Reader Stories on Canadian Pharmacist Experiences

As you know, I recently shared 6 Pharmacy Services You Might Not Be Aware Of because there truly is so many services offered by Canadian pharmacists – many of which might be known by everyone.

In that post I also had a $500 Shoppers Drug Mart gift card giveaway, and a call out for reader stories on services from their local Canadian pharmacist.

I followed the comments and stories closely, and was truly blown away. From that extra mile, to saving time and effort, to life-saving accounts – it was amazing to put actual experiences to the fact-based list that I had created. My Organized Chaos is a great outlet for me to share, yet getting this chance to interact and share accounts with my readers – makes this space all the more special {and helpful for so many}.

Reader Stories on Canadian Pharmacist Experiences
Here is just a small snippet of the stories shared from my readers, on past pharmacy experience with a Shoppers Drug Mart or Real Canadian Superstore pharmacist:


  • Our Pharmacist is amazing….My wife was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.We were overwhelmed by doctor’s, medications and of course life changes we would soon be facing. It was a relief when we went to the pharmacy to find, not only our prescriptions but also health teaching on how to administer and what to expect. We also has several medication changes, all handled efficiently and with care. It is nice to know we not only have a pharmacist but a team of professionals by our side!!


  • I was getting ready for a surgical procedure that I had waited over 3 years to have, seeing lots of MDs, and having tests (some at the very last minute when they found complicating factors). One MD is very difficult to get in touch with and I needed a prescription renewal. My SDM pharmacist didn’t hesitate to provide the necessary medication so I could go ahead and have the surgery. Without the SDM pharmacist, the surgery would have been cancelled/postponed. The surgery was successful and I really can’t thank the SDM pharmacist enough for really ‘hearing’ as well as listening.


  • I am a member with 4 kids so I use my pharmacist a lot! The team at my Shoppers is just amazing. When I have a worry they are so knowledgeable and always have a practical answer. I don’t have to try and get in with my doctor (which can take up to 2 weeks!!) When my husband was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it was a stressful time. The pharmacy team helped us sort his medication and were very encouraging. We have forgotten to refill the perscription and getting to the doctor was hard, so the pharmacist helped us by calling and faxing the doctor. It saved us so many times! At a time when we lost most friends because of the diagnosis I felt supported by them. They all work so hard to help our family and I am really grateful to have them close by.


  • When my son was an infant, he suffered from severe ear infections. I was guaranteed to have him anti biotics at least 4 times a month. Then one night after ANOTHER visit to the ER for the same infection problem, I headed to our local Shoppers Drug Mart at just after midnight. I was tired, beaten down from my son’s pain and agony and the pharmacist filled my RX quickly. Then she actually took the time to talk to me about some VERY simple at home remedies I could try to avoid having to keep placing my baby on antibiotics. She also encouraged me to be my son’s advocate, as a first time young single mom she guided me in the right direction to get the care my son needed.


  • Our pharmacist at our Shoppers is amazing … they had a special day for sun damage day and they had a special camera to take a pic of your face to show the damages .. when my picture came through she detected a few spots that were not very good and recommend i go see my physician i took my picture with me to show my MD and he referred me to a dermatologist and i tested positive for skin cancer and it was apparent on my nose and cheek and it was cryoed 3 times and it disappeared .. I went back to my pharmacist and showed my appreciation for what she had done for me and she was right all along .. now I take more precautions to those dangerous rays ..


  • My son had worms as a child and I was extremely embarrassed. I went to my shoppers drug mart and was given very quietly discussed advice. He told me to go the doctors for a prescription which I did. The prescription was filled and discussed at great length with my shoppers pharmacist. It was such a horrifying ordeal for my son and myself but my pharmacist made both of us feel much better about the whole thing. Another time I went to my pharmacist about an ongoing yeast infection. To which he informed me that my spouse and I were just passing it back and forth because he isn’t circumcised. My own family doctor didn’t tell me this information, he just kept prescribing Canesten. Since my pharmacist shared that information with me, I haven’t had a yeast infection since. I’ve always been able to call my pharmacist asking questions about anything and the advice has never steered me in the wrong direction. I asked him how to stop vomiting, he said try to eat some small amounts of rice while sipping on broth. I feel so comfortable with my pharmacist that I truly believe there isn’t anything that I couldn’t discuss with him. He’s the best listener and the best advice giver I’ve ever come across. I talk to him more intimately than I do my family doctor. He’s the best!! And I’ll call him at home like he suggested if and when he retires. ????❤


  • Recently I had to get medication for my daughter and we were all sick and stressed from being at Sick Kids, we needed 4 new medications and there was a long line when I was called up to pick up the medication I thought she was going to just rush and send me off as that’s what we have been through at the hospital. But she took the time to demonstrate, explain and offered a phone number for the pharmacy in case I had any further questions and it was just a very calming experience especially after finding out my 5 year old needed to be on medication.


Reader Stories on Canadian Pharmacist Experiences

The winner of this giveaway was L Peters {chosen in adherence to contest rules} – sending a huge congrats to her, and to those who all seemed to ‘win’ with their experiences.

Keep loving your pharmacist for the many services they provide!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.


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