Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge

My twins just finished Kindergarten. I need to let this one sink in: My twins just finished Kindergarten. WOW! Plus, at the end of this week, my oldest will be saying goodbye to Grade 4 – summer break, you are so near!!

This summer we are looking forward to enjoying days in the sun, day trips, no alarm and more {hooray for not packing lunches!}. Yet, we can’t totally bid farewell to ‘school work’ for 2 months. One thing we have to keep up on over the next couple of months – is reading. 

My 9 year old loves to read and is seen daily with a chapter book in hand. She caught onto reading very quickly and easily and since then has developed a huge love for the written word. This fellow bookworm is so pleased with that fact!

summer reading

The twins on the other hand, well, they aren’t catching on so well. They have struggled a lot with speech and language and now when their peers are starting to read – they aren’t even close. To help them not only lose their skills over the summer, but to also hopefully give them a leg up when it comes time for Grade 1 – we have to keep up that reading. 

So, my goal this summer is to read to them daily and have them read small sentences back to me. I’m armed with workbooks and practice sheets from the teachers and hopefully over the summer they will start to read short sentences.

In order to succeed, I must make this fun for them or they’ll lose interest very fast!


One initiative which I’m very excited for is the Scholastic SUMMER READING CHALLENGE. This challenge is an annual program that encourages kids to read throughout the summer, and this years theme this is “Reading Under the Stars.” Powered by EVEREADY®, the flashlight and household battery company, this program is aimed at encouraging families to discover new and fun ways to explore outdoor reading this summer.


The 2014 Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge is a free, online reading program that motivates children to read throughout the summer. Kids aged 5-14 {grades K-8} can track their reading minutes online, enter sweepstakes to win prizes, earn digital rewards and help a new world record for summer reading.

All you have to do is register your children at and log reading minutes from now through September 5th, 2014. Kids will read around the galaxy and unlock star constellations as they log their reading minutes

I registered my children and it was so simple. No personal information is given and when you log in each time, you just need to remember the username and password. Then, you can log your minutes daily or go back 2 weeks if you need to. We try and log our minutes a few times a week at least.


I go into the twins account with them, yet Isabelle is able to do this herself. She loves going onto the site, not only to check up on the challenge, but browse the book titles to make her summer wishlist. There’s also games, videos and more – the site is a great resource for kids. 

Needless to say, my oldest has already been logging minutes like crazy. She loves to read and is always up for a challenge, she’s so excited to take part. I can’t wait to see the total minutes she gets through the summer months, I’m sure she’ll break her own record from last summer. 

The twins are off to a slower start than their older sister, yet that’s not the point when it comes to them. They are happy to be included in a reading challenge with their big sister and it is helping their motivation and determination. My main goal with them is to develop that love for reading and get them excited to learn and prepare for Grade 1.

twins reading 




–  #MondayMinutes on Twitter: Every Monday, check Scholastic on Twitter for the #MondayMinutes. See the total number of minutes kids have read to date!
–  Daily Tips and Prizes Every Friday: Every Friday, follow the Scholastic Facebook Calendar for Friday Freebies!

–  List of Summer Books: Every Friday, check out the Summer Reading ChallengePinterest Board for a new collage of summer books. 

–  Facebook Chat: Tune in to Facebook on June 21st for the Summer Solstice Facebook Chat for Parents.

–  Chat Live with Moms on Google+: Join Teach Mama and No Time for Flashcardsbloggers for a chat about ways to keep kids reading all summer on Thursday, June 19that 9:00 PM ET. 

–  2014 Summer Booklists: Curated by Scholastic experts, these lists feature more than 700 books for children in Pre-K-8, including this year’s “Reading Under the Stars” – themed list, which showcases books about space, stars and astronomy, as well as spooky stories to read by a campfire.

–  FREE Book Offer: Parents can receive a FREE Scholastic book by mail when they buy two specially marked packs of EVEREADY® Gold® batteries or EVEREADY® flashlights and redeem the package codes online.




The Scholastic Reading Timer App encourages reading every day and most importantly, makes it fun! The app allows users to time reading minutes with an interactive stopwatch and track minutes on a weekly log. Plus, parents can check children’s reading activity in addition to browsing daily tips, articles and book lists. 


Did you know that in 2013, Scholastic inspired more than 130,000 kids from 4,200 schools in all 50 states and 31 countries to set a new record for summer reading of 176 million-plus minutes? Let’s set a new record for 2014 and inspire more kids – take part in the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge!


Have book recommendations for kids aged {almost} 6  and 9?




Disclosure: This is a sponsored post yet as always, opinions are my own.



  1. My kids are also (almost) 6 and (almost) 9. My oldest loves Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, Geronimo Stilton, and Baby-sitters Club. My youngest loves the Berenstain Bears and Pinkalcious. 🙂

  2. This is a fantastic resource, I’m hoping to utilize this with my 3 year old to see if we can help build up her foundation of the love for reading. Challenge accepted!

  3. this reading challenge is a great idea – and those are wonderful resource links, thank you!

  4. I think being able to keep up with important things like reading over the Summer is SO important for kids! The old saying is true, if you don’t use it you lose it and with Summer vacation being 3 or so months long, that’s a lot of time to let go by!

  5. my kids are required to read a min. of 20 minutes a day. but with summer here; I think I really need to bump that up to be more like 1 hour a day, broken up however they want. I think reading is so important.

  6. My second graders used to love Magic Treehouse Books. Also as a teacher I loved the Mercy Watson Series, they are like picture books formatted as a chapter books so kids think they are SO COOL to read.

  7. I dont know many childrens books, except dr seuss. (Only a 4 year old around here) I love all the suggestions in the comments.

  8. Such a great challenge. What a great way to engage kids during the summer months. That picture of your daughter is adorable.

  9. this really is a fabulous thing. my youngest was a very weak reader when going into grade one and even near the end. there wasnt a summer program but we read books and she got stars every 15 stars she got to pick a prize from our prize box. it really helped her going into grade 2 huge improvement

  10. I am so entering my daughter in this program. She has done very well in the last couple of months catching up on her reading skills. I don’t want her to fall behind again during this summer. Thank you for sharing this, we are going to take advantage of it.

  11. I love Summer Reading Challenges. They are a great way to keep kids from forgetting everything they learned in school over the summer.

  12. I love this idea! Sounds like a great way to encourage reading. My daughter took a while to learn how to read and now she is always reading and has caught up with her peers. In fact, she likes reading much more than her friends.

  13. Love it… My DS has to read for 20 minutes a day, up from 10 at the beginning of Summer… each week, another 5 minutes has been added on and each week he is allowed to pick out two-to-three new books from the bookstore. He loves it and so do I

  14. My kids are both required to read at least 11 books over the summer. I’ll have to check this out for some reading material inspiration.

  15. Reading is so important. It’s wonderful that you guys are participating in a summer reading program. We have done that many times and love it.

  16. The challenge looks like a great motivator! (Can I participate??) Good luck to the twins, I hope they follow in their big sister’s footsteps and become avid readers!!

  17. I love Scholastic books as a teacher and so excited to hear about this summer reading program. I am going to look into it for my preschooler!

  18. This is a great summer challenge. I have no children, but I do have my nieces and nephews regularly all year long. They spend many days and nights with me. This is a great way for me to teach them to read and the older ones to hone their skills. Thank you!

  19. Even if they don’t read as much as her, it’s still a great way to keep them bridging the two school years. Love Scholastic everything!

  20. I have signed my kids up for the reading program at the library but my son would love this program too as i find needs encouragement to read at times!

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