Pulse – Surround Sound in an LED Lightbulb

When thinking of a possible gift to give, I try to either think of a practical item, or something that they never would have expected but will ‘wow’ them. You know, like kids tearing off the wrapping and yelling, “cool!“. 

Here’s a tech item that you may not have heard about yet one that definitely has that coolness factor. 

It’s Pulse by Sengled and it gives you surround sound in a .. wait for it …LED lightbulb. Seriously. 


Long gone are the days when you have bulky stereos taking up an entire counter. Now, you can have the smallest music player, even with no cords. Yet with Pulse, there is barely a recognizable source to this Harman audio source since it disguises itself as a lightbulb.


Included in one pack is 2 LED bulb that give high-quality sound, one is a master bulb and the other is the satellite bulb. Unlike ordinary bulbs that need to be changed every so often, these are long lasting {18-20 years}.


With the 2 included bulbs you get dual JBL speaker, with range capable of true surround sound. Actually, the sound is amazing, better than I would have expected! You play music via a downloadable Pulse app that works for both Android and iPhone. Easy to download and use, you can literally control the music from anywhere in the house. Plus, the Bluetooth connectivity works on multiple platforms {phone, computer, iPad etc}.


The Pulse LED bulbs are easy to install – it’s a lightbulb after all. Given that fact, they are portable too so you can take them anywhere! I also love that you can use the app to dim the light too, just another cool feature that you’ll appreciate having. One word to the wise, they are a fairly large bulb, so there are places that Pulse won’t work. I have to use mine in lamps since we mainly have small recessed lighting throughout our house.

Controlled by computer or device, no power or cords, no batteries to change – Pulse is one innovative product that is sure to impress. Surround sound coming from a lightbulb? Yeah, that IS pretty cool!


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. Wow! These lightbulbs are amazing! What will they come out with next? These would be so cool to have in our home. It would be great to get rid of our bulky speakers that are massive dust collectors. I know my Husband would brag while showing them off. I love all the features about these bulbs! Controlled from my iPhone you say, dim lighting from my phone too cool, lasting up to 20 years, it’s just all so amazing! I haven’t yet heard of the Pulse by Sengled but I can bet it’s going to be a huge hit! Thanks for sharing and the awesome giveaway!

  2. These sound so cool! I love that they do not need to take up any additional space and that they are controlled by your devices.

  3. I’d love to win because my kids love listening to music and this is so small and compact.

  4. Wow these are amazing !! My husband is a big electronics guy, he loves all the newest techy things, he would love these ! He is currently upgrading his man shed out back, sure these would be a awesome addition 🙂

  5. would love to win this for my fiance. he never asks for anything and i no he would love them

  6. My hubby would love this and so would I ,you had me at lasting up to 20 years….no bulky speakers.Almost to good to be true

  7. this would be amazing that the speakers come through the lights, talk about saving space

  8. I would love this as I like the convenience and that they don’t take up room like normal speakers.

  9. I would love to win as I would put them on the back deck and it would light up but also be able to play music when we are out there bbqing.

  10. I love that they have a speaker right in them, this would be something great for my son

  11. These are so cool. The things they come up with.I like all the features. I really need new speakers.

  12. I love everything lights! Even have a large water bubble light like they use to have in the bars! This is awesome!!

  13. these are awesome i could have great sound without ugly cords or ugly anything and my house is tiny so no extra room too awesome

  14. I’d like to win because these are super cool! Who knew there was such a thing. I’d love this for my house!

    1. I’d love that there are no wires! Wires are bulky and look awful. These would be so nice to have!

  15. My daughter would LOVE this! She loves her iPhone and since she could control it with that – perfect!

  16. I’d like to gift it to hubby as a Christmas present. I like how compact they are!

  17. These Pulse by Sengled LED lights are amazing!! I would love to have these speakers for their their quality sound and ingenious way of operating by a device that saves space and looks great.I would love to win this fabulous prize because I love listening to music in my home and these have a high quality sound that would enhance the enjoyment for me.

  18. I would love to win this and give it to my daughter..I know that she will love it..I love that you can listen to it anywhere you can screw in a light!

  19. I’d love to win, simply for the “cool” factor, my boys & hubby would love this! So innovative! Thanks for the chance!

  20. I like the all-in-one feature. My friends would find it hard to pinpoint where the music is coming from.

  21. I love that they are wireless of course and they are just all around cool. I live in a small space so not having to have bulky speakers with cords is great and I just love the concept , my kids would think they are really neat

  22. I love that they are wireless of course and they are just all around cool. I live in a small space so not having to have bulky speakers with cords is great and I just love the concept , my kids would think they are really neat

  23. I love that they are wireless of course and they are just all around cool. I live in a small space so not having to have bulky speakers with cords is great and I just love the concept , my kids would think they are really neat

  24. I love that they are wireless of course and they are just all around cool. I live in a small space so not having to have bulky speakers with cords is great and I just love the concept , my kids would think they are really neat

  25. I love that they are wireless of course and they are just all around cool. I live in a small space so not having to have bulky speakers with cords is great and I just love the concept , my kids would think they are really neat

  26. i agree, how innovative!! I would love to win this because we love music. But we’ve cleared out a lot of our old technology so this would be fill the role of our old speaker and our old lamp lightbulb

  27. I’ve love to win because it seems like a pretty cool product that I’d love to try out. My hubby would love it. Would be great for creating an entertaining environment in my living room.

