. By accident, she is struck by a beautiful childhood memory, and finds a whole new, even more important role for her friend later on.

Featuring a unique rendition of Genesis’ Follow you, follow me, Lily and the Snowman will be promoted across Cineplex’s social channels as well as shown to guests as part of the December and January Pre Shows featured at 162 theatres across Canada.

see the big picture lily and the snowman cineplex

I truly love this video, it’s so touching with an important message to take the time for entertainment. It really means so much!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Cineplex, yet as always, all opinions are my own.




  1. I think we all get a little too busy and forget to just enjoy. This is a great reminder of what we should do with our family and I take them for granted.

  2. This is super cute. It’s so true about the whole ‘seeing the bigger picture’. That’s what holidays are all about.

  3. I love this. We all get sucked into the craziness of day to day life. Then the holidays come around, and we start scrambling to do our shopping. And then we forget what matters the most.

  4. It’s always important to have a good reminder of the real importance of Christmas time! That looks like a darling show, my son would love it.

  5. It seems that we get so caught up in how busy this season is that we don’t take time to enjoy the little things. I have always loved sitting down with my family and enjoying a good movie. We all need to take time to sit back and enjoy life.

  6. It’s all too true that we get busy and overwhelmed during the holidays. In fact, this has been the least stressful holiday season I’ve had to date. Shopping was completed about 2 months ago and I’ve just been enjoying my family, something I haven’t really done in the past.

  7. What a great message. I think during the holidays things tend to really get overlooked, and forgotten about. I think seeing the big picture is exactly what a lot of us need. This is great.

  8. Wow! I so needed that. We all need reminders to keep the big picture in mind. Thank you for posting this!

  9. Well, anything with a Genesis song in it has to be good, right?! I tend to get too focused on the little tings and miss the big picture.

  10. Thank you for posting this. We all need reminders of what the big picture is at this time of year, especially when you get wrapped up in everything else.

  11. Lily and the Snowman looks like a great short film. I love the message it teaches.

  12. This sounds like a great movie for a family movie night. I love touching stories like this around the holidays.

  13. It is so easy to get busy during the holidays and not focus on what really matters. It is important to take a step back and look at the big picture every now and again!

  14. I really do enjoy the classic Christmas animated movies, we watch them every year. But it’s predictable & a little tiresome, & as a mom I really would love to watch a new holiday show with my kids! This one looks quite wonderful with a great message 🙂

  15. I know, sometimes I get so wrapped up in everything around I forget to cherish the moments of the day. Thanks so much for sharing and that short… um, yup… tears over here

  16. We definitely need to step back, look at the big picture and remember the true meaning of Christmas and this little video is a great reminder, thanks for sharing it!

  17. Your reminders on this subject are always priceless and spot on. Thank you, Tammi! Bookmarking this one.

  18. What a great video! And it is true that we get too caught up that we often forget about the little things that mean the most. We are trying this year to spend more time together instead of spending money and yes cell phone are getting put away while we are doing this.

  19. Wonder if I can while visiting my husband in morocco? Am gonna try…

  20. We went and saw Star Wars last week and they showed this before the movie. I was glad the theater was dark at that point! It’s a great reminder this time of year when we get caught up in the busyness and forget to see the big picture of what really matters.

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