Rainbow Loom Chaos


It started on Christmas Day after gift opening – Rainbow Loom Chaos!


FYI, the included instructions are no help whatsoever. So, my tip is to take it to the internets folks. It’ll save you some time and frustration.


Once Isabelle learned the basic rainbow loom bracelet, she has been on a loom-making-mission. Hundreds – everywhere!


All our friends and family are now wearing many bracelets and rings – in knitted, fishtail, ladder and starburst {her current favourite}.


Anyone else’s house life being taken over by Rainbow Loom?





  1. That’s pretty cool, actually 🙂 I love craft kits for kids – it’s nice to get them doing hands on activities!

  2. Wow, those are beautiful! IT’s good she has something creative to fill her time with 🙂

  3. Wow, I’m going to have to bookmark this and show my three girls. I’m guessing you purchase a kit? I might need to look into this for the last week of the school holidays.

    1. They have kits but mostly she uses her fingers to make them. Actually, check out Claires, they have tons of bands for really cheap! Also Youtube it – they’ll learn all kinds of patterns

  4. Hari Om
    Oh my goodness, I recall something of the sort from when I was a mere lass… I love when old favourites re-emerge and bring just as much fun and fascination. These are really pretty – clearly an artistic flair! YAM xx

    1. Oh for sure – I made bracelets when I was a kid – can’t remember exactly what they were though….

  5. She’s doing a great! Looks like she’s really got the hang of it. I remember my bracelet making craze when I was a kid. I’m sure I drove my mom crazy with all the supplies all over the place.

  6. Rainbow loom-ing here too. But I cheaped out and didn’t buy the kit so the kids have to manually make the bracelets. I call it a hand/eye coordination skill builder 😉

    1. She has the kit but she doesn’t use it much, prefers using her fingers for most of them.

  7. my six year old niece and 4 yr old niece got them for christmas, the 6 yr old caught on right away how to make them but by the time it was afternoon the 4 yr old had hers from one end of the house to the other.

    1. I can bet!! My twins {5} want to do some, but I think that would just too much of a mess right now.

  8. My 7 year old is hooked on the banding. Santa tried to get her one for Christmas but no luck.. however, 1 has been obtained for Valentines day!

  9. Santa Claus also brought my 7-year-old son the Fun Loom (similar to Rainbow Loom) for Christmas. All of a sudden our life has been overtaken my hundreds of little rubber bands! I’ve become a master and fixing the “lost loop” – which was no easy feat, as I’m sure you well know! It reminds me of the friendship bracelet trend from when I was a kid. It’s fun to have something to work on together.

  10. My son Ryan (9) was into these, but it appears to be a phase that he is not sticking with. I am going to show him your daughter’s Starburst and see if he’s ever made or seen one of those. I liked that it kept him busy doing something creative.

    1. He would love it! The boys at school have Belle making them all one, I think they need to take up looming!! lol

    1. Ha! Get a little case and it’ll be fine. My girls loves them so much, she keeps really good track of them … for now! lol

  11. Those bracelets look great! The kids in my friend’s classroom made bracelets for Christmas to raise money for charities.

  12. It wasn’t until recently that I really understood what Rainbow Loom was. Now that I have heard of it I understand the craze. It reminds me a lot of the friendship bracelets my friends and I would obsessively make way back in the day. My children are still too young for Rainbow Loom, but I love seeing pictures of the creations that others share.

    1. Little coloured elastics … who would have thought. This guy is a billionaire, wish I would have thought of it! lol

  13. Wow! Look at all of that!!! We have one, but my kids aren’t super into it yet. My son is the oldest and 6..I’m sure as my 4 year old gets older, it will be used more.

  14. YES! I actually wrote a very similar Wordless Wednesday post a few months ago after my kids got their first loom. Let’s just say…we now have 3 looms and thousands upon thousands of rubber bands. Even my 8 year old son dons his bracelets proudly. 🙂

  15. Yes my daughter loves creating bracelet, rings, charms. Lots of good ideas out there!

  16. Oh how I would have loved that as a young girl! I remember getting a bead loom when I was about her age and I thought I owned the world! 🙂 Have fun with it!!! You have some beautiful bracelets there!

  17. Yep here too, although my 7 year old is still trying to get the hang of it. What’s funny is that I enjoy it too “mom can you help?” “sure!!”

  18. Isabelle’s really enjoying herself and making a good job of it too. My grandchildren are too young for this but in a few years time …. Still they have one of those long haired carpets and no doubt lots would disappear in that, as does Playmobil and Lego & anything else small. 🙂

  19. Yes! My daughter has been obsessed since she unwrapped this gift for Christmas. Your daughter is doing great!

  20. My daughter has been making 3D things. Check out some patterns on youtube. My daughter has made a camel, a sheep, baby Jesus, a ladybug, a bear, a turtle (one of my favourites), a butterfly etc…. The 3D characters are so cute! She’s been so busy making 3D things she has barely made any bracelets at all!

  21. Oh yes! My 11 year old son got one for Christmas from Santa and he LOVES it! He searches YouTube for new ideas and is bugging me to find him something to organize the elastics into separate colors now. I love that he is interested in something that is productive and not involving a TV. And he makes some really neat ones… Cool enough that I have asked him to make one for me, LOL!

  22. They’re EVERYWHERE! My son insisted that he had to have them so of course every member of my family bought hem for him and I’m finding bands all over the house. He’s making some cool stuff though!

  23. I think I remember reading something about kids going nuts for these and a lot of stores selling out because of how popular they are. I would have made a billion of those if it was around when I was a kid!!

  24. She is awesome at it! My house has become the loom room! LOL My daughter got 2 for christmas and LOADS of bands. I think I am iup to 6 bracelets and 3 rings. 🙂

  25. I can’t wait for my daughter to be old enough to use Rainbow Loom! Looks like a lot of fun!

  26. Aren’t they the craze? I keep trying to tell the children to save some for next month for Valentines Day. However, I have already received about 18 of them. Thanks for sharing!

  27. YES! My second graders returned to school from Christmas break adorned in these….and lucky me: I am now too!!!

    1. Oh I forgot…I’ve even received a pencil grip made from these!! (I love it)

  28. my girsl love love love the loom and the many varieties of the loom.. crazy elastics everywhere

  29. My daughter got a loom set for Christmas and has been working like mad. Surprisingly, I have enjoyed helping her out with some of the harder patterns (I’m not normally crafty at all)

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