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What I love most about Internet shopping is the diverse products available from other countries, obviously something that our little city doesn’t have a lot of. There are great possibilities to find products that are so unique, and Satch & Sol is no exception. This fine eco-friendly store features handmade items from fair trade artisans. Satch & Sol has partnered with the artists of Mongolia, who use their traditional felting and knitting skills for employment and to improve their economic situations.

One of the products that Satch & Sol promotes is ‘knits’. These items are hand made (yes with needles, and not by machine!) by very talented people. Not only do I find these exquisite and so comfortable-looking, I love that they represent a hard working entrepreneurial family.

The company features handmade felt slippers made from the same artisans in Mongolia. In fact, the process of felting is one of their ancient traditions. My daughter received a pair of these fabulous slippers, in the moccasin style. A bright and vibrant pink color, the felt is actually hand-dyed as well. It has a cute orange flower on the side of the slippers as well. The slippers are actually seamless, which is pretty amazing. The bottom features a non-slip suede sole which is hand sewn (of course, I have come to expect the handmade aspect of these products!) onto the felt to ensure safety and extra comfort. We have tiled floors in our house, which get very cold in the winter. Plus the tile wears out our socks very fast. Satch & Sol slippers provide Isabelle with the warmth, comfort and protection to her little feet. To me, I like these slippers not only because they are so very cute; but it’s also comforting to know that they were made with love and with passion.

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