Random Acts of Kindness for Kids

random acts of kindness for kids

Recall the age old question, ‘if you found lost money, what do you do?‘?

While out a couple weeks ago, my daughters were eager to get where we were going, so they were at least 10 feet ahead of myself. They were half-running, chattering away and very excited about their day.

All of a sudden I saw one of my girls stop and pick up a pile of 20 dollar bills off the ground. She immediately ran full speed ahead and stopped a lady ahead of her. This lady put her hand into her pocket, dropped her jaw, went flush and looked so grateful and relieved that all was not lost.

Well, you can bet my smile was ear to ear at witnessing this event! I was extremely proud to see that my daughter put another before herself – without even a second thought. When I caught up to my girl and asked about the money, she had very little to say about what happened, like there was no question as to what she should do in the situation.

Perhaps it’s the belief in karma, and that the universe gives back what you give in, yet no matter how you look at it – the simple truth is: kindness counts.

My kids aren’t strangers to random acts of kindness. In fact, they even point out when I forget to pay for the persons order behind me, in a drive though coffee run.

random acts of kindness for kids besuper

Then, when my kids think of others during their own day to day life, I commend them for it. It’s at this time when we as parents can open up the discussion on thinking of others and the importance of kindness – all in the name of helping out and paying it forward.

Previously I shared my daughters #BeSuper superpower, her official name: Katie the Kind. Indeed, I just adore and value this strong side of her personality. Even in my other daughters great big Super Smile, I view spreading happiness as another route, that brightens the day of those around you.

Again, kindness counts.

It’s in this train of thought that I asked my super girls, “What were some great ways to show kindness to others?“. These are their ideas:

  • Have a playdate with someone you don’t see often and just have fun. And serve snacks.
  • Make a nice card or picture for someone, for no reason. Especially if it’s not their birthday.
  • Put change in a donation box. Or, tape it to that picture you drew, that’s a nice surprise.
  • Tell someone they look nice today or that you like their pretty dress.
  • Always say please and thank you with a smile on your face.
  • If you don’t play with toys anymore, you need to give them to kids that will.
  • Make sure no one is excluded from playing at recess.
  • Hold open the door for others and say thank you when they do it for you.
  • Share your candy.
  • Tell Mom and Dad they are good cooks, even if you don’t care for it much. 
  • Always say ‘I Love You’.

I guess if it’s all written down and thought-out in advance, these acts aren’t entirely so random. Yet, planned or not – any attempt to brighten someones day is one awesome thing to do.

acts of kindness for kids besuper barbie

From the mouths of my twin girls, doing these and other acts of kindness makes you a superhero – each day and every day. 

kindness counts besuper barbie

How do you show kindness to others?

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  1. Those are all great ways to teach kids to be kind. It all starts with us & if we don’t model it for our kids, who will?

  2. That is so great! The world needs more moms like you who show their kids the value of a giving spirit.

  3. This is wonderful- we usually pay ti, erm, backwards, in the Starbucks drive through too! It’s great that your girls are so aware of the importance of lending a helping hand when not requested!

    1. With each act they do on their own, my pride grows. Raising kids to not be so self-centered is important to me, there’s many adults that should even follow suit.

  4. I love this list, these are things I am trying to instill in my own children and some that they even choose to do on their own at times. A few weeks ago at the grocery store, an elderly gentleman in an electric cart came up to check out behind us. I suggested that my girls offer to help empty his basket onto the belt, which they did. The smiles and happiness radiating from both the gentleman AND my daughters were priceless. Sharing kindness and helping one another is definitely something children need to learn and practice daily.

    1. That is awesome! I did this a few months ago as well, yet it was her reusable bags hooked onto the back, that she couldn’t reach. I hesitated because some like to do things on their own, yet she was so grateful. offer the help anyway!

  5. Helping people and making them smile always makes me feel great. It is great that you are encouraging this with your girls.

  6. We all hope to have young ladies like yours to show others how to be kind. My son has a giving heart as well.

  7. I hope I get Karma back on this one some day.. last month I seen an elderly lady wondering the parking lot at walmart, so I drove her around the parking lot till we found her car. lol! I felt so bad for her.

  8. Those are such great ways to teach generosity. Any kid who can do those regularly will likely grow up to be a very kind person.

  9. That’s so awesome that your daughter put the needs of someone else ahead of her own interests (most kids would think of all the cool things they could buy with found money).

