School Lunch Boredom Busters

We’re now half-way through the school year – are you getting tired of making school lunches like I am?

Choosing food items to send for to school is such a repetitive and boring task, and packing the same items day after day, week after week – can leave both the parents and kids so bored! Not only is it a mundane task for us parents that make school lunches repeatedly, it’s also such a defeating feeling to open up the lunch boxes at the end of the day to find items left untouched. Thing is, the kids are just as bored with it as we are!

Since we still have months left to go in the school year {I won’t torture you with a count of how many days left}, it’s time for a refresher in ways to keep school lunches interesting, without a lot of effort involved.

school lunch boredom busters


School Lunch Boredom Busters:

Involve The Kids – Have kids help in the school lunch making process, so they feel some ownership over their lunch. If they get to choose some of the items, they’re more likely to eat them!

Plan Ahead – Designate the weekend for the planning and prepping of school lunches. This prevents some of the morning mayhem. Make multiple sandwiches or wraps, even separating fruits or foods into small containers so you can grab and go.

Variety is Key — If you tend to sway to the sandwich-side more often than not, a simple way to beat boredom is to change up the breads. You can also use pita, whole-grain buns, and wraps. Likewise for fruits and vegetables – rotate through choices intend of always going with the same ones. Utilize dinner leftovers and don’t forget soups – a healthy mix also provides different nutrients. I have a huge list of school lunch ideas in a previous blog post, perhaps it’s time to revisit! 

Take the Pressure off – Thanks to the web and especially Pinterest, parents can easily feel the creativity pressure. Dial it down and think simplicity. You don’t need to get all crafty with lunches, even just cutting a sandwich the other direction makes an impression. I did this once and my kids noticed for sure! One easy point for Mom!


One food item that I recently sent for my kids school lunch is IÖGO Nano – a big hit with my kids! Available in cups, drinkable yogurt and pouches, iögo Nano offers a great variety of formats and flavours to really mix up school lunches and prevent the boredom.

iogo nano school lunch boredom busters canada

IÖGO Nano is made from natural ingredients {real fruit purée} – and contain no preservatives, artificial flavours or colours. The drinkable yogurts are also a good source of calcium, plus one portion of IÖGO Nano in a cup contains no more sugar than a 125 ml glass of milk. 

iogo nano drinkable yogurts

Sometimes I hesitate with snacks and travel, because of the mess possibility. Truthfully with kids, there’s a big possibility! I bet the teachers are just as pleased as I am with the packaging of IÖGO Nano pouches and drinkable yogurts, thanks to the resealable and spill-proof cap. 

iogo nano school lunches

To really make the grade though, kids need to enjoy them – and mine are never bored with IÖGO Nano. In fact, it’s become one of my key sendable items for school, by my choice and theirs. 

iogo drinkable yogurts school lunches

We may seem to have a long haul until the end of the school year, yet keeping those lunches interesting with variety will keep everyone’s appetites healthy. 


How do you prevent school lunch boredom?


This is a sponsored post yet as always, all opinions are my own.




  1. When my girls were in school I used to struggle to find what they would like and have it healthy as well, I used to love Fridays, that is when they got their hot lunch in school. I see now though that there is more of a selection of products to buy and that they are lunch friendly and kid friendly!!

  2. School lunches get boring real fast,its always nice to get new ideas to keep them eating at School

  3. Excellent tips! I love to use lunch kits with many individual compartments for a little of this and a little of that. Great variety for little kids!

  4. My daughter loves these , I struggle with her daycare lunch . Luckily she is aloud nuts where’s she’s at so it’s one extra item I can give her

  5. My kids are homeschooled so I have an easier time keeping lunches from being boring for the kids but it can be tough keeping my husband’s lunches from getting boring. He doesn’t have anywhere to heat up a lunch on his job so I have to make something extra hot and stick it in a thermos or I end up sending sandwiches. I should try switching up the breads like you suggest. I know planning ahead for a week of lunches is the smartest way to go but I still find myself scrambling some mornings.

  6. I let our daughter choose fun things at the store she’s interested in and also she helps me clip recipes on pinterest and she helps make them!

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