I Promise to Share and Be a Friend


I promise to share and be a friend.
By showing we care it’s love we send.
Tho’ the world is so wide,
with love deep inside,
it’s easy to be a friend, a friend!

– by Jaën Wanamaker



  1. What a cute photo! I’ve never heard of Girl Guides, but it looks like something I’d love to get my girl apart of when she’s a bit older.

    1. Oh it’s so great for girls, you need to look into it. Plus, it’s pretty frugal when compared to other programs for kids. Great deal!

  2. I hope they are super close. They are so cute together!

    My two fight a lot, but my nephews that are the same ages as mine are close. I think my own boys just have such different personalities. One likes to read, and be on his own, while the other wants attention and loves to do craft things.

    1. Yep, that explains my girls too – the best of friends at time and the worst of enemies at others. Such an interesting connection, these twins of mine! lol

  3. I remember a similar pledge in Girl Scouts. The girls are picture perfect representatives of the Girl Guides. 🙂 Great photo.

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