Rubbermaid Canisters,

I was sent Rubbermaid Canisters for review, a set that comes with 4 containers with lids {an 8 piece set}. The containers all vary in sizes {21 Cup, 16 Cup, 10 Cup and 5 Cup containers}.


  • One lid fits all containers {which is so nice to have, isn’t it?}
  • Lid snaps tight to base for a secure seal {no leaks!}
  • Space Efficient: Stack smartly, side by side, saving space in your pantry
  • Modular design keeps pantries organized
  • Clear base to easily see what is stored inside
  • Comfortable grip allows you to handle container with ease
  • Graduation Marks make measuring easy
  • Rectangular, slim design maximizes shelf space
  • Dishwasher Safe

I always had my own ‘order’ to my pantry. Cans here, dry goods there, cereals over here and packages over there. It wasn’t until I thought about what I was going to put into the Modular Canisters, that I realized just how dis-organized it had become. After all, with a family of five – things are bound to get moved out of place and pushed off to the side. Then, before you know it, you are digging in the pantry and see that can way behind a huge bag – expired! When I studied my own pantry {don’t judge me by my ‘before’ photo, in my defense – we had just gotten back from Mexico and had ‘stuff’ everywhere!},

I noticed the many boxes and bags that were open and going to waste {or, that bag of pasta which was continually being knocked over, spilling everywhere} So, I decided that I had too many boxes of pastas and bags of baked goods – and the Modular Canisters would be perfect for them. So, I once I had those taken care of, it led to an entire re-organization and massive cleaning of my entire pantry. Which is fine, it’s great – I like doing that purge now and then. And, by doing this – it keeps a check on messes. And, the more you check on these areas, the less disorganized they will become.,I have to admit, putting these certain items in Rubbermaid’s Modular Canisters has worked wonders for my pantry. Since my pastas and cereals are in the canisters, they are kept in place and aren’t moved much or knocked over. As well, I love that they are labeled on the outside with measurements. That way, just by looking in my pantry, I can tell if there is enough Penne for supper, or if I should go with Rotini. And, with a simple glance at the Canisters, I can jot down my grocery list faster than having to pick up every bag and package and feel whats in them. And, I see many more opened packages in my pantry that could be put into the Canisters. I haven’t been disappointed by a Rubbermaid product yet, and these Modular Canisters are no exception. They are built to last, and built with organization and practicality in mind.
When organizing chaos, Rubbermaid is like that best friend that makes you re-think the way you store your items!

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this review post, opinions are my own.


  1. I could use the Slide Out Lid & Pan Organizer. I might have to look into buying that soon.

  2. I like and need the big tubs for storing clothes that the kids have out grown

  3. Square Jars could hold cereal? yeah I need something to hold a lot of cereal because we eat so much of it! lol!

    I’m still on the lookout for The perfect kitchen garbage can too…

  4. I would take one of everything (or two) on their site. I <3 Rubbermaid products! And really would love to try these modular canisters!

  5. The Premier food storage containers would be a big help in organizing my cupboards. I have a hodgepodge of storage containers that don’t all fit inside each other and some are in bad shape.

  6. This is so simple . . . but my life would be more organized if I had 1 laundry basket for each member of the family – that way all the folded clothes could go to the right room!

  7. I need the Jumbo Shelf Organizer , and a bunch of the other closet things !

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  9. I’m hugely in need of a closet organizer, I’m leaning toward the laminate 5-8 ft, I think. We’re finishing up drywalling the master bedroom including the closet and in order to organize the clothes that are half in a smaller unorganized closet and half in a laundry basket, definitely need a closet organizer. It’s on our list. 🙂

  10. I need so much help in my tiny house. We’re busting at the seams here. I definitely would benefit from the Classic Configurations Closet Kits, but the Modular Canisters would be a great start 😉

  11. I could really use the junk drawer organizer. I can’t seem to find anything in my junk drawer 🙁

  12. I totally need the junk drawer ingenuity! Rubbermaid has some great ideas!

  13. The Configurations® Customizable Closet Kits would def. help me keep that jumbled closet organized!

  14. I like the Adjustable Over the Door Organizer maybe it will give me more storage for those little things.

  15. I would love the Rubbermaid nestable bins, wooden shelf and the low profile bag with cedar.

    Ravish30 at aol dot com

  16. I could use some closet organizers!!!! always like being able to find things!!!!

  17. I really want those canisters – but I also want the fast track shelving for my laundry room.

  18. I need the Classic Configurations Closet Kits to help me organize the mess in my closet.

  19. I could use some sliding baskets.
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    Anyluckyday now will pick me to win I know

  20. I could really use a set of the lock-its in my kitchen


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  23. I need to get organized. The Rubbermaid Adjustable Over the Door Organizer would really help me.