    1. Yeah, I see that. Heck, we daydream about what we’ll do with that much extra money. The act without a second thought was inspiring, parenting knocks me over sometimes!

  10. Teaching kids the importance of random acts of kindness is very important! It’s always best to start out at a young age!

  11. These are all great ways to show kindness! I always put change in donation boxes whenever I pass by one!

  12. Awe, your kids sound awesome. My kids are ones to open doors for others, give smiles, and to offer compliments. There have been many times that my daughter has told someone that they are beautiful while standing in the check out line.

  13. This is a great list of RAOK for Kids! My oldest two are really good about helping out others in need and I’m hoping the younger two follow suit.

  14. I grew up in the heart of Toronto. When a neighbor was sick or there was a death in their family the other neighbors would make food for the family and help out any way they could. I now live in a small town north of T.O. My daughter and I still do this for our neighbors even when it snows I will help with snow removal. This Year I got cancer then my hubby had gull stones block his bile duck and poison his body 2x before he had the surgery to remove the gull bladder. Then we had a few other things to deal with. It was a LONG winter so I didn’t help others with snow removal or anything but they didn’t even phone to see if we were ok. My daughter was selling chocolate for her school and one of the neighbors we have helped was complaining that she had to remove her own snow. My daughter was so upset the woman didn’t even ask her how her parents were. So I think we have to start with a lot of older people and teach them how to be a neighbor.

    1. Oh Kim, I am so sorry to hear about this. My thoughts are with you and your family. If only I was your neighbour … And I agree, the sense of community is often lost now. As a kid I remember such a strong community, and I have to admit that I don’t know a lot of the people on my street, even after 7 years! Again, let’s lead by example and hope kindness spreads.

  15. It is so important to teach our kids to be kind and compassionate. I have always taught my kids to always be kind and help others. They are now teenagers and i see them doing kind things for others all the time. It makes me proud.

  16. I’m thankful that you’re teaching your kids to be kind. It’s so easy to be selfish.

  17. My twin sister and I when waiting at the checkout,usually let the person behind us go first, if they have only a few articles. We almost always have a big order.
    Marion and Marilyn

  18. You mentioned how planning acts of kindness removes the “random” aspect. While you’re right, here’s how I look at it:

    Planned Kindness: Intentionally cultivating a heart attitude of generosity and kindness, self-sacrifice and service.

    Random Acts of Kindness: Spontaneous expressions of that carefully nurtured heart attitude.

    I think both are necessary components of raising caring and generous children, and of being caring and generous adults. ♥

  19. These are wonderful ideas! I am always glad when my kids do random acts of kindness. I once blogger about that too. Sometimes the adults even respond appropriately. LOL. Sometimes not so much. One time my daughter had been reading about random acts of kindness and the How do you fill a bucket book. When she came home she spied that a neighbour’s garbage and recycling had blown all over her yard so my daughter Insisted she HAD to cross the road and clean it up. So off I went with her and she cleaned the whole yard of tiny bits of paper that had blown all over and the neighbour pulled in to the driveway and walked right past her. No comment. Not even hello.
    So then that was a lesson in sometimes you do things just because they are kind and it feels good not because people say thanks. 😉

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  21. To show kindness is such an essential parts of our lives! We can do this in many ways and it is important to share with our children how important this actually is in our lives! Thanks for the great article!

  22. Love this! There needs to be more parents like you to teach their kids, ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, honesty, respect, there are so many kids nowadays that lack morals and values because parents can’t be bothered to spend time with their kids.

  23. So very sweet! I try to teach my girls the same thing… always think of others and the impact you have on their life.

  24. You are blessed to have such kind daughters. I suspect that their Mother leads by example. I love hearing about children doing and thinking about acts of kindness.
    We hear so much discouraging news about bullying children by other children. Children helping other children gives us hope for a much better world.

  25. My kids were junior volunteers since they could walk.Giving back is a foundation that will serve them and their communities well all their lives.

  26. I have realized for some time now, probably because of personal issues, that many of us walk around and are really the ‘walking wounded.’
    I have told my now adult chidren that the least you can do for people is smile , as yours may be the only one they receive that day.
    Basically, I try to treat people as I would like to be treated. I think I have instilled that in my children and grandchildren. I
    I think your girl is awesome.

  27. Your article on kindness reminds me of the book that I gave my granddaughter for Christmas…It was a personalized book about how the named child can help to change the world one kind deed at a time. A lesson for us all!

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