Easter Ham – Easy Enough for Anytime


While ham is one food that seems to be synonymous with Easter, it’s actually a meat that we devour quite often. Easy to cook with relatively little effort, you have the option of getting fancy with a recipe or just cook the ham on it’s own. For this reason it’s a top meal choice for busy families, even on those extra chaotic days.

With our Easter/Spring break finally here in Alberta, I’ll be cooking more brunches for the family this week, one being the popular and tasty Glazed Ham and Hashbrown Casserole. While it makes for a tasty dinner too, it’s my go-to for brunches since I can make it ahead of time, so I’m not up with the sun trying to prepare it. After all, it’s my Spring Break too!

Yet, I’m picky when it comes to Ham. A ‘deal’ had me purchase a no-name variety once and it was way to salty and full of gristle for my liking. Taste does matter, which is why I opt for Schneiders Country Naturals Smoked Uncured Ham.

It contains no preservatives and nitrates beyond those naturally occurring in Sea Salt and Cultured Celery Extract. I find that makes a big difference especially in taste, that irresistible smoked-ham flavor makes me reach for it time and again.

Maybe you are planning on making ham for Easter, or perhaps as a brunch or meal any day of the week like I do. Yes, you can have that ham dinner even on a busy weekday. Right now I have the Schneiders’ recipe for Marmalade Glazed Ham bookmarked for our next ham meal, perhaps served with some Scalloped Potatoes. Delish!

marmalade glazed Ham recipe




  1. Tomorrow I am going to try cooking my ham in the crock pot for the first time! Sure hope it turns out!

  2. i put a brown sugar glaze on my ham and throw in a bunch of pineapple ring,so good! 🙂

  3. We love ham for Easter I like to do it in the oven with pineapple slices and cheeries to look festive and cover with a honey glaze and since there is always ham left over I make a do it ahead easy breakfast or use the leftover ham for Quiche and omlettes !

  4. Usually I like to cook it on top of scalloped potatoes in the oven. But tomorrow I am going to cook it with brown sugar and pineapple in the slow cooker.

  5. My husband always cooks our ham! He makes a delicious honey/soy/br sugar glaze that my kids just love!

  6. I throw it in the crockpot and dip it in ketchup lol. I’m not adventurous in the kitchen and don’t really know how to cook a ham otherwise.

  7. In a roasting pan with pineapple on top and baby potatoes, carrots, and onions…let it cook for a long time to be super tender!

  8. We put ours in the oven with brown sugar and pineapples and cloves tucked in between the cuts.

  9. I like to score the top of my ham then pour honey on it. Then I top the ham with crushed pineapples and rosemary before baking it in the oven. Yum!!!

  10. I bake it in the over, but with a small amount of gingerale and pineapple juice in the bottom or the pan.

  11. i do a sauce that has dry mustard Dijon mustard honey garlic and rosemary with a can of beer, I baste my ham as it cooks with this sauce, I also slice garlic and make slices into the ham and put the garlic slices in the ham then cover top with whole cloves. my kids fav way to eat ham

  12. i put it in the oven with some gingerale or 7up and pineapple on top of it!!! love it that way

  13. Well, when I get a choice, I like to make pineapple glazed ham… cook it with a can of pineapple rings or chunks, then thicken the juices with a little bit of cornstarch. However, with the picky eaters in my house, it is usually just plain jane, done in the slow cooker.

  14. I love ham and have many ways that I cook it and how I use the leftovers. I usually bake it in the oven…I add a little liquid to prevent drying out (ginger ale, apple juice etc.) and sometimes I add a few cloves or I just make it as plain as can be. Thank you for this post and giveaway 🙂

  15. I LOVE to slow cook ham, in apple juice and maple syrup, then use the liquid on top of the ham and mashed potatos…amazing…drool. We didn’t do a ham this year but now I want one!. Turkey dinner for us though!

  16. I cook ham in the oven with a glaze of pineapples,,mustard and brown sugar..yum!!

  17. I bake my ham in the oven, first I score it and pour maple syrup over it and put pineapple one it studded with whole cloves.

  18. My favorite to cook is the picnic ham with the bone in. I boil it and make a rasion sauce to go with it. I love Pea Soup made from the ham bone and leftover ham.

  19. My husband cooks it in a big pot on the stove – I’m happy to eat anything I don’t have to cook, so I don’t really pay much attention to how he does it. But using a slow cooker sounds like a good idea; I hadn’t thought of that.

  20. I actually always buy it pre-cooked – then use it for lunches or heat it up plain for dinner and just add side dishes.

  21. I bake it in the oven with pineapple and marachino cherries and make a pineapple brown sugar sauce on top.

  22. Bake if it is a larger one. I like ham for leftovers and use it in soups, casseroles etc.

  23. When I make a ham I bake it with a pineapple mustard brown sugar glaze & garnish it with sliced pineapples & cherries
    Thanks for the great giveaway!! 😉 xx fingers crossed

  24. We like to cook it with pure maple syrup in the over, delicious and my daughter eats every bite!

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