Prohibited Baby Products in Canada

Did you know…

“Products that position infant feeding bottles and enable infants to feed themselves without supervision are
prohibited by law in Canada

Such products can result in infants choking on or aspirating the feeding liquid. Unattended infant feeding practices are discouraged by Health Canada and Canadian professional medical associations.

This applies to those bottle cozies that look like animals.
I never owned any, but I did see them in stores.
And they are now banned.

…I wonder how this applies to a folded/crumpled blanket that placed on top of the baby,
with the purpose of propping up a bottle for them to self -feed.
Cause, yes – I did it! All the time, in fact.
Hello! 2 babies to feed and burp, feed and burp – it’s what worked, and it worked well.
Yet, I never left them unattended while eating, so does that make it OK by law?



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