  28. I would love to win as this is one of the coolest things I have heard of! I love how small it is !

  29. What an amazing innovation. My whole family would enjoy and my son would love for sure!

  30. I would love to win the giveaway because I think my son would love these and they would make a great holiday gift. I love that they are bluetooth enabled.

  31. I want to win because these speakers are so cool. Would be fun to have in the living room.

  32. Mu husband has always wanted surround sound but I didn’t want to go through the hassle of installing it. This would be awesome to please us both! 🙂

  33. This is so neat. I’d love to give this to my husband. He’s a computer geek and he’d so enjoy this.

  34. I have a friend who has his whole house wired in through his computer so he can listen to his music anywhere – and I’ so jealous of it! He has all his tv’s hooked up the same way – it’s so cool!


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  36. I would love to win because this would be a neat gift to give my hubby for Christmas, he would love it but would never expect getting something like this. Love that they mean you can put music anywhere you have a lamp and that they last a LONG time!

  37. this is so cool, I’d love to give it to my brother as a gift, he’d flip out! I like that it’s hidden.

  38. I would love to win as we don’t have surround sound and these would be awesome for our place , love the looks of it as well thanks for the chance 🙂

  39. I would like to win because it would amaze our friends to have sound coming out of these!! It serves two functions is what I love about it!!

  40. I had never heard of this before! My friend is a complete geek that would be blown away by this for a gift so would love to watch him enjoy this!

  41. I would love to win because I would love to put these in my daughter’s room since she loves to listen to music. I love the space saving practicality of this product! Her room is small and so is her dresser, so she doesn’t really have room for a cd player etc – this would be the perfect solution. I also love the dual functionality of also being a light, and even better, a dimmable one at that!

  42. I like that I can control the bulbs with my iPhone. They are neat and different. I would love to have them.

  43. I love that it’s inobtrusive. I remember our first speakers as a newly married couple, back in the late 70s. Those things were humungous! Ugly things!!

  44. I woud love these,,soo unique and cool,,adn the fact they last 18-20 years,,that is awesome!

  45. Love this product I would love to win. I cant believe this is so small and compact

  46. That scene in the video where the man was using it during a work session at a desk pretty much sums up what I’d use it for: using in my desk lamp. LED lamps – saves energy and thus money. So I like that.

    And also that it plays sounds means it’ll save desk real estate.

  47. I’d love to win this for my husband – he’s so frustrated with all the wires we currently have and this is a great idea.

  48. wow, great prize! These bulbs have a JBL speaker built-in, this means that they’ll have good sound! Cheers!

  49. Okay, this would solve all my stereo issues. I still have a component stereo sitting in my living room with 2 HUGE speakers. It is not hooked up and has not been for like, maybe 7 years or more. Then there is my shelf stereo collecting dust.

    I end up using my phone in a wine glass or hooked up to tiny speaker when I have guests over bc my songs are all on my computer now. These Lightbulbs (of all things) would literally solve my problems and surely be like black magic to my technologically illiterate friends, so also a party favour!!

  50. This would be awesome in our living room. I’d love to give this to my hubs for Christmas

  51. This is an amazing idea! I would love this to have surround sound for our computer in our living room as the speakers are very old and only work sometimes.

  52. The fact a light bulb has the capacity of making sound of a surround sound, that’s crazy!

  53. I am entering your giveaway.
    I would like to win the Pulse By Sengled LED Light with Wireless Bluetooth Speakers
    because i think this is an interesting idea and i like listening to music.
    What i love most about this product is it is controlled by computer or device,
    no power or cords, no batteries to change.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

  54. I like the idea that you don’t have to take up more space, especially since my house is small. It sounds awesome.

  55. such an awesome idea. I’d love to win! I’m sure my husband would be thrilled too.

  56. I like that it uses LED bulbs which is an incredible piece of technology compared to CFLs. Would go great in my changing area so i can listen to music while getting ready

  57. What an incredible idea! I love everything about these! The dim feature, the speakers, easy install – everything! Great product that is now on my hubby’s Christmas list :).

  58. COOL! we listen to music from the computer, so getting the sound all around the house? I need this!

  59. Holy Moses, these are amazing! I would love to win as I would prefer to listen to music all day while I do my chores/work around the house, my laptop just doesn’t put out sound like it used to anymore. Great product, bookmarking the bookmark out of this for my wish list!

  60. Very cool. I have never even heard of these before but I bet my husband would love them… as would I 🙂

  61. I’d like to win because this looks way too cool to not try out! I think my husband would love it!

  62. The fact that you can play music through a lightbulb through your phone, that’s just so much options!

  63. I think this is a very innovative idea. I’d love to surprise my son with this, bet he wouldn’t know what it was to start with 🙂

  64. Never heard of such a device! I wonder if it would work with my Toshiba Tablet, that has no external speakers?

  65. It looks like a good idea for that hard-to-impress person. And I certainly would love to impress 🙂

  66. My Dad love anything new and technological. I’d love to win this for him to give as a Christmas present. I’d be the best daughter ever!

