Put a Spring in your Step

We’ve had great pre-spring weather here in Alberta, resulting in melted snow and ‘beautiful’ brown grass gracing our presence. Yet wouldn’t you know it, once it officially became springtime – snow appeared in the forecast for the next week.

I’m insisting that the weather cooperate with the calendar!

Despite the grey skies and the persistent chill falling upon us, hopefully it’s just one last go of the white stuff. With the official arrival of spring is the hope and the promise that soon we’ll have green grass, warm temperatures and sun-filled days. And because the weather simply has to get better {the calendar says so, and I’m sticking to it}, I spent the first day of spring sorting through seasonal clothing.

I packed away most of the bulky gear – leaving out just one pair of boots, hats, and mitts for everyone in the family. This is a great time to point out that the kids cannot lose any mitts from here on – they just can’t!

Truthfully, I spring cleaned the entranceway closet with a massive smile on my face. It’s just so refreshing to pack away the bulk and make way for a new season of pastels and light-weight items.

During my outerwear spring cleaning spree, I of course, took inventory of what wasn’t usable anymore, and made a shopping list on what what needed. In fact, the outgrown pairs of shoes have already been donated {please pardon the residual summer sand that accompanies them}. As well, when I went through last years spring and summer footwear, I kept all activity in mind – especially sturdy runners for both outdoors and ones they can wear indoors when they participate in gym activities.

The nice thing about having twins plus one is that many pairs of my oldests footwear make their way onto the twins feet. The bad news is that not all make the cut. So I’m like a lot of families, and always shop for more than one pair of shoes at a time. Actually, multiple pairs if you count the adults too. We are a family of five after all!

If spring footwear shopping makes you a little gloomy x 2 {or 3 or 4} – I’ve got some great news that will put that spring in your step!

The Shoe Company is having a great sale right now = Buy one and get one for 25% off!


All you have to do is sign up for their Shoe Lovers Rewards, which is a free membership. When doing so, not only will you get to save during this particular sale, but you also earn points with each purchase, which saves you additional money on future purchases. I’ve been a member for a number of years now and the rewards add up fast!


After I sorted and made my shopping list, I went to The Shoe Company this past weekend with the family. While spring was most definitely on my mind – so was an upcoming trip with my oldest. Truth be told, if spring-like weather wasn’t coming to us for a while, I’m going to it! Stubborn aren’t I?


Added to the new season, and an upcoming trip – is the fact that my oldest daughters feet are now my size! I needed to get her some new shoes, and especially before she takes yet another pair of mine. 

She picked out a BOBS by Skechers pair, a gorgeous canvas crochet slip-on. I think these will be perfect for a casual spring shoe, as well as a great choice for the flights and for the trip. For myself, I picked out a Skechers Flex with Air-Cooled Memory Foam. After months of laces and zippers on boots, I needed a casual light-weight slip-on {which will also be perfect for lots of walking}.

the shoe company sale

My husband, also needing a spring pair of shoes suited for travel and walking – chose the mens athletic DC shoes. Actually, he calls them ‘kicks’, that doesn’t age us parents, does it? Knowing that it was a great BOGO {25% off} sale at The Shoe Company and that I needed a fourth pair to take full advantage of the sale, I couldn’t pass up on a new pair of ROXY flip-flops for myself. So so cute!

shoe company sale canada

Not only were 3 of the pairs on sale individually, I also got the BOGO {25% off} promotion thanks to being a Shoe Lovers Rewards Member. Double savings! 

I don’t know what puts that spring in my step more – new seasonal shoes or such a great savings! My advice to you is: sort through spring items now and take in The Shoe Company sale before it’s over!

What footwear does your family need this Spring!


This is a sponsored post yet as always, all opinions are my own.




  1. I definitely need some new flip flops, but my boys wear sneakers all year & they both just got new ones, so they are set.

  2. Wow, you got some great deals! I measured my middle child’s feet the other day and realized she needs all new shoes.

  3. I’m ready to update my shoe wardrobe! I definitely need some spring since it went back into the 30s over the weekend! I want every hint of spring I can get. We all need some new flip flops.

  4. I am ready for some new shoes! I am excited that spring is here! I might crack out the shorts just because I am willing the warm weather to get here.

  5. Oh my goodness, I am such a shoe-person and find every excuse to update my shoe closet. LOL. Spring is the perfect time to get some cute little shoes to show off my legs for spring dresses and capris!

  6. My daughter and I were just talking about how we need new sandals!! Those are beautiful choices you guys made, I need to get out and do some shopping!

  7. It seems the kids are always needing or wanting new shoes with the change of seasons. I’ll have to check out this sale. I love to save money where ever I can.

  8. What a great score! Shoe shopping is one of my favorite pasttimes. But when you find such great deals, you can shop more frequently.

  9. I could use a couple new pairs of sandals and my boyfriend could use a new pair of sneakers.

  10. Spring is when we usually need to buy the kids more shoes. I don’t think we have A Shoe Company here. I need to check into that.

  11. Half my family (My husband and our 2 oldest daughters) just got new rubber boots for spring. Our 8 yr-old needs sandals and our 5 and 3 year olds will need runners before spring is over. My Skechers runners made it all through winter and are still in great shape so for once I don’t need new shoes for spring!

  12. I need it to dry up enough so I can wear all the footwear I bought!! I got some great boots recently but they are NOT going out into mud or snow or any of that lol

  13. I’m on the look out for new sandals and can’t find what I want – I’ve been looking for 5 yrs!

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