Rediscover Nature During Canadian Winters #Rediscovernature

It’s common knowledge that I growl at, rather than embrace, our Canadian winters. It’s this time of year that I love to travel south, cuddle up indoors as much as possible, and countdown to the summer months. When I was younger, I loved everything about Winter. These days I’m just … cold.

Yet, my kids love going outside even on the chilliest of days, and it’s my parental duty to suck in the growling {at least to a low whisper}, and oblige. While I won’t be frolicking happily in the snow anytime soon, you will find me bundled up from head to toe – taking in small doses of winter.

winter activities rediscovernature sledding kids

I oblige not only for the kids, yet for exercise and the benefit of battling the winter blues as well. Despite my most intense growling, I honestly do feel better after taking in the outdoors during the winter – I just have to remind myself of that often as I’m covering myself with layers of warmth. 

Of course, I always have the viral video about 3 generations talking about their childhood in my mind, it’s something that impacted me greatly. Todays youth doesn’t get outside as much as generations past, and it’s a trend that really does need to be reversed. If you haven’t already watched this Nature Valley video, please do so!

To #RediscoverNature during our Canadian winters, we regularily go sledding, skating, or taking our Charlie for a walk. We have a couple of nice sledding hills close to the house, and oftentimes neighbour friends come with us as well. It’s a great opportunity to combine outdoor exercise with some socializing – usually followed by warm beverages upon our return home.

rediscovernature canadian winter sledding

If you need that extra push like I do, to take in Canadian winters, my trick is to do it while you’re already out there. Sometimes it’s hard to leave the warm comforts of home, so instead plan to rediscover nature while already out in it. We oftentimes stay at the school when I’m picking up the girls, to go sledding. You’re already there anyway! 

What are your favourite outdoor winter activities

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I am compensated for my part in the #RediscoverNature campaign from Nature Valley. Opinions, as always, are 100% my own.



  1. Where I live we don’t have a lot of winter. When I used to live up north my favorite winter activity honestly was watching the snowfall while I was inside I hated the cold LOL!

  2. I’m the same way, I hate the winters! I’ve got dogs though so they force me out of the house at least sometimes. My boyfriend is also forcing me to get skates so it looks like there will be skating in my future.

  3. I’ve also noticed it’s just easier to stay out once I’ve gotten there. I don’t know when I stopped enjoying the winters I loved as a kid. It kind of reminds me to get out there and make sure my kids love the snow, too.

  4. We have always enjoyed making snowmen and sledding when it snows. I am like you though and would rather deal with summer heat than winter cold.

  5. I am totally with you when it comes to the cold winters. At least where I live, they are pretty mild. My kids would love to go sledding in your neck of the woods.

  6. You definitely have to take advantage of the snow and go sledding. I think cross country skiing at parks is fun. It’s a serious workout though.

  7. Living way down in Florida I miss out on all that beautiful snow! I would love to make a trip to Canada and check out nature!

  8. I am not a fan of the cold weather. When the kids were younger i would go skating with them. Now they are teenagers and they like to go tobogganing with their friends.

  9. I moan and groan about our weather, and it’s actually pretty moderate. I think if we got to enjoy sledding or playing in the snow, it’d make it more exciting. Enjoy your time in the outdoors!

  10. It’s so fun to spend time outside. Many children spend way to much time inside. This is great and she looks like she is having so much fun!

  11. I loved sledding with my girls, only fun part about winter. Now a days as soon as I bundle up I’m like a 2 yr old I gotta pee. Lol

  12. I really do not enjoy winter here in MB; I really need to learn to appreciate and rediscover the fun there can be had.. skating, tobogganing, winter hikes..

  13. We live in northern ab was a wonderful -3 yesterday, played outside. I love watching my kids take their GT’s down the hill … I also love to shovel the snow! Awesome workout

  14. You can’t let 5 months of your life pass you by every year. Embrace winter, dress appropriately, find something to love about winter. If you don’t skate, toboggan or ski try bird watching. They don’t all go away in the winter. I have a little competition going with a friend to see who can find the most different types of birds.

  15. I am totally loving the fact that our New England winter is not bad right now. I am hoping we get normal snowfalls this season.

  16. You are having an awesome winter. It was extremely warm then it got extremely cold. No snow yet, just flurries and then it froze into ice. Can’t wait for spiring. I’m not a cold person. LOL

  17. I am like you I like to hide away from the cold!! But as a kid loved sledding and snowmobiling 🙂

  18. I agree it’s hard to leave the warm comforts of your home. It’s better to enjoy these things while you are already out there.

  19. I hate winter!! I think I have to find a blogger who talks about hiding out in their house, in front of the fireplace, reading books and drinking hot choc til the first sign of spring makes its presence known LOL …If I could stay indoors and lay about the house all winter long, instead of being forced to work for a living, I’D DO IT !!
    on the plus side, the dollar stores got all the spring easter stuff out

    1. Oh don’t get me wrong, I HATE WINTER. My attempts are to be a little less negative, sometimes it doesn’t work that well. hahaha

  20. I’m definitely a summer person myself 🙂 I don’t skate, ski, toboggan, snowboard, snowshoeing etc etc. I think as I get older I feel the cold more and more. I do remember my kids when they were young spending hours outside building snow-forts, snow men etc. Some of them played hockey too and as an adult one still does and those hockey rinks are oh so cold!

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