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Kids are funny creatures. This spring my then 8 year old {fruit loving} daughter randomly announced that apples will be the only fruit she’ll eat from now on. Of course this changed the next day as she devoured watermelon and a plum, pretty much at once. Yet it goes to show that food-pickiness changes frequently and sometimes for the strangest reasons.

Another example is mustard, one of my children won’t touch it because ‘it’s yellow’, and the other doesn’t care for the sour taste, but loves pickled anything. The same daughter that wrinkles her nose over mustard drenches her chicken nuggets in honey mustard, and will claim her detest for all-things mustard with a mouthful of … mustard.

Yet we as parents are persistent, suggesting they try new or not-cared-for foods, over and over – because you just never know. So it really comes as no surprise that my kids claimed to like Heinz Dijon Mustard when it became a new addition to to our pantry. After all, they really don’t ‘like’ mustard.

Dijon Mustard is new to KraftHeinz, and is made with the finest ingredients including No. 1 grade Canadian mustard seeds. I’ve been swapping out the original variety with Dijon Mustard, and have been loving the added zing. Whether you want to add pizzazz to brunch, lunch, appetizers or dinner, any meal can be transformed into something special with just this small flavour change.

I recently topped my chicken burgers with Dijon Mustard, and my oldest opted to use it as a dip for sausages. You could also use it with salmon, pork chops and in your favourite devilled eggs recipe.

Dijon Mustard

The KraftHeinz website has a collection of delicious Dijon Mustard recipes, though I have my eyes on this easy Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe with the new Heinz Dijon Mustard as an ingredient.

chicken cordon bleu

Chicken Cordon Bleu is what I’d call a high-loved and fan-favourite recipe, and I adore new spins on this classic to make it our own.

Since the options are endless with this versatile condiment, that makes it one that you need to put in your pantry. It’s staples like these that can easily transform so many dishes.

What would you use Heinz Dijon Mustard for?


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  1. I’ve really come to love Dijon mustard. I like putting it on hot dogs and it makes a great baked Honey Mustard Garlic chicken.

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