Rick’s Cafe in Negril Jamaica

Hundreds of people gather around, all eager wait for the moment to come. Standing on a 25ft ledge is a brave soul, glancing down at the water below with clenched fists. The onlookers hold their breaths along with their cameras until the decision has been made to jump.

Then, seconds seem like minutes before the water below is met. Chants of, ‘jump, jump, jump‘ turn into mass cheers and whistles. I watch and think, ‘no way‘.

ricks cafe in negril jamaica

Located on a natural cove along the Negril coast is the legendary Rick’s Cafe, the hotspot for cliff diving while in Jamaica. In fact, diving here is one of the ‘10 things you absolutely must do‘ in Jamaica according to Caribbean Travel & Life Magazine. There’s many ledges to jump from, the highest at 40ft is primarily left to professional locals that put on quite the show. 

ricks cafe in negril jamaica

In case it wasn’t 100% clear, heck no, I didn’t jump. Instead, I opted for watching crazy lunatics {like my husband} take the intense plunge off the beautiful Negril cliffs and into the clear blue Caribbean sea.

I can use my slight fear of heights as an excuse for this, and the fact thatI’m so clumsy that if anyone were to get terribly hurt with their jump, it’d be me. Be advised please, people have gotten very hurt taking this jump and it is completely ‘at your own risk’ {my psa for the day}.

swimming at ricks cafe in negril jamaica

Besides cliff diving and watching the jumpers {while wondering who will be the next YouTube sensation}, Rick’s Cafe offers much to see and do.

The location is beyond beautiful, a popular destination for a couple or a group of friends to order some appetizers, sip on a Red Stripe and take in the surroundings and wait for the iconic sunset while the nightly entertainment performs. 

That’s what we did, and it was incredible.



Rick’s Cafe opened in 1974 as one Negril’s first public bar and restaurant. Hurricane Gilbert hit the island in 1988, the 25 ft waves destroyed Rick’s Café. It was soon rebuilt but Hurricane Ivan with its 60-8 ft waves in 2004, destroyed it again. Rick’s Cafe was again rebuilt, this time bigger and even better.

Rick’s Cafe has gained much popularity in its time and is one of the most iconic locations in the world.

ricks cafe in negril jamaica

Tourist hotspot indeed, yet I love how the location still maintains the true Jamaican culture and the carefree vibe. Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine also coined Rick’s as having the ‘Best Live Reggae Bar‘ and an esteemed title of ‘One of the Ten Best Bars in the World‘. Yes, it’s a must-visit when in Negril.

Negril will always be known to me as having some of the best sunsets in the world, and this is a prime location to take that in. While we were there, dolphins were spotted playing the water about 100ft from the cliffs edge.

Watching the dolphins jump together out of the water just as the sun set AND while a live steel drum band played – was a truly amazing experience.

A small boat in a large body of water, at ricks cafe in negril jamaica


  1. What a lovely place and the water is beautiful however the crowd could chant jump all they wanted and I’d opt watching others jump too. Thanks for sharing such a lovely place.

  2. What absolutely stunning pictures. You would, however, have to toss me off that cliff forcefully if I ever visited! I would love to experience the thrill but not sure I would be brave enough!

  3. Gorgeous spot! We’ve been thinking of taking a trip to Jamaica… it’s been awhile since we’ve headed east for a vacation. I will definitely keep Rick’s Cafe in mind if we do! Oh and I cringe at all the cliff jumping I’ve done in the past (pre-kids) — don’t think it would be worth the risk these days. -= )

    1. That’s the thing I wonder – would I have jumped if I didn’t have children? Or knew the cost of a wasted vacay of I spent the rest in pain or worse, in a hospital … nope, don’t think I ever could! lol

    1. It is soooo incredibly gorgeous there! It’s a must visit location whether you jump or not!

  4. We had plans to go to Negril (but unfortunately won’t be able to) but in the future if we get to go, I’ll definitely check out Rick’s Cafe.

    1. Oh darn! I hear ya on that one though, I was supposed to visit three times before I actually did go. Then, i went twice in a month!! 😉

  5. I would definitely jump. I used to go to sauble falls with my grandparents near wiarton… best times of my childhood. We would jump off the cliffs into the water below. And climb up the fall to do it all over again.

    1. It looks like a lot of fun and obviously many MANY people go there to jump … but I’m still a firm no on it, I couldn’t!!! Eeeek!

  6. I swoon…that looks like a gorgeous place to visit. I don’t think I could make that 25ft plunge though. Those are some brave folks.

  7. definitely one of the must see places when in Jamaica. I jumped….but I was young and stupid and also Red Stripe was my liquid courage: I don’t know that if I went back now as a mom of 3 if would jump again.
    beautiful pictures – you really capture how stunning it is here.

    1. “Red Stripe was my liquid courage” hahahaha!!!
      Thank you and if you do go back and jump – let me know!!

  8. I’m not much of a swimmer, coming from the cold and frozen North, but I love to watch others. My husband would undoubtedly be one of the ones Jumping! It does sound like an incredible spot.

    1. It’s beautiful!! Thankfully, there’s plenty to do besides jump. Like watch and cringe! lol

  9. Looks like another Great spot in Jamaica. I would never jump. But I would love to stand and watch everyone else jump.

  10. Looks like an amazing place. I’d totally jump off. It would be a once in a lifetime experience.

  11. I love Jamaica! I’ve never been to Negril. It’s now at the top of my list! I’ve also heard Rick’s cafe is the place to be.

  12. Love the sunset photo. It looks so peaceful and it must have been amazing to see the dolphins jumping. They are such interesting creatures.

  13. I’ve jumped twice! It’s such a rush and exhilarating! Love Rick’s and all that Jamaica has to offer!

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