  24. Their garage solutions (like workbench and storage.) I want to surprise my husband with a whole new workstation in our basement, so he can organize his tools and have fun building.

  25. I need a Roughneck X-Large Storage Shed to store a few things in since I am moving to smaller quarters.

  26. I very much need the Rubbermaid Deluxe Configurations Closet Kits…plural!

    Thank you. 🙂

  27. The Rubbermaid Storage boxes look wonderful. I never have enough storage space and things get scattered.

    We have recently moved and the Canister Set would really help keep the kitchen neat.

  28. I need the Slide Out Lid & Pan Organizer to organize the mess in my kitchen drawers.

    jenyasha87 at hotmail dot com

  29. Most definitely the jumbo shelf organizer!

    Winterbreeze85 at yahoo dot com

  30. you can’t have enough of these container, I’m always buying more, not because they ever wear out, but after a family meal, everyone takes home leftovers.

  31. I could really use the produce saver. We are trying to incorporate more fruits and veggies into our diet and I hate when produce goes bad so quickly. It is very expensive and this looks great for keeping them fresher, longer

  32. The new Premier storage containers, which are made with Tritan™ plastic that resists stains and odors, would be great! Plus, Premiers have Flex & Seal™ lids that are easy to seal and remove, the lids snap to bases, other lids for easy organization and nest together to take up less room in your cabinets.

  33. I could sure use the Patio Storage Bench. A great way to store chair cushions. Thanks.

  34. The adjustable over the door organizer would work well in my pantry.

  35. The 75 Qt DuraChill™ Wheeled 6-Day Cooler wouldn’t be a bad item to own.

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  39. I need the Roughneck X-Large Shed. I have so much stuff outside that needs to be put in an attractive, roomy shed.

  40. I really could use any and everything that rubbermaid has on their website. I just love rubbermaid. If I had to choose, I could use the Junk Drawer Organizers to get started with. Thanks for the give away!

  41. The Premier 20 piece set would sure help me with leftover organization!

  42. I really could use their Fast Track Garage Organization System to make some sense of the chaos in our tiny garage.

  43. I need a whole bunch of those Easy Find Lid containers for food storage!

  44. Love to try the Produce Saver – this would help decrease food waste and keep my fruits/veggies all organized in the fridge(I’m a bit of a need to have the fridge organized kind of girl)

  45. Slide Out Lid & Pan Organizer

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

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  46. I’d like the Comfort Carry™ Basket also too… definitely need those! 🙂
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  48. I could use the over the door cabinet organizer!
    It would help immensely.

  49. I am always looking for ways to store my winter clothes and the Rubbermaid Low Profile Bag With Cedar looks fabulous.

  50. I’d love to win! The other item I’d really like on the site is the Comfort Carry hamper. It would come in great for doing laundry, and I like how it has openings so that it doesn’t smell so bad inside!

  51. I could use the slide out lid & pan organizer!
    I’m always needing a lid for a pan that I can’t find!!

  52. I could really use a FastTrack Adjustable Closet kit to help me organize

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  54. i could use the rubbermaid Premier food storage containers….love the fact that they resist stains……

  55. Three of the Classic HomeFree series 6-10 Ft. Classic Closet Kits would be a huge help to me in getting organized.

  56. I’d love the Fast track Vertical Bike Hook for hanging up our bikes.

  57. At Rubbermaid I like the Blue Ice Fun Shapes Monkey lunchbox ice pack.

  58. I need the Roughneck® X-Large Storage Shed to organize my stuff this spring.

  59. I need more closet space for my kids. The Classic configurations closet kits look like something I’d be interested in purchasing.

  60. I would like the Blue Ice Fun Shapes. Unfortunately my dog chewed on the other lunch box coolers we had. Thanks!

  61. The Premier food storage containers!!! My kitchen is a mess! We just throw things up and have things drop on our heads when we need em LOL

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  63. I could really use the double door resin cabinet to clean up the basement!

  64. I would also love to try the Rubbermaid Produce Savers.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


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  68. We could sure use this – Horizontal Bike Rack!

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  69. I want to get the produce saver package. We need this. For some odd reason the produce in our fridge goes bad so fast. It drives me batty!

  70. The Jumbo Shelf Organizer would be handy. Thanks.

  71. We could really use one of the Fast Track Systems for our garage – not sure just one would be enough!

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  73. I could use absolutely every kind of organising product. I love the under the bed containers.

  74. Well, it’s not for the kitchen, but the Rubbermaid shoe shelf for the closet would be a great item to get me ready for Spring too!!

  75. Thanks for the giveaway…a few more Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Boxes will be required for our Spring organizing endeavours.

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