Rubbermaid Roughneck Sheds


This Spring my family was offered a Garage Makeover from Rubbermaid, with Rubbermaid Roughneck Sheds. Seeing the state of our garage and knowing that it could use some organization, I was excited for this adventure. Since that time, we have been busy working with Rubbermaid on the plans to organize our garage.

After all, I had to decide what was in there, where the problem areas were, and what Rubbermaid product solutions could get our space in tip-top shape, and start the blueprints for the design. After sorting and taking a good look at what was in there, I knew that the bulk of my own misery was my gardening supplies. Amongst everything, my gardening stuff was absolutely everywhere. Not having a true place to call home in the garage, I knew that the gardening stuff needed special attention. It is my hobby, and my hobby was slacking due to not being able to ever find anything!

A close up of a bicycleLike all other durable and tough Rubbermaid products, their Roughneck Sheds are built to last too. Yet, there are many Rubbermaid Sheds to choose from, which can make it a difficult decision. Before shopping for a shed, first ask yourself a few key questions. {It’ll make your shopping experience less stressful and will help you get the perfect shed for your needs}:

  • What are you putting into the shed? Think about what you want to store, yet pay special attention to those bigger items that cannot go on a shelf or hung on the wall. This will determine which size you will need
  • Where will you be placing the shed? Bigger may not always be better if you are limited for space or need to keep either length or width to a minimum
  • Add a little room to grow. After all, as kids get bigger so do their toys and bikes. Consider a shed a lasting product, and think about what you may want to store in the future {for instance, will you be purchasing a new and bigger mover soon?}

Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Sheds vary in size and price, the smallest is just 4X4, those are ideal for small spaces and those with the need to store just a few yard tools. As you work your way up in size, the price increases, of course. And, Rubbermaid sheds all have different qualities {including colors} – yet you know that all of them are made of tough and thick plastic.

Getting a Rubbermaid Storage Shed may be your first solution when organizing your garage, if you realize that what you store is just too much for your garage alone. And that is my case, so stay tuned for my review on a Rubbermaid Storage Shed.

A house in the background

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.


  1. I love the look of the Rubbermaid sheds. Something like that would be perfect for all the gardening supplies and/or Kids toys that always sseem to be everywhere but where they are supposed to be. Great post!

  2. Our new house came pre-equipped with a Rubbermaid shed in the backyard. It’s a good thing, too, since the garage isn’t that big and only just fits our car. Definitely something we likely would have bought ourselves if the house hadn’t already had one.

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