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Last weekend our family took a little day trip into Edmonton. One stop was to West Edmonton Mall. It used to be the world’s largest mall {record held until 2004}, yet at the equivalent to 48 city blocks, it’s still one huge mall to walk.

One of the girls’ favorite things to do at the mall is check out the Santa Maria, a true replica {hand carved and hand painted} of Christopher Columbus’ ship, inside the mall.

You can view it for free from the sidelines or there’s the option to board the ship and explore for the cost of $1 per person. I say it’s worth the dollar, my kids loved this perfect opportunity to play a little ‘Jake and the Never Land Pirates’ aboard the Santa Maria.

santa maria at west edmonton mall canada


WEM travel canada


santa maria WEM Canada


west edmonton mall ship santa maria


santa maria WEM travel Alberta




    1. You need to go, Kristen! A little bit of a drive for you, but make a weekend of it!

    1. Ah yes, if you love malls, this one os for you! Wave waterpark with slides, full skating rink, theaters etc etc. It’s a good place to spend a weekend!

  1. My husband lived in Edmonton for a few years and always talks about that mall. I’ll get there one of these days!

    1. It’s a must-do when in the area for sure! My kids will always remember it for the amusement park and roller coaster in it, lots of fun things to do!

    1. We’ve only been on it once before, up until then I didn’t know that you could! Or, at least I didn’t think it was just $1!

  2. Is the Mall of America larger than the Edmonton Mall? Or did another one beat it? I can’t remember, but of course I hail from the land of the MOA, and I used to work there too! The MOA is so much fun, but also totally evil, because it steals all of my money.

    1. I know MOA beat it a few years back, but since then I think a few malls in China and Japan are now the biggest pushing WEM down to 5th. Possibly even bigger than MOA now…

    1. There’s a ton of things to do at the mall and in the city. Actually, we visit most often to see concerts!

  3. Thank you so much for bringing back memories! I use to live just north of Edmonton when I was in elementary & middle school!

    I have to share this with you, I’ll randomly cover my youngest kidlet’s eye (like a patch…and she’s 12, not that young) and start saying “aarrrrrrrrr” and she will automatically draw her hand into her sleeve (if applicable of course) and make a hook and try to hook people as we walk by! Ohhh how I love things like that! 😀

    Great series and glad you guys had a great time, happy WW!

    1. That is cute, I can picture it clearly! I just had to get Sophia to do the Captain Hook photo, since she’s been doing it for years. It’s kinda her thing!

  4. Hubby and I took our son there for a weekend last year before we had our daughter. We stayed at the hotel, and we were hoping to get a theme room, the monster truck one I believe, but since we booked at the last minute they were all taken. It was a great weekend. Expensive, but so worth it. We did the water park, and amusement park. Lots to do!

    1. Whoa! We took Belle to WEM when she was 2, before we had the Twins and we stayed in the Monster Truck room too! Small world!!

      1. Yes for sure!! It is an awesome mall! We liked our regular room though, it had a jacuzzi tub!

  5. Wow. All that for $1? Great deal!!

    Can you imagine being on that ship in open water for months? My hat is off to them for crossing the oceans blue in 1492!

  6. Now that’s a mall I think even my sister wouldn’t be worn out from! LOL
    And how neat that there’s a replica of an actual ship inside-I’d definitely do my fair share of exploring (and picture taking) for a mere $1 🙂

  7. We moved to Fort Mac recently and are planning a trip to the mall for a weekend. I can’t wait!! Even my husband is looking forward to it and he hates malls lol

  8. WOW! That is something else! It has been YEARS since I was at the WEM – I honestly don’t even remember the Santa Maria… but it looks like an amazing place to take the kids to leave them awestruck 🙂

  9. thats one place Ive never been I think if I went with my girls they would have to carry me out because in normal malls they shop until I drop lol.

  10. I have never been to the mall, never been to Edmonton actually. It is on our top ten list of places to go visit. That boat is amazing.

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