Saving Money on Holiday Airfare

Holiday airfare is not only expensive, it sometimes can be impossible to book if you wait too long or need to change your plans. Saving money on holiday airfare also happens to be something that a lot of travellers think isn’t possible, but there are ways to shave dollars off normal fares, and even save on last minute flights.

Saving Money on Holiday Airfare

Even if you cannot find a super cheap flight, there might be other ways of saving, or earning credit for your purchase that can be applied to future travel or other purchases.

Tips to help save money on holiday airfare


Early Birds Do Best

The old saying, early bird gets the worm is true in the case of holiday airfare. Most airlines open up flights for holiday travel at least six months in advance and they right away begin offering low rates when you book in advance. If you know that you are definitely going to need a flight for the holidays, book as early as possible because flights will only become more limited and prices will go up rather than down.

Skip the Party

Everyone tries to travel on the same days, and it makes for overbooked flights, delays and less baggage space onboard. Travel on less busy days for the best rate and less hassle.Tuesday-Thursday and Saturday are the best travel days, midday is also the best time of day and tickets will be about ten percent less than other days.

Small Can Be Better

Everyone goes straight to their main airline when they are searching for flights, but if you want to save some cash you can look at regional airlines. A lot of flights from regional airports fly to larger airports at your destination via the airport that you would originally look at. In some cases the distance to one airport is closer or the same as the other, so it does not require more time to fly, just a stop.

Stay Alert

Airlines and discount sites allow you to sign up for fare drop alerts via email every time discounted airfare for routes you are looking for are offered. Begin signing up for these alerts especially if you are not certain where you are going for the holidays and waiting to decide based on a great airfare deal.

Get Rewarded<

While it might not always be possible to save huge on your airfare, there is always the chance to be rewarded for that purchase. Make sure that you are buying with a points back credit card, are signed up for the airlines mileage club and use any additional deal sites to stack rewards. A lot of super savvy travellers double and triple stack their rewards to pay for free travel in the not so distant future.

Flexibility is Rewarding

Another travel savvy trick, is to keep your travel plans flexible for when you get to your destination. If you are staying with family that will be picking you up from the airport and hosting you, the airport volunteer position is a lot easier to do. Book a day earlier than you need to be in town, or just an early flight, and when volunteers are sought, give up your seat for a future ticket when there is the chance of you flying out on the next plane. Often, the travel credit that is given can be applied to more than one round trip ticket when planned right.

Have any other airfare savings tips?


  1. I heard that booking on Tuesdays was a big one because prices are supposedly less. I have never tried it, though.

  2. These tips are a nice reminder for any trip! The last one is totally new to me and I still don’t get it. What’s it about? (I’m sure I’m awake already, it’s just the concept is too unfamiliar to me :))

  3. I use Southwest for flying because of the amazing deals that they offer. I recently used Priceline to buy a ticket and saved a TON of money.

  4. I find that flying out on a Saturday gives me a better rate. It also means that I don’t have to drive to the airport during rush hour traffic and makes it easier to find parking at the airport, too!

  5. Thanks for all the tips, I will be sure to pass them on. We are lucky and our family is all in the same province so no flights for us at the holidays!

  6. I have no tips at all for saving on air fare. You actually just gave me some awesome tips. Thanks!

  7. I heard that traveling on Tuesdays was best but that may be my imagination… ha! Great tips. Thanks so much

  8. Great tips! We have lots of free flights for friends and family using points we accumulate for the year. Really helps!

  9. I’ve been looking at booking a last minute flight. I’ve obviously missed the worm, haha, but these tips are a really big help. I didn’t realize flying on a Tuesday was such a good option. Thanks.

  10. All great tips! I wish I had some to offer, but we rarely fly. I’ve only ever flown twice.

  11. Watch for random sales/deals by checking for flihts every single day. I’d also follow airlines on social media, since they announce special sales that way. I’ve heard Tuesdays are better days to fly, but now everyone knows that so it doesn’t matter! ha!

  12. I heard that booking on a Tuesday, especially through WestJet, will get you one of their lowest prices.

  13. I wish I would have read this before booking my flight home for the holidays! It really does pay off though to purchase those tickets early!

  14. Great tips, I always try to look for the lowest price! But luckily we don’t have to fly anywhere this Christmas. So much cheaper flying before and after the holidays!

  15. Ive heard that sometimes 3rd party companies well sale flight super cheap because they will lose money if they dont sale them.

  16. Boy am I ever ready for a vacation. I’ve been trying to plan where we will go in the next few months and it’s looking like Florida again.

  17. Great tips. I am currently watching for airfare for a conference and am worried about the prices going up instead of a sale coming out.

  18. I am such a novice at flying! We rarely ever fly anywhere because it is so expensive to take the whole family. But dang if we ever get the chance to fly more often these are going to save our bank account! Thanks for the great tips! I had no idea about a lot of them.

  19. Traveling via airplane can be so expensive these days. These are great tips on ways to save money!

  20. These are great tips on ways to save money on holiday airfare! I haven’t flown since 2011, but if I do plan to fly soon or know anyone who will be, I will share these tips with them for sure!

  21. When I know I am travelling I check online daily until I see a good rate before I book. I check a couple of airlines. Sometimes you may get reward points with one, but get a way better deal price wise with the other.

  22. I just cashed in on the WestJet flight Price Drop guarantee – now I have $206 towards my next flight! say WHAT????

  23. Love all those tips and I totally agree with them. We usual vacation on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

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