Rain or Shine Kids

I just love a product that saves me a little time and spares me lots of stress {Rain or Shine Kids}. Each and every day I am on the run, on the go and in a hurry – and I am truly grateful for anything and everything that can make my days a little easier.

Rain or Shine Kids has a product, called the ‘B’ Blanket, which I think you will enjoy hearing about. Heather is the mompreneur that had this light bulb moment and acted on it. Her design stemmed from her needs and wants as a Mom, and the final product is one which has gotten a lot of wee-deserved buzz. The ‘B’ Blanket is a simple concept, and design – yet another great product that makes me wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?” It’s a waterproof blanket that ties to car seats, stroller, carriers – you name it.

I was sent 2 ‘B’ Blankets to try out and I cannot believe how much I love this product and find it useful and helpful each and everyday. The fabric is a warm and cozy polar fleece, in a 2 toned pink ‘Sunburst’ design. The other side is a Nylon backing in a warm brown color. This color combination makes quite a handsome blanket! The nylon is what makes it waterproof, protecting little ones from becoming wet or damp. So, if you are out and it starts raining, this is a much better alternative to an ordinary blanket.

What I love most about the ‘B’ Blanket from Rain or Shine Kids is the ties, like I said – a simple design with a huge impact. I cannot count how many times I have carried the girls in their car seats, or pushing the stroller – and their blankets blow away in the wind exposing them of the wind and cold. (Or, they just pull and kick the blankets off) If I was carrying one child, I might have a free hand to hold a blanket down, if necessary. But, I have 2 car seats to carry, a diaper bag and a 4 year old to tow as well. I do not have a free hand to hold down a blanket. Or to chase after one in the wind. It may seem simple and trivial, but this blanket has saved me so much grief and frustration! And I think the waterproof feature is a lovely added bonus!

Where I live in Canada, Mother Nature uses us as her test subjects. It can literally rain, snow and get hot – all in the same day. Rain or Shine Kids presents a product that will shield from the wind and rain, promote warmth in the cold or allow for a nice spot to relax in the sun. Nursing? The ties enable it to be a perfect privacy blanket too. The ‘B’ Blanket has so many uses, like all your favorites combined into one.

2 kids, 1 kid, 5 kids – we call can use a little bit of help along the way. The ‘B’ Blanket is like my little hands of help, to make my day go a little smoother. Oh, and a lot more stylish too.


**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 

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