  67. I want to win this for my older granddaughter who listens to music constantly, she would love this as her speakers suck and how can you go wrong with these cool speakers that can last up to 20 yrs

  68. I love unique, new items to try. A light bulb & speaker is such a unique idea Amazing what they have now

  69. Are you kidding me? Light bulbs that have can play music? What’s not to want about it? I would love to use these for entertaining, like the video showed.

  70. This would be ideal for my daughter, she’s always listening to music and her room is so small that speakers would take up a lot of space.

  71. So cool. I love how there’s no cords and totally portable. My 15 year old son would be thrilled with this.

  72. I just think this is a super neat product and would love to win and try it out.,

  73. I love to win this for my Man, he’d go gaga for these! I love that they are Controlled by computer or device!

  74. these would be great to reduce the “speaker clutter” caused by my husband in our living room lol

  75. lighting obsessed kids and pets this would be such a hit!!!! I thought the flameless candles were fun – this takes the cake!

  76. I’d love to have this! It would be perfect in my kitchen as I have the older recessed lighting….

  77. I love that these are a two in one tool and would work great in our family room to improve our movie watching/game playing experiences.

  78. Would love these for hubby! Definitely for the man who has everything! And love that they last!

  79. I would like to win because I could sure use more wireless around my home. I am always scared of getting caught up in wires/cords and tripping.

  80. Frankly I would like to win because that’s just cool!! And boy the kids would get a kick out of that!

  81. I have never heard of this in my life, so cool – love music , dancing, watching movies/tv & light. This would be amazing to have.
    Great idea

  82. I would love to win this to gift to the electronic nerds on my shopping list. Plus it’s perfect that the light bulb will last for many years!

  83. This would be a great addition to a few of those rooms in my house where we simply don’t have anywhere to put a stereo!

  84. I would love to win this for my room – we are lacking a sound system there. I love that this product is so innovative and it’s a 2-in-1 product

  85. we have company over a lot for parties, dinner, movies. I think this would be fun in all of those situations!! What a cool idea!!

  86. I would love to win this as my son would absolutely enjoy this techie gift. I like that they are portable and you can take them with you and use them wherever you wish.

  87. This is so neat! I love that the bluetooth works on multiple platforms. Would love this!

  88. this sounds like a really amazing idea, I love new tech stuff so this would be fun to try. The less stuff I have to have sitting on my counters (speakers) the better

  89. This idea for a product is amazing!!! My husband couldn’t even believe it was a real product when I told him about them. I’d love to win this because my husband and daughters love having music on all the time.

  90. I would like to win this for myself because it is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!!!! I feel like a big kid wanting a toy!

  91. Being able to play music wirelessly from a light bulb of all places would be really cool. It’s something to definitely show off to friends.

  92. id like to win cause i find them very interesting to play music from your lamp and you can control it from your computer or phone i mean that is like an AAAAhhhh moment like what for real i like that they last for like 18hours you could have a place outside in the summer and relax with some ambient music i find this intriquing

  93. I would like to win because my rabbit just chewed the wires on our new speakers. What I love most is that there is no wires for my rabbit to chew through!

  94. Id love to win to gift this to my husband. I particularly like how it is so compact!

  95. I would like to win these mostly to see if they work. They would also work great out in the garage which is the only place we have 2 lights in a room.

  96. id like to win because it is so cool I love that you hide it as a lightbulb.

  97. I love listening to music and this speaker sounds so innovative. I’d love to try it.

  98. The light feature and the clear sound excites me. This would be nice in my massage room.

  99. This product is so unique! I never would have thought this was possible. I like how this opens up options for where I can place speakers without extra cords or shelves.

  100. I would love to win this for my son for christmas. This technology is right up his alley and he needs a speaker!

  101. I love how discreet these are compared to other surround set ups. When you add that they also use Bluetooth, wow, I need to get these!

  102. My husband has been working hard trying to finish the basement, with a new baby in the house. This would make such an awesome surprise for him!

  103. I would love to win them for my hubby, he is an electrician, and we have hundreds of wires all over the house. I’d like to dewire his tech toys with this fabulous invention. lol Thank you for the opportunity! I really think He would LOVE IT!

  104. Wow these sound so awesome and fun! I would love to win these for my hubby he’d absolutely love them.

  105. Hubby loves to have all the new gadgetry in our home. This is a gizmo he doesn’t have as yet.

  106. The bulb is so easy to use almost anywhere. We don’t have speakers in our kitchen, so would like to use them there when we have guests. Good that you can dim the light as well.

  107. I’m looking for a compact set of external speakers and this would be exactly what I need! Best part is no power cords and no batteries to change.

  108. I’ve never heard of this product until now, but these lightbulbs sound so cool! I would love using them in my kitchen.

  109. I’d like to win because my husband would love to own a set of Bluetooth speakers. It would be great if those speakers were also attractive!

  110. I love to win because I love to have long-lasting bulbs. Great to have wireless bluetooth speakers to listen to great music at same time!

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