Buying Scentsy Online; Canada and USA

As I have mentioned before on My Organized Chaos, Scentsy had expanded into Canada last December. And since then, people everywhere are talking about the latest and best in scented candles. If you are not familiar with Scentsy, it’s best to catch up – and once you do, I think you’ll be as hooked as I was. Yes, thanks to reviewing Scentsy products on My Organized Chaos – I have become a Scentsy fan – turned Canadian Scentsy Independent Consultant. Having never done product sales before, my apprehensive personality had me toying with the idea for months before signing up. It basically came down to my belief in the products and my eagerness to spread the word and share with others.

And, one of the perks is being able to share Scentsy and take orders from anyone in North America! Even though I am a Scentsy Consultant in Central Alberta, Canada – I am able to do business in the US as well as Canada. And, I don’t just have to do the typical in-home shows and presentations either. Anyone can host a Scentsy party online, and have people from all over order through your party {and you still get the hostess rewards!} There is even more versatility with Scentsy as I  can also give a basket of information and products to a hostess, and they can show off to their friends and take orders at their leisure. This is a big hit for very very busy people or those at the office!

Like I said, anyone can order from my personal Scentsy Canada website and have the products shipped directly to them. There are discounts, sales, hostess rewards and even the opportunity to participate in fundraisers.

canadian scentsy consultantSo, if you are looking for a safe alternative to candles, consider Scentsy. They are wickless, flameless scented warmers that are safe to have around pets and kids. The wax gets no hotter than body temperature, and the wax doesn’t evaporate. Best of all – there are many designs of warmers and 80 scents available.

If you are looking for a Canadian Scensty Consultant, feel free to browse my website and have a peek at the Scentsational goodies. And, feel free to email me anytime!

And, because it’s a big interest in my life, I will be sharing all the news and specials on this blog too. Can you tell I’m excited about this??

Have you tried Scentsy before?



  1. My Name is Winter and I am addicted to good smelling scents like those coming from Scentsy

    1. Nice to meet you Winter! LOL
      I’m an addict to Scentsy too – the scents, the safety and the frugal cost!

  2. Hi Tammi,

    Welcome to Scentsy! I signed up in Jan and I am an addict too. Actually, just got some new scents this afternoon and I am enjoying orange dreamsicle as I type.

    1. Hi Pam!!
      Oh, I have the Orange Dreamsicle Hanging Freshner in my car right now!
      It’s been there for 3 weeks now and the smell is still just right. I am so impressed with Scentsy!

  3. I love Scentsy! I have one full size burner, but definitely going to be getting more once our reno’s are done!! The scents are wonderful! Great product!

  4. I love Scentsy and I have been considering joining. I think I am going to wait until after my wedding to join and wait until my blog builds some more followers, so I can try to have some more customers 🙂 But I may need some Scentsy stuff soon, and if I do, I will buy from you 🙂

    1. Thanks Randa!!
      You’re pretty close to me too, have a party!!
      We need an excuse to meet already!

  5. Tammi,
    I’m moving back to central Alberta at the end of the month. I have a feeling we will be doing some business.
    I recently went to a trade show and sniffed each and every scent. I’m lovin the stuff!

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