Rockin’ Baby Sling

Rockin’ Baby Sling is a company started by 2 hip Moms in Los Angeles. They wanted to carry their children, but in a more stylish way than most carriers come. So, they gathered together some funky fabrics and Rockin’ Baby was born. They now carry slings and pouches, in over 38 fabulous designs! Rockin’ Baby also has 100% organic cotton sateen and poplin slings and pouches, which use low impact dyes.

What sets Rockin’ Baby apart?
I first noticed the fun fabrics in bold get-noticed colors, unique to only Rockin’ Baby. The fabrics are made of high-quality natural fibers. They are all pre-washed in natural salt water to set the colors, prevent shrinkage, and soften the fabric. The edges are overlocked then seamed twice to ensure no tearing or fraying at the edges, and 40 lb weight thread is used as it increases the strength. Their website offers great advice on the benefits of carrying your baby, instructions on use and various carrying positions (I didn’t know there were so many!!) Their website also describes all the various carrying positions and the benefits of carriers. Have a favorite fabric? Rockin’ Baby does custom orders!

I had the opportunity to try out one of their slings, in the design “All you need is love”. I have to admit (confession time)…I have never tried a carrier before. With my daughter, 4 years ago – I never really had the need for one, or so I thought. With the twins, I thought it just might come in handy. So I mentioned that as a shower gift, and had gotten one. It was one with all those straps and buckles..I tried once and that never went far. It was way too complicated and the fabric was so rough and hard, so I tossed aside that carrier and the idea of it altogether.

When I received my Rockin’ Baby sling, I noticed the quality and softness of the fabric and the excellent, strong stitching. For the slings, they use 5 yards of fabric, and it’s amazing how it folds into a nice compact size. The sling is reversible, each side having it’s own design and personality; like having 2 in 1. I got my instructions for use, from their website (my lifesaver!) and tried my Katie on for size – in the Snuggle Hold. Not bad. Not bad at all!! She seemed comfortable, and I noted that there were no spots of pressure on her. The fabric wrapped onto my shoulders just right and the weight was evenly distributed. I walked around the house for a while, moving in all sorts of (safe) directions. Eventually, my little Katie fell fast asleep, all the while I was still able to carry on around the house and get things done. With my lack of knowledge in the sling department – I called over a friend-expert to give it a test drive (she has 4 types of carriers). This time Sophia got her turn, liking the Hip Carry the best. My friend/expert was impressed with the design and texture of the fabric, found it very comfortable and was confident in the strength in holding even the heaviest of babies. She verified my thumbs up with Rockin’ Baby.

So whether you’re a newbie like myself, or a carrying-expert like my friend – Rockin’ Baby is one fabulous source for your carrying needs! And we’re not the only ones! Celebs such as Gwen Stefani, Angelina Jolie and Naomi Watts have been spotted sporting Rockin’ Baby. (That’s it, I’m strolling the local mall in this sling and big dark sunglasses!!) These great slings and pouches have also been featured as top pick in magazines such as Fit Pregancy, Parenting and NewParent